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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

9/26/05 - 9/30/05

I am almost afraid to say it, but it looks like the show is picking up again, getting a little more interesting. Now, it's not that I'm not happy to see it, but it's just that I'm afraid to jinx it and send us back down to the stagnant whirlpool that this show is known to give us most of the time. But, since I have to talk about what's happening, I've got to bite the bullet and say it looks pretty good, let the chips fall where they may.

We got more of Jessica this week, and Simone trying to save her. Now, at this point I'm about ready to nominate her to be Hero of the Week. She just stands right up to Spike no matter what he says or does, and even when she gets knocked down she gets back up and just keeps on working on Jessica to drop the new career and come on home. He even came at her with a knife this week, and she still kept looking for her friend. Hooray for Simone, her unfailing courage, and her unflinching concern for the well being of her friend. That is really great to see.

Most of the rest of the week was about the upcoming wedding. It's the topic of most of the conversations, and the Seascape Restaurant is the scene for most of those conversations. It seems Theresa has decided to go all the way, take the plunge off the really, really high dive, and hope she doesn't hit the water, go all the way to the bottom of the cesspool, and break her neck. I swear, this girl just keeps getting dumber and dumber. Now, my hope is that she's got a plan in mind, and that this plan will get her what she wants without causing her too much more pain and suffering. But I still say she should simply forget about Ethan.

It looks like her parents aren't going to be very supportive of this marriage, no wonder as to why, so why they are still there is a mystery. I mean, what does Alistair have to give them that makes sitting through this travesty worth it to them? Honestly, what does he have that is worth their daughter’s life and happiness? But I guess the story wouldn't have as much of an impact on the viewers if the parent's wised up and left, would it?

Now, I've dealt with seeing a daughter marry someone who I'd rather have jump off a cliff over a shark tank full of sharp boulders, so I know how that feels. I really have to ask myself, tho, if I could sit through something like this. It would rip my heart out, I can tell you that, so I know what Pilar is feeling, and probably Martin, too. However, I can't help but think that now he knows Katherine is a free woman his mind in on just how he can dump Pilar again without seeming like too big a cad and hook back up with Kat. I could be wrong, but that's the feeling I get about what might be happening before too long.

Is anyone else loving watching Ethan almost dirtying his tidy whiteys at the thought of his beloved marrying the monster of Harmony? I am just thrilled at the discomfort he's in. And Gwen. Oh, my Lord, watching her figure out her behind is grass and Theresa Crane is gonna be the lawnmower just thrills my soul. And she does get that. This time she's not the dumbbell who doesn't realize she's living in a dream world, and she's not even pretending to be in the dark about what's about to happen to her. It's wonderful to see.

On the other hand, watching Rebecca simpering around the restaurant, so happy with herself for tricking Julian into signing his life away to her forever, is making me really sick. When, oh when will that woman pay for the things she's done? It's so far past time that her sins are stacked to the roof and fighting with each other for room to breathe. I just don't see how they can keep it up, piling more and more evil doings on top of all those others before it just blows up in their face. Julian has to find a way around that "contract", a way that won't put Eve back in jeopardy. And please, please, please, someone wipe that putrid smirk off her face!

Well, we got another secret exposed this week, and it was just slipped right in there without a bit of fanfare. As a matter of fact, many people might have missed it if they weren't paying close attention. Alistair let us know that he is behind whatever it was that took Father Lonigan's eyesight all those years ago. He now wishes he hadn't stopped at blinding him, too. Now, as happy as I am to have another tidbit of a reveal to gnaw on, I'd really like to know just what to do with it. Does anyone remember ever hearing how the good Father lost his sight? I don't. So now we have the answer, with no idea what the question is. Strange.

I thought Sam and Martin reminiscing about their daughter's growing up was so sweet. Actually it was bittersweet, since the memories were so cute, while the reality at this point is anything but. Jessica is a streetwalker, now a killer, apparently, Kay had a baby out of wedlock and caused problems for several people, and Theresa - well, Theresa just can't do anything without hurting someone she loves as well as herself, and now she's willingly going into the Marriage from Hell, without a clue as to what awaits her. She really thinks she can handle Alistair. I don't really blame Sam for his daughter's problems, although had he stood up to Grace about her treatment of Kay and then paid attention to Jessica after Grace left they might both be the sweet, decent girls they were as kids.

