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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

8/29/05 - 9/2/05

So, how did we go from a week that went well for most of our "heroes" to one where nothing seemed to work right? I don't know, just one of those things, I guess.

Fox and Kay, for instance. Last week they were a happy couple, newly in love, or at least in extreme "like", but this week ended with Kay doing one of the most rapid and extreme back flips in the history of this show, and that's saying a lot! I mean, she and Fox were so happy, having so much fun, and starting a new romance under somewhat unromantic circumstances, and yet this week they ended almost splitting up! Amazing, right?

I don't know what got into Kay, but she was driving me nuts, so I know what Fox must have been feeling. Why on earth did she get so hung up on the women he used to date? Well, thinking back, I remember Ivy filling her full of baloney about how he's been with the most beautiful, the richest, the sexiest women in the world so why would he want Kay, so that's probably where it came from, come to think of it. But I have to say she certainly carried it to extremes.

She asked him about the women he used to date, and just wouldn't accept any answer he gave her. She just kept digging, putting words in his mouth, and getting more and more upset, while he kept trying to change the subject and do whatever he could to shut her up. Finally - and here's the most confusing part - she got totally angry, then said she wouldn't go out with him again because all he did was talk about his old girlfriends!! What the ......?? And then she ran away. I watched him sitting there with his eyes almost rolling like a cartoon character as he tried to figure out what just happened and why, and I felt the exact same thing.

I loved how he talked to himself out loud while searching for her after she ran away, tho. He was so cute, and so confused, that I just wanted to grab him and hug him until he got his sense back. Meanwhile, Kay hunkered in the bushes and listened to him, loving what she was hearing yet staying hidden. I don't get it. But, she apparently will pay for her stupidity next week, or Fox will, anyway, at the hands of a stranger with bad intentions toward her. I hope it will clear her head and make her stop her stupid, convoluted thinking.

I still love the way Endora is pushing this relationship forward, even tho Tabitha isn't happy with her. I love the idea that Tabby gave birth to a good witch, and the dilemma that provides for her. She loves her baby, but worries at what the Boys in the Basement will do if they find out. She is trying hard to undo Endora's love spells, but can't quite keep up with her so far. I say keep up the good work, Endora, and take a chill pill, Tabby. Have some more Martimmies and just watch your daughter work. You might learn something.

Noah and Fancy made strides in their relationship this week, although it didn't thrill me as much as Foxay did. I just don't get his attraction to her, except for the physical one. She is pathetic. Even when she's acting half-way decent she still can't quite get herself out of the way so her total attention can focus on him. It's always "Fancy First" to her, while Noah does whatever he can to make her happy. He even puts up with her wanting to make sure Grampy doesn't know she's with him.

I just don't get her. She's hot to trot, stripped down, etc, until she breaks a picture of Sheridan in happier days, and then she decides since her aunt is so unhappy now she shouldn't be doing what she was about to do with Noah, dresses, and runs out to the pool. He, of course, follows her, and after talking for a while, along with a music-less dance and impromptu dip into the pool, she decides she's ready again. But hold the music!! Now she realizes they have no protection with them, so it's off again.

Now, this happens to be a great idea, in and of itself, and I can't fault her for that. However, once they decide to go back to the cottage to get the protection, she decides being at the pool is a bad idea since anyone can see them and the word can get back to Grampy, so they run off. But they don't notice the security guard who spots them and runs to tell Grampy about it, so once they are back in bed, happily knoodling once more, who should break it up this time but Grampy himself. I tell you, this is a relationship that should never be, for so many reasons, not the least of which is they simply have no chemistry!!

Theresa realized just what a pickle she'd gotten herself in to this week, and Gwen showed her true Hotchkiss colors. The week started with Theresa going out with Alistair, then running off when she couldn't get him to stop groping her in public. She runs to find Ethan and stumbles on him making love to Gwen by the pool. Now, here's the strange part of all this. Gwen acts as if Theresa had picked the lock on their bedroom door and sneaked in to watch them in action. What a lunatic!!

