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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

9/5/05 - 9/9/05

I guess it's another week with more questions. I should start this by saying most parts of the week were OK, but it's not anything to write home about. Just another Passions week.

OK, first question. What's up with Kay? I might have asked this last week, too, but she just continued the stupidity this week and it's just not getting any better. OK, we all know she's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but she's never been an outright dumbbell before, has she? Well, she sure sounded like one for a while there. First, she starts quizzing Fox about his past girlfriends on their first romantic dinner date, then takes off in a huff saying she doesn't want to see him again because all he does is talk about his old girlfriends. That was stupid enough, and she did get over it, but still, it had to make you wonder.

Now, Fox has called her to his office, and she comes running in, still in her fishery get up, fish guts and blood all over her, puffing about what is wrong, what's happened, etc, as if he were dying or something. Then began what had to be the stupidest exchange in soap opera history, and with all that's gone on with this show, that's saying a lot. He tells her he's fine, he just wants to talk about something, so she jumps right away on how he must want to break up with her. Come on, girl, what's your problem? I mean, is she just deliberately trying to get rid of him?

Poor Fox, he has to calm her down and convince her he isn't ready to dump her, even kissing her although she must have smelled like an explosion in a tuna factory. Then he gives her a really nice power suit to put on, and she comes out looking like a million dollars (although I could have done without the hairdo) and wondering what it was for. Then, when he says it's for work, she laughs and says she'd ruin it in five minutes in the fishery! LOL!! What a moron! How smart do you have to be to understand he wants her to work with him? How many of you didn't already know that after his remark about her maybe not having to work so hard and come home so smelly pretty soon? I tell you, I just wanted to shake her and tell her to get with it.

So, anyway, the outcome was that he wants her to be his assistant, work at Crane Industries instead of in the fishery, so she can have a better income and probably insurance and other benefits, not the least of which would be looking at Fox all day every day. But, maybe that's just me. Anyway, I figure that must be the "life changing" offer we all heard he was going to make to her, and I think it makes sense. Some thought he was going to propose and theirs would be the October wedding we've been told is coming, but it just seemed too fast to me. But, you never know. I do think it will be great if Kay can work for Fox, and I love him for thinking of her. See, he has some of his father in him, too. LOL!

Speaking of Julian, he's still right there at Eve's side. What did you all think of Liz' offer to Eve this week? I thought it was about the stupidest thing she could have come up with, but then, it is Liz, right? "Here's a plane ticket, get out of town and never see TC (who, by the way doesn't want anything to do with me now) again and I'll say you didn't really try to kill me." Yeah, right, and the moon's made of green cheese after all! You have to know what Liz would really do is sit back and let the authorities think Eve jumped bail and fled to avoid prosecution, making her a hunted woman for the rest of her life. I sure hope Eve figures that one out, too, although after what happened to Whitney she seemed to really be considering the offer.

On that subject, what in God's name are the writers thinking? Oh, I know, none of their court scenes bear the least resemblance to real life, but come on, what happened in this case is just absolute nonsense, through and through. First, Grace Nancier (Get that? A play on Nancy Grace, the famous ex-prosecutor) is brought in from who knows where to be the "Special Guest DA" for the trial, then she comes in late, jabbering about the trial she just left, and then took Whitney down paths that had absolutely nothing to do with whether Eve tried to poison Eve and did nothing but drag Whit, Chad, and their tiny baby through the public mud. Could these writers be any more idiotic?

First off, the DA in any trial has to be from the office that represents the district/county where the charges were filed and the trial is held. You don't bring in outside DA's for anything but technical support. Second, if either attorney was that late for the start of a major trial, the judge would never just let it slide. There would be payment exacted of some kind, believe me. And if she had come into a real courtroom and rattled on and on like this bimbo did she would have been tossed right back out before she got more than a sentence or two non-trial related words out of her mouth. And neither the judge nor the Plaintiff's attorney would ever have allowed the kind of questions that witch was asking Whitney. It simply would never happen. As I've said many times before, the writers can play loose and fast with reality in most areas, but there are just some things they should be more realistic with.

Here's another thing that falls into that same category. Theresa trying to get Ethan to make love to her on the same night she was just brutally raped by Alistair. Come on, guys, if you're trying to show us it was all a put on, that Theresa really enjoyed herself and it was a mutually agreed on "play time", just come out and say it. We're adults, we can take it. If, however, you truly want us to believe this woman was just raped, it was against her will and it hurt like heck, don't send her into another man's arms so quickly and easily. It doesn't happen that way.

A lot of married women won't even let their husbands touch them after they've been raped, let alone try to force him into it, so having Theresa act like that simply defies logic. I mean, if what she wanted was for him to hold her, comfort her, make her feel safe, I could see it. That would be possible. But trying to seduce Ethan? Not in this lifetime. And besides, I am so sick to death of hearing Ethan tell her he loves her sooooo much, more than life itself, but......he just can't leave his wife. Aaarrrrgh!!

Sheridan is pretty a lost cause now, isn't she? I mean, she walks up and hears Chris on the phone, telling someone she is as gullible as they say and he's just going to need more time to do whatever it is he's up to, yet when he gives her the line that he's in the witness protection program and that's why his name is different and......oh, heck, I can't even bring myself to write down the rest. The fact remains that she held out for - oh, a good five minutes, I guess, before she fell for his line and was in his arms. Sure, it took having him ask her to watch over James if anything happens to him, but still, she caved. But answer me this - what does being in the WP program have to do with someone telling him how gullible she is and him being able to use that, convince her of whatever it is?

Now, Tabitha and Endora were sure cute this week. Tabby tried and tried to interfere with Fox and Kay, saying she wouldn't have love going on in her house, but Endora blocked her at every turn, all the while with that impish/cherubic smile and twinkle in her eyes. And when she slid the chair behind Mommy Dearest so she had to sit, then moved the chair away from the water bowl, created a snake and turned it into a rope to tie Tabby to the chair with, I was laughing so hard. And the coup d'grace was the duct tape over Tabby's mouth when she kept telling her daughter to stop it. LOL! I just love those two, and it looks like Timmy has finally been replaced with someone who can do the job very nicely, thank you very much.

Oh, yes, lest I forget, it looks like for the time being anyway that Noah and Fancy are through. Yippee! Oh, I'm not dumb enough to believe it will last, mind you, but it sure feels good for now. He heard her telling Grampy she would never choose a lower class schlub like him and that did it. Now, true, she went and told him she only said that so Grampy wouldn't take away her credit cards, and how on earth Noah could have been so unimpressed with that I don't know. Well, heck, yes I can. The bimbette is more concerned about her money and class than anything else. And it was priceless when Noah told her she could get a job and she acted as if he told her to swim in a vat full of leeches. LOL!! God, I hate her soooooo badly! I can almost handle Noah now, but Fancy - it'll never happen.

OK, I guess that's about it for this week. I haven't checked any of the spoiler sites so I have no idea what is coming up next week, but I am fairly confident we will get more courtroom stupidity for sure. I hope there's more Fox and Kay, Tabitha and Endora, and a whole lot of Julian and Eve. Oh, and I hope Theresa and Pilar, who we last saw tearing up the mansion to find the evidence while Gwen and Rebecca are probably racing home to stop them, will actually find what they need and we can get that whole mess over and done with. But, as my battle cry goes, "I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for it." I will see you next week, though, and tell you what I thought about what we did see.

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