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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

10/3/05 - 10/7/05

The Good, The Bad, The Disgusting, and The Unbearable is a good title for this week's offering.  It was a week of ups and downs, but mostly just middle-of-the-road stuff.

First, the good.  Let's see.  Jessica came home; Theresa got full access to Jane; Sheridan learned the FBI found Luis; Gwen told Ethan he is either a Saint or he's too stupid to live; Theresa finally realized marrying Alistair is a huge mistake; and there was very little Fancy!  Oh, yes, and the stories pretty much held my interest this week.  So see, there were some silver linings to be found.

Now, on to the bad.  Where do I start?  Gwen.  She can't seem to make up her mind, can she?  First she's ordering Ethan to go talk to Theresa, get her to not marry Alistair because she'll have too much power and she'll be able to take Jane and Ethan away from her.  She specifically tells him to say anything, promise anything, do anything to get her away from the mansion.  Then, when he actually manages to talk her into leaving with Little Ethan and leaving Jane behind, Gwen has fits about that, too.  So, just what does she want, anyway?

 Next is Rebecca.  She is still gleaming with satisfaction because she managed to finagle a signed contract from Julian, sight unseen, that keeps him married to her forever - no divorce, no Eve, no nothing.  She just keeps smiling that sickening smirk of hers, so proud of herself and the way she tricked Julian.  She knew he was desperate to save Eve, and that he'd promised her anything she wanted, thinking she'd opt for more money in the divorce settlement.  Now, I figured this is what she would do, but I just kept hoping I was wrong.  No such luck.  Now Julian has to figure out a way around the contract.  I hope he can find it, and soon.

Alistair, of course.  He managed to have one of the worst, least festive weddings in history, and just kept going, loving every minute of it.  What a "fatherless child" he is!  And not only did he continue to humiliate Theresa in ways only he can, he also stole Little Ethan from her, right out from under her unsuspecting nose.  And to top it all off, he disinherited everyone, from Julian to Fancy, and made Little Ethan his sole heir!  He plans to raise the boy to be as evil and hard-hearted as he is so he can take over the Crane Empire when the Old Lizard dies.  The man is just plain evil, I tell you!

OK, so that's about it for the bad, except for some of the writing, of course, but that's a given every week.  Even the good weeks have far too much bad writing, or bad ideas, one or the other, or both.  This week was a fairly good one in that department, but it still had it's bad moments.  For instance, the wedding.  Everyone there kept threatening to leave, and yet no one did.  Why?  Because Al kept telling them he had more "gifts" for them later.  Now, what kind of brains does it take to realize that is not a good thing with this guy?  Yet, to a person, everyone always sat back down and stayed til the bitter end.  It makes no sense, but we are talking Passions writers here, so it doesn't really have to.

The next bad thing is there wasn't enough Tabitha/Endora scenes.  I love when those two get going.  Oh, there were some, and they were cute, but just not enough.  I love it when Endora messes up her mother's evil spells by casting good ones.  Can you imagine being upset with your child because he/she did good thing instead of bad ones?  LOL!!  Now, that's a problem I would have loved to have with my kids.  But it really is fun to watch on the show, and it adds so much to it, too.  I miss when they aren't on.

Our next subject is the disgusting.  OK, I think I will get no argument when I say Alistair's lusty scenes top that list.  What a perv he is!  First of all, he's marrying a girl who supposedly is young enough to be his granddaughter.  OK, I know, he certainly doesn't look it, but he has to be at the very least in his 70's, since Julian has to be in his 50's, more or less.  Theresa is early 20's or so, so it really makes it disgusting.  But then comes the "sex" scenes, where he's raring to go and makes no bones about it (OK, that doesn't sound good, but you know what I mean). 

He starts telling her he wants her in bed right away as soon as they are alone in the mansion, and as hard as she tries to avoid it, he is totally determined. He reminds her of the contract that gives him a certain number of days each month she has to perform her wifely duties.  He finally shows up in her room, unannounced, just as she's ready to leave him, and  makes disgusting remarks, flashing open his robe to show her just how ready he is.  Barf!! 

Also disgusting was Jessica's story.  OK, it's been that way for a while now, but having her in a room with a really disgusting john,  and she's popping pills like crazy just so she can do her job, is just too much.  And then he ends up dead and she's covered in blood, calling Simone while flying so high she can hardly talk, let alone think.  And when Simone comes to the rescue, cleaning both her friend and the room to try to keep anyone from knowing Jess was there, it got even worse, at least for me.  Simone is a good friend, and it's just so wrong that she's being dragged into Jessica's sleazy world and made to become an accessory after the fact to the murder.  That's just not right, and it disgusts me.

