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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

9/19/05 - 9/23/05

I'd have to say all-in-all, this week was OK. Nothing spectacular, but not so bad I couldn't stand to watch it, either. And except for the "Ethan is the worst attorney ever" reminder, it was the first week in a while that didn't make me want to toss my cookies over the sheer stupidity of it. OK, there were a couple of times, but honestly, it wasn't that bad.

Eve's trial is on the verge of ending, and at the last view of it we seem to be seeing some movement on Rebecca's part, which could be very good for Eve. Julian made her an offer she seemingly couldn't resist - he will give her anything she asks for if she'll just help him prove Eve's innocence. Now, at first I thought there would be a Snow Day at Hell High School before she'd back down from her quest to do her arch enemy in, but at week's end she seemed to poised to do just that.

Now, I'm happy for Eve's sake, especially if Rebecca does go through with it and it gets her off, but I'm also apprehensive about just what she will demand from Julian if it does. Oh, if all she wants is more money in the divorce settlement, there will be no problem. But this is Passions, and the writers have a penchant for making more problems than solutions for our favorite characters, so you know it's not going to be that simple. No, she's going to want something that will throw them into chaos for quite a while to come, and my bet is it will cause major problems for Eve and Julian. I mean, she won't just let them get off that easy.

I vote for her demanding that Julian completely forget about the divorce, and Eve. I think she will want to stay Mrs. Julian Crane, with access to all that entitles her to, and she'll want her Pooky to stay completely away from his beloved Eve. Now, the question is, will he honor his promise, or tell her to go to Hades. I mean, legally she would have no recourse (well, in reality she wouldn't) if he reneges on his promise, because she was lying in the first place, and if she turns around after saying Eve didn't poison Liz and says she was coerced into recanting she will be up on perjury charges, so I don't see how she can hold him to any promise he made. But, this is Passions, so anything can happen. I really think she will ask for what benefits her most, and what causes the most pain for Julian and Eve.

Once again, Ethan showed he has no business whatsoever wielding a license in law. He simply is, as stated earlier, the worst, most ineffective attorney ever. The only thing worse than watching him fumble his way through this trial was watching his wife, Gwen, as he assured her everyone knows she's nothing like her mother, she'd never lie to them or hide information that could free them from a life in jail for something they didn't do. I mean, have you ever seen anything more pathetic than that? He's describing a person who doesn't exist (OK, I know, Gwen really doesn't, but to him she does) without the slightest clue she's as big a liar and scumbag as her mother, and Gwen simply stood there looking stupid. It was sickening, I tell you. I simply cannot wait for him to find out just what a skank he's married to and defending, and I hope it happens soon. I've had enough of Gwen and her holier-than-thou attitude.

On the other hand, I absolutely loved Martin's Tarzan impersonation when he hoisted Theresa over his shoulder and carried her out of the mansion and back to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Of course we all knew she wouldn't stay there very long, but it was fun to watch. I also, personally, loved having her walk back into the mansion and overhear Ethan and Gwen celebrating the fact she was gone and never coming back. Having her see and hear Ethan that way could be just what she needs to wake her up to just how useless he is, and it might put her on the path of seeking revenge against him, too. I simply can't wait!!

Do you think Alistair is going soft? I mean, when has he ever warned anyone he got involved with that their life will never be the same if they do, and that the ones they love will have nothing to do with them? But he did tell Theresa that, even gave her the chance to change her mind and the time to think it over really well. I tell you, I think the old lizard has developed feelings for our little Enchirito, and hopefully it will turn out to be his downfall and her rise to ultimate power. God, I simply can't wait to see Rebecca, Ivy, and Gwen kneeling before her, kissing her feet and any other part of her anatomy they can reach while trying to get on her good side. It will be soooooooo sweet! If it only happens that way.

I've heard he's going to marry her, although I don't see how he could, since he's still married to Katherine, but I guess anything's possible. I think he's going to name her as his heir to the Crane Empire, causing problems for several people and generating anger from others. And, of course, the inevitable rear end kissing from Ivy, Rebecca, and Gwen. I really hope that's what the writers have in mind. I'm not really that confident they'll do that, tho, but if they are the least bit smart they will. Just think of what that would do to the dynamics of the show. It would really shake things up and turn Harmony on it's head.

Fancy and Noah got together this week, and that was one of the times my cookies were in danger. That is just so gross to me. I have to admit, by the end of the week I was really impressed by our Little Miss Rich Witch, tho. She actually stood up to Grampy, and when he wouldn't back down she actually went and sold some jewelry to raise the money for Noah's bail after Grampy had him set up and arrested for drug dealing. I have to give her props, she did think of someone else for once, so maybe there's hope for her yet. I hope so, because as much time as the writers have wasted with this couple, something good better come from it.

How funny was it that both Bennett kids ended up in jail within hours of each other? LOL! First Jessica was arrested for soliciting a cop, and then Noah for the trumped up charges I mentioned before. Poor Sam must be ready to hide his head and never come up for air at this point. I really don't understand Jessica, I can tell you that. She is so stupid now, just hanging on to Spike no matter how he treats her or what he does. She's smarter than that and has to know someone who loves you wouldn't treat you that way, but you'd never know it from her actions. She did try to stick up for Simone when Spike knocked her down and threatened her, but she did nothing to back up her words. Simone sure didn't back down from him, and I have to salute her for that. She's a brave lady, and I hope she manages to get her friend away from the guy. I think she should become a cop, actually. She'd be good at it.