They were right there by the pool, out in the open, where anyone could see them, yet Theresa is somehow a stalker, peeper, or worse, and Ethan needs to do something to make her pay for it? Oh, yeah, and when he won't do anything, she starts calling the cops to come arrest her!! Is this woman insane again, or what? Lady, if you do the deed in public, you run the risk of being caught by someone. It's not Theresa's fault you can't control yourself until you get to your own, private bedroom. Ethan managed to stop her, but she was still fuming.

But that's not the worst part. Oh, no, folks, she gets even lower as the night goes on. Once they are back in their own room, Gwen decides she's thirsty and goes for some water, but hears Theresa screaming, in obvious pain, and telling Alistair to stop, let her go, get off, etc. She realizes Theresa is being raped, but.....she goes back to her own room and does nothing to help her! And even worse, she says nothing to Ethan, even turning the radio up loud when he hears the screaming, and telling him it's a cat outside. Beyond low!!

Later, when Gwen is sleeping, Ethan goes for water or whatever and finds Theresa, torn and disheveled, crying and begging him for help. Alistair comes out and Ethan starts yelling at him, and trying to call the police. The row gets Rebecca up, and she goes to Gwen who tells her Theresa was raped, and does it with a satisfied smirk on her face! I swear, if I could have gotten through the screen I would have slapped that grin off her smarmy face!

Rebecca, of course, decides there was no rape, that Theresa loved it, and begins telling Ethan the same thing once they get out there, but for once he doesn't fall for it, at least not at first. Once Theresa, after having Al remind her if she presses charges she'll lose Jane and Ethan forever, decides to not press charges, he seems as if he might be considering what the Witches told him to be true, but hopefully he will realize it couldn't be. For once, hopefully, he will stand up and be a man.

I have to tell you, here, that although Gwen has not been one of my favorites I have always felt she was a decent woman at heart, but after this week I realize she is nothing of the kind. Any woman who could leave another woman, no matter who she is, to be ravaged by an animal like Alistair, then laugh about it to someone else, and finally try to convince others that there was no rape, the woman actually enjoyed it is not worthy of being called human, let alone a decent one.

Eve chose TC. I almost croaked. How on earth could she choose to go back to the man who had treated her so badly? The one she'd been married to for 20 years or so, yet turned on her in a split second because she hid her past from him, the one who called her every name in the book, and the one who divorced her as quickly as possible, took up with the lying sister that caused all the problems, and then publicly called her an attempted murderess. I tell you, it boggles the mind. And what's more, she "did it for the kids". Um, Eve - the girls are all grown up now, dear.

Can you imagine? She dumped the man who loved her with all his heart, warts and all, who would do anything for her, who's faith in her decency never wavered, even for a second, and who was turning over every rock in an attempt to protect her from the scurrilous charges her sister had brought against her to go back to the louse who treated her like scum. Go figure. And how she can say the kids need her to reconcile with their father is beyond me. Sure, if they were little I could see her point, but as I said, they are both grown women now. They don't need a "stable" home, if that's what you could call what they grew up in, and if they do, they can make their own.

At least by the end of the week it looked like she realized she'd made a mistake. Oh, she doesn't put it in those terms, of course. She says she made the decision in haste and needs more time to really think it through, but we all know it was a mistake. She needs to run back to Julian and never leave him again. Let TC sleep in the bed he made for himself. It was his choice, and she shouldn't have to pay for his mistake.

Simone finally gave us the biggest clue as to her lesbian status this week, but I still wonder why no one just comes out and says what it is. What is so wrong with having her say, clearly and without a doubt, "I am a lesbian"? Rae stripped and climbed in bed with her, they kissed, and then seemingly broke up because Simone wants forever while Rae wants more women and more sex with them, yet no one has uttered the word yet. Come on, guys, get with it. SIMONE IS GAY! There, see? It's not that hard, and your tongue won't fall out of your head when you say it, so go ahead. If you're going to write the story, have the gonads to say what it is out loud. I mean, do you really think if you don't say the words, we won't know what's up?

OK, that's about it for now. Next week sounds pretty good, from what I've read, so check back and see how it went, at least in my estimation. God willing, the news will be good.

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