Now Martin, he is pretty much at least 98% to blame for Theresa, and 99% to blame for Paloma. He deserted Theresa, leaving her without a father to guide her, but he apparently let Paloma run free in Mexico. I mean, even tho she didn't know him, he knew very well who she was, and should have taught her how to behave better than he did. She was already far too much of a floozy down there, before she ever got to Harmony, and that was Martin, Katherine, and her Tia's fault. I can cut Sam some slack, but Martin needs to understand his girls are the way they are mostly because of him.

Noah and Fancy seem to be like those magnetized dolls that are pulled together into a kiss whenever they get close to each other. First they have to stay apart, then they don't want to and have a sexy tryst on the beach. Then they decide they need to stay away from each other, but don't, and they end up right back in each others arms again. It really isn't cute in any way, it's not funny, and I'm already tired of it. Maybe it's just me, but I still don't see the attraction for this couple. Watching them is like watching glue dry, with the added sensation of having slivers shoved under your fingernails - slowly.

Ivy sure is set on keeping Kay and Fox away from each other, isn't she? To me it seems like she can't do much without having Kay let her own secrets out against her, but Ivy seems to think she can control it. Now she has Valerie doing her dirty work after filling her full of lies about what Kay is supposedly trying to do to her and Chad. I hope this turns out to be an interesting story and not just another "one-upmanship" fest on both sides. And the best outcome would be for Kay to find out what Valerie is doing and why, tell her what's really going on, and then both of them go after Ivy full force. Now, that I could enjoy.

It was nice of Whitney to come back to Harmony to support Theresa, even tho she knew it was a bad idea for her friend to follow, but I wish she wouldn't have fallen into the "Love is bad" routine. That's really getting old. No one can be stupid enough to believe that every couple who falls in love will end up being hurt badly, yet that's her constant mantra at this point. Of course, for a person who only thinks about them self all the time I guess it might make sense. She's the only one that's important, so the whole world must run on her feelings. Someone please call the waaaaaambulance! I wish she'd get into the spirit of the cloistered life and stop talking about anything non-Biblical, you know? It might be boring, but at least it would be different.

What was up with Sheridan and Chris? She wants to let Luis know what's happening with Theresa so he can try to talk her out of marrying Alistair - good idea. Her phone, for whatever reason, can't reach him, so Chris let's her know he can get him and have him come back to Harmony, then he spends two days our time asking and re-asking whether she wants Luis to come back or not. Well, heck, why even make the suggestion if her first answer, which was "Please get him" isn't good enough? He simply overdid the "Are you sure" business, and it was irritating as heck. And her! What the heck took her so long? At first she was all for getting him, but then, as Chris kept asking her about it, all she could do was give us that blank, stupid stare while she tried to decide if she should or shouldn't. What the heck? Get him back, Marty or no Marty, and then once he's taken care of Theresa he can go back to hunting Beth. Sheesh! And then, even after she decided it was a go, she wondered if she'd made the right choice! Unbelievable!

I have heard that Luis dies next week, and all I can say is, if this turns out to be real, I'm not going to stand for it. They need to get that man back on the show, yesterday! Get rid of some of the others, and I'll even give them a list: Rebecca; TC; Liz; Spike; Fancy; Katherine.....and there are others, I'm sure, who could go and no one would really miss them. So send some of them away, and bring Luis back!!

Ok, enough of that. I've spoken my feelings, not that I think it will do any good, and that's that. As for the rest of the show, it does seem to be picking up again, and I'm even feeling anxious to see what will be happening as it moves along. That's a great feeling, you know? I just really hope it keeps going. Doesn't it seem like I say that a lot? I guess I do, but I just keep hoping one of these days it will happen, and the writing will stay exciting for more than a week or two. So, keep thinking those good thoughts, and keep those fingers crossed. Maybe this will be the time it actually happens.

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