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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

8/22/05 - 8/26/05

Oh, my gosh, I love Julian Crane!! Yes, I have felt that way for a while, but now I truly love him above all other soap characters down through history! What a man he is. I wonder where all the men like him are hiding in real life? Oh, well, as long as I have Julian on my screen I will be a very happy soap watcher.

OK, now that I have that out of my system, let's talk Passions this week, starting with the absolutely amazing things Julian did. He finally did what so many of us were wanting to do since Liz turned into the big mouthed, lying, trouble-making schemer she is now - he slapped the bejeebers out of her!! Oh, I have to tell you, I was dancing around my living room with delight when that happened. Let me add a quick side note here. I don't support men hitting women in real life, but come one, Liz - a woman? Not hardly. She's a mad dog, rabid and dangerous to all.

But, back to the show. She has been so upset over the fact that TC dumped her in his attempt to get Eve back that she's been mouthing off to everyone in the most horrible way, especially to and about Eve. She went on a rampage with Julian, kept repeating over and over that she is a whore, and when he told her to shut up and turned to leave she grabbed him, slapped him across the face, and told him never to turn his back on her. AND HE SLAPPED HER BACK!!! Oh, I tell you, it was a moment happy dreams are made of, that's all I can say.

Too bad she didn't learn from it, tho, although I'm really not surprised at that. She just kept on ragging on Julian and TC for wanting Eve. I'm not surprised she can't see why both men would want her sister, really. She has no concept of what true decency is, nor of honesty or anything else, so how could she see what Eve has to offer that she, herself, doesn't?

I loved the way Julian accepted Eve's choice of TC, too, although my heart was breaking along with his. He simply wanted her to be happy, and if being with TC was what made her that way, he was all for it. Well, he could accept it, anyway. He kept his wits about him, wished them well, and told Eve he simply couldn't stay and watch them together, then left. And here's the good part: he dragged Liz out with him, kicking and screaming! LOL!! TC and Eve had both told her to leave, but she wouldn't, and when she started in on Julian as he was leaving he just grabbed, pulled her outside, and told her where she could go with all her badmouthing and complaining. LOL!!

Once he got home he did the second best thing of the week - hit slugged the bejeebers out of Alistair, too! Oh, man, now this was a week of weeks! Yes, once Alistair heard that Eve had dumped Julian he started in using the same language as Liz, and Julian just hauled off and slugged him. I tell ya, this was a week that will live in memory for as long as I have one.

Now, as for the rest of the week, it was so-so. We still have Fox and Kay interacting with Maria and Endora in the sweetest way, and with each other in the hottest way in a long time. These two are simply great together. I hope it lasts. Poor Fox has had no luck whatsoever in the woman department, first trying to make something happen with Theresa when he really loved Whitney, and then trying to make it work with Whitney when she simply wasn't interested. And Kay. The only guy she's ever been interested in was Miguel, and he apparently didn't give a plug nickle about her once Charity came on the scene. I am really loving this relationship, and I hope it really goes well for them. If Endora has anything to say about it I think it will. She is really pushing them together, and it's so cute.

Noah and Fancy - well, you know how I feel about them. And even tho Fancy showed a human side to herself this week I still can't stand her. I think she's the only person I have ever met who could wash a kitchen full of filthy dishes, then clean the filthiest, most disgusting bathroom in history, and not get even a smudge on herself or her pure white dress. She did help with the dishes, and didn't take the chance to leave before cleaning the bathroom, and that was really nice of her, but still, she just can't get over that selfish, spoiled little princess attitude, and it really rankles. I'm sorry, as I've said several times, but this couple really does nothing for me except make me want to change the channel.

Sam and Jess had another blow up this week, with her not wanting to do her fair share around the house, and so she runs straight back to Spike so he can pimp her to strangers and keep her high. What on earth happened to this girl's brain? I mean, did she dig it out while Q-Tipping her ears? I know she used to be a bright young girl, but you'd never know it by her actions now. At least this time she didn't let Spike press charges on her dad and TC when they came after him for what he'd done to her and for having Simone beat up. That's a good thing and shows the real Jessica is still in there somewhere, but come on. You can't really believe a good girl from a good family with no history of sexual abuse would be so easily turned into a prostitute, right? It makes no sense at all.

Theresa is finding out just what a big mistake she made teaming up with Alistair. The piper is looking for his pay now, even tho he hasn't completed his part of the bargain, and he's not taking "no" for an answer. Now, here's another smart girl who doesn't show it in any way. She knows Alistair, knows how he is, and yet she really thinks she can get what she wants from him without giving him what he wants from her? It just doesn't work that way, and she's finding that out now, but it's far too late. Ethan can't help her, even tho he might want to, and she certainly can't get herself out of it, either. Nope, she's gotten herself into a real mess this time, and there is no escape.

Well, Simone apparently told Eve her secret, but no one else, not even us. We do know Eve is worried about how TC will take it when he hears, and I think she has a right to be worried there. Which begs the question - if she knows how he is, why go back to him? She says it's for the children, to give them a stable family again, but come on, they are both grown and should be out on their own by now. That kind of reasoning makes sense when the kids are little and need both parents around, although I happen to think it's better to have one parent if it means constant fighting and disrespect. However, with grown kids, it's a really stupid excuse. But, anyway, the truth will be coming out, and TC is not going to take it very well.

Sheridan is really getting wacky, isn't she? Oh, she thinks she's just fine, but nobody gets that attached to a child that isn't theirs that quickly. And now that she knows Christopher is his father, or so it seems now, anyway, she still can't let him go. I swear, if it were up to me, I'd have her committed and given intensive counseling so she could see she's obsessing. She really has gone off the deep end here. And she still won't talk to Luis because he doesn't have Marty with him! Please, someone make the writers bring back the Sheridan we've known and loved all these years. This one is simply not worth the time it takes to watch her whining and obsessing. Why didn't they send her away and keep Luis here? I really miss him, by the way. I can't wait for him to get back.

Well, that's what I'm thinking about this week on Passions. I loved parts, hated parts, and was pretty ambivalent about much of it, but I guess I'd put it in the slightly-thumbs-up category, simply because of my Hero, Julian, and his Golden Fist of Fury, as well as his Exalted Heart of Love. As long as those are on view, the week can't be all bad. Let's hope we get more Julian action next week, and also that Fancy keeps her promise and moves on to Paris, never to return. If there is a Soap God, please answer this one prayer. I'll never ask for anything else.....for a while.

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