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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

8/15/05 - 8/19/05

Have you ever sat there (or stood there) and watched something happening that is so different from what has been normal that you just shake your head and wonder if