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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

9/12/05 - 9/16/05

I wonder where they find the writers for this show? Anyone care to guess? All I know is, I've seen better writing skills, or make that story telling skills, in the Second Language kids I tested in our Junior High school. Honest to God, if I didn't know better I'd say the Head Guys troll the back alleys at the Middle Schools down there in L.A. for all the 6th graders that flunk out of English Lit. I can't figure out any other reason for the mostly rotten writing we get.

Take Eve's trial, for instance. Any one with a minimum of knowledge about court rooms and trials has to know this story is about as stupid as they come, and the same could be said for several of the other trials they've had lately. I think they could have Precious back there typing the stories up and they wouldn't be any worse than what they're giving us. Come to think of it, what did they do with Precious once she left?

I went into what was wrong with the beginning of the trial last week, so I won't go through that again, but this week was certainly no better and just left me pulling my hair out by the roots! My blood pressure is through the roof, I'm sure, because if there's one thing I hate it's blatant stupidity. And how you can call this writing anything but that is beyond me. The questioning by Ms. Nanciere was totally against proper courtroom procedure, as were her continuous prejudicial remarks, and yet any objections that Ethan limply tried to bring up were shot down by the judge. Don't you think they could at least have gotten that part right? Just the basic courtroom behavior should stick to reality, even on this show. But no, they allow things to happen that you would never see in a real courtroom anywhere in this country. And we're supposed to buy it.

I have to say, once the trial is over and Eve is found guilty, she has a really good, airtight case for appeal based on ineffective defense by her attorney. Ethan Winthrop can't defend a saint from being convicted of debauchery, he's that bad. He allows questions that never should have been asked, and he doesn't even try to cross examine any of the DA's witnesses with any degree of competence. But the worst thing was letting Liz go without asking one single thing to question her version of what happened.

I have four questions he could, and should, have asked her on cross exam, and the whole case would have been blown wide open if he had. First, he should ask her to verify her statement that she came down to the basement to get some punch. Then he should ask her to verify her statement that once she served her own punch, Eve started arguing with her and she set the cup down on the table while they argued. Next, he should ask her to verify her statement that they argued so long and hard that her throat got dry and she went to get a drink, at which point she was poisoned.

Once she's said yes to each and every one of those questions, based on her own testimony a few minutes earlier, he should have asked her at what point Eve stopped arguing with her and went over to put the poison in her punch. That would have done it right there. It would all be over but the singing, because according to her they continued arguing until she, Liz, stopped to go get her punch. See how easy that was? An idiot could do that. Why didn't the writers think of that?

I know, they want Eve to be found guilty, etc, but if that's the case, why not write a good scenario, with questions that no defense attorney could punch holes in before the witness got the words out of their mouth? That would make much more sense than leaving us with the impression that they are all a bunch of morons who need to be replaced. And, sad but true, that's what we have here. Maybe it doesn't bother anyone else so badly, I don't know, but having been in and around the court system as a paralegal, it really makes me upset that they think the viewers are all so stupid they'll never know the difference so they can write any kind of trash they want to with no repercussions. I hate being treated like an imbecile.

Now they are having Julian run off with Eve instead of sticking around for the verdict. Well, I really don't blame them, the outcome is inevitable at this point, but it would really be bad for the show if it happened. Thank goodness it won't, but I know it's only going to cause more problems for Eve and that's the last thing this character needs right now. Of course, as always, Julian's love and concern for her just melts my heart, and I hope it means she will decide to choose him over TC. True, TC has been there for her through the trial, but if he had stuck by her from the first it never would have gotten this far and if he turned on her once, he could do it again. Julian never will.

Now, I'm going to say something here that will shock everyone, I think. I know it shocked me when the thought first went through my mind, but after I thought about it some more I realized it is totally true. So here goes, and all I ask is that you think about it for a minute before you react. I am beginning to like the idea of Theresa joining forces with Alistair. No, really, I think it's a great idea. Look, here's this girl who, at heart, is a good, decent person, but she simply can't take no for an answer when she believes she's in the right. She loves Ethan, always has, and truly believes they belong together. She knows he doesn't really love Gwen, that nothing's worse than being locked into a loveless marriage, and he never fails to let her know he still loves her. She thinks since they love each other they belong together. It's that simple.

Here's her problem, tho. She has no power. She has been caught in lies before, and it doesn't matter why she lied, especially to these people, a lie is a lie. So now, no matter how true what she says is, Ethan refuses to believe her. Gwen and Rebecca, and his mother Ivy, too, know this and they realize they can do whatever they want to and as long as Theresa's the only one who knows it they're home free because Ethan and no one else will ever believe her over them. Now, she knows what these people have done, and she knows how, but there's nothing she can do without proof, and apparently the proof she found has now been destroyed by Gwen and she's back at square one. Then in steps Alistair.

With Alistair on her side the power shifts to her. No one will stand up to him, so they can't stand up to her, either, without incurring his wrath. It's perfect. True, he raped her, and he will want more as payment for his services, but at this point, she feels she has nothing more to lose and everything to gain, so why not. I am looking forward to seeing Gwen and Rebecca recoil in fear once she has all the power on her side. I can't wait to see Ivy groveling at her feet, begging to be able to stay in the mansion. And once she gets her hands on the proof Alistair has on Gwen and Rebecca's actions, I can't wait to see Ethan's face when he realizes what a sap he's been and tries to get Theresa back. I just hope she has come to like her new-found power so much that she will toss his rear end to the curb and keep it there. I have to admit, the thought of her and Alistair together makes me queasy, but the power shift just might make it worth it.

Now I'd like to mourn here for the dearly departed Sheridan Crane. Poor woman, after all these years of fighting against all odds for her love of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald to triumph over all foes, she has finally and totally slipped out of sight, probably never to be seen again. Oh, there is a watered-down version of her still on the screen at times, but that's not Sheridan. Now, let me say here, I am not talking about Shannon Sturges, who's taking McKenzie's place while she's ill. No, Shannon is doing a really great job of filling in. The problem is in where the writers (Man, I hate to call them that since they are so bad at it) have taken the character. I don't know how she got so stupid so fast, but she is now officially brain dead, and I miss the real Sheridan very much.

This idiot keeps catching Chris in lies, time after time, and yet no matter what lame excuse he comes up with, she buys it and carries on, seemingly falling in love with him. Now, just between you and me I have a feeling it's her love for James that is making her willing to overlook Chris' obvious hoodwinking of her, or rather her fear of losing him. But no matter, whatever the reason, Sheridan is now the stupidest woman on daytime TV, and that's saying a lot. I still wish it had been her who left instead of Luis. I miss him so much, by the way, and can't wait until he gets back. I just hope his absence doesn't mess up his contract time. I'd hate to get him back, only to lose him for good in a couple of months.

There wasn't really much about any of the other characters this week, except for the same old fluff of Noah and Fancy. I have decided to ignore the two of them and hope they go away, as I simply can't stand the thought of them as a couple. He deserves better, I have to say. There are others on the show he could be with and do a really great job with, but as long as they are determined to have him with Fancy I simply won't watch their scenes any more. And to tell the truth, if the writing doesn't improve pretty soon I may not be watching any of it. This is just too ridiculous for words, and I won't put up with too much more of it. I was so happy for a while with what we were getting, but now it's backslid and gotten even worse than before, so I really wouldn't miss it if I did stop watching. Besides, ATWT is still on, and they do know how to write soaps on that show.

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