Sheridan. What can I say? The name used to be synonymous with beauty, grace, intelligence, and romance, but now it just brings to mind the most pathetic things you can think of. She is ruined at this point, and I really don't know if she'll ever be what she was again. She stinks, basically. She's stupid and easily swayed, and as much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Beth's evaluation of her all along. She makes me sick now. And yesterday when Sam asked what she'd do if Luis came home without Marty, she couldn't even give him an answer. I swear to God, that man has done nothing but love her with all his heart, and he's fought hell and high water for her, saved her life more times than I can count, and he's always been there for her no matter what, but once he's gone trying to get her son back for her, along comes another man and she's all but ready to hop into his arms and bed without a second thought.

Oh, please, don't even try to tell me it's not true. You know it is. She's heard him say things that completely belie what he's told her about himself, yet after a few seconds of questioning him on it, all he has to do is talk about James and her being a part of his life, etc, and it's all forgotten. I mean, really forgotten. He's said he's not really James' father, that he's not who he says he is, that she's just as gullible as whoever he's working for told her, etc, but she just lets it slide when he tells her he wants her to help with James, to be his godmother, etc. Idiot! I am simply sick of her. She and Fancy are cut from the same cloth after all, and neither one is worth the time it takes to watch them now. It's beginning to look like Galen won't be back at all and they're weaning us off him slowly but surely so there won't be a huge uproar about it, so there's another story I don't give a hill of beans about.

Now, on to Pilar. Poor lady can't catch a break, can she? Her husband leaves without a word, leaving her to care for and raise their five children alone. She sends the smallest to live with her sister since she can't afford to keep her, and works her buns off for the Cranes, people she can't stand. Her oldest son disappears soon after her husband, and her daughter turns out to be headstrong and deluded, getting herself into all kinds of trouble. Her son Luis falls in love with a Crane and has nothing but trouble from there on out, and now he's gone, too. Her husband comes home, having been with another woman all those years, and living with their daughter, who now hates Pilar for sending her away. Her kids die and come back, go to jail and get out, and just keep getting into all kinds of trouble.

Finally it looks like things might be looking up, since her husband decides to come home to their marriage again, and she's happy as a clam. Then her daughter gets herself involved with the Devil himself, and now she finds her husband, who claims to be over the other woman and wanting to start life anew with Pilar, in that other woman's arms on the wharf, and looking after her with pain in his eyes and the weight of the world on his shoulders as she walks away. Can you imagine seeing that on the person you love? It is breaking her heart, and now the question becomes - what will she do about it all? I couldn't go through with renewing my vows with a man who so obviously is still in love with another woman, especially one who lives in the same town and seemingly can't stay away from him. I don't know what Pilar will do, but I wouldn't be surprised to see her keep what she saw to herself and go ahead with the wedding. It's just something she would do.

Did anyone else get a kick out of Tabitha dressed as June Cleaver? LOL! I thought it was so appropriate, since she's looking for a recipe to cause more trouble in Harmony. And she looks good that way, too. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm praying Endora will wake up, realize what Mommy is doing, and come flying out of her room just in time to stop her from causing more problems. Tabby, of course, is hoping her good little witch will continue sleeping so she can do what she feels she has to do. I wonder which of us will get our wish?

You know, just one more thing about Ethan. Did you notice he was thiiiiiiiiiis close to figuring out Theresa was telling the truth about the disks? He almost got it, but just couldn't bring himself to believe the truth - that his wife is a liar and Theresa had the proof of that in her hands until Gwen tossed it into the furnace. I'd just like to say here that I hope he just keeps gnawing at that bone until he finally can find the truth. It's there, right in front of his face, but it's one of those times when you just can't bring yourself to believe what you're seeing or hearing, I guess. See, if he were just a hair smarter he'd have gotten it by now, but our King of Doofiness just can't quite get himself to believe what he feels is true.

And one more complaint here. Was anyone else getting a sugar overload from Eve, Simone, Whitney, and Chad in the jail? Could those girls have been more two faced? They spend a year or more telling everyone who'd listen their mother was a liar, and she tried to kill Aunt Liz, and Whitney, right up to the day she went to the convent, blamed Eve for not telling her about Chad so they wouldn't have gotten involved and had Miles. Yet now they are both saying they always knew she never tried to kill Liz, and it wasn't really her fault that Chad and Whitney got together, etc. I tell you, it was such a sickeningly sweet encounter I thought I might have to go have my blood tested to make sure I hadn't just slipped over into diabetes. OK, I already have it, or almost do, so it wouldn't be that big a slip, but the idea is the same. Just too much.

I guess that's about it for this week. As I said at the start, not a perfect week, but not all that bad, either. I just hope the stories are going to head in a way that makes them better, not worse. I can put up with some junk along the way as long as it's treasure we find at the end, not a garbage dump. See you next week, same site, same page.

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