Was anyone else disgusted while watching Alistair, Theresa, and Little Ethan dancing at the wedding?  I don't know, it just seemed so nightmarishly awful that I hated even watching it.  Theresa was like a mannequin, dragged around the room by that man, and poor Little Ethan had no clue what was going on but you could just seem to see he didn't like what was happening.  I am always disgusted by outright cruelty to anyone, but most especially to women and kids, and I simply didn't like those scenes at all.  Not that the actors weren't doing a good job, it was just the subject matter.

OK, now the unbearable.  This category is reserved for just one person, and that person is Gwen.  She was absolutely unbearable this week.  Oh, what the heck, she has been for a whole lot of weeks, but this week was especially hard to take.  All she did was whine and complain, rant and rave.  It was tiresome and, yes, unbearable to watch.  She became a walking Charlie Brown adult-type for me.  You  know what I mean - every time she opened her mouth all I heard was "WAA waa WAA waa waa waa Theresa!  Waa waa WAA waa waa I can't lose another child.  WAA WAA WAA waa WAA waa do something, Ethan!  Waa waa WAA waa waa why did you do that, Ethan?  Waa WAA waa waa WAA she's going to steal Jane away from me!  Waa waa waa........"  It was so unbearable I wanted to barf whenever I saw a scene with her in it. 

I'm still waiting for someone she'll listen to to come along and remind her that Jane is Theresa's baby, not hers, and she only has temporary custody because she goaded Theresa into acting like a wild woman in court.  I am sick of her blaming Theresa for everything that's ever happened to her, when in truth, at the very bottom of it, she created all her own problems.  First, she apparently "forgot" to use birth control.  Then, even knowing Ethan loved Theresa and had already told her that he was going to marry her, she still let him marry her instead because - and only because - of the pregnancy.  Then she spent her time obsessing over Theresa, even when there was no need to, and she completely ignored her doctor's orders when she knew her baby's life depended on doing what he told her. 

She's the one that started the fight with Theresa, she's the one who tried to tackle her, choked her to the point Theresa had to struggle to get her off her, and then she stumbled backwards and fell, causing Sarah to be born too early and not live.  She can blame Theresa all she wants, but the truth is, she is the one who killed her own child.  And while we're on the subject, she's the one that ordered Theresa to abort one of the babies she was carrying, and it was only luck that Theresa's baby survived while Gwen's was aborted.  And besides, there would have been no baby had Gwen and Rebecca not stolen Little Ethan from her by setting her up to look like a bad mother, which she wasn't.  So, sorry Gwen, but you made your bed, so now you need to lay in it and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!  Yeah, like that'll happen.

You know, there is another category I should have mentioned, but I'll just add it on here.  It's The Pathetic.  Fancy gets top billing in this one.  OK, so Chad and Fox were upset at being cut from the will, also, but they decided to try to excel at their job and work their way up to top spot in Crane Industries, while Fancy simply whimpered and whined.  Now, she has a trust fund which apparently will keep her living in high style the rest of her life, if she doesn't go crazy, but she says it's nothing compared to what she would have gotten in the will.  And when Noah tells her to get a job, her answer was "A what?"  How pathetic can a person get?  I tell you, she really bugs me.  Yeah, she apparently did choose Noah over begging Alistair for her inheritance back (but wait, there's still time for that, too) but the fact she knows a hottie when she sees one and prefers to satisfy her physical needs at this point doesn't mean she's not still totally pathetic.

In the same category, but a step or two down, is her aunt Sheridan.  She has to think and think about whether to call Luis back to Harmony to help get Theresa out of the mess she's in because she's not sure whether she will be able to look at him if he comes back without Marty, and then she goes crazy because she's told he may have died.  NOW she loves him.  NOW she wants to see him and have him back, Marty or no.  Sorry, SherSher, but it's too little too late.  She is truly pathetic at this point, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and the fact that she's "out-pathetic'd" by Fancy isn't saying a whole lot.  She really needs to go.  Honestly, I'm so tired of her and her whining at this point I can't stand to look at her.  How's that for character assassination?  Those writers are good at one thing, I guess.

OK, that's about it for now.  All in all I think the week was a pretty good one, even with all the complaining I did today.  It's just that some of the things they write are really not that great, even when the stories themselves are good.  I guess I shouldn't be so picky, but there are just some things that shouldn't happen on a good soap, and that's what I hope Passions will be.  It seems to be getting closer, and that's good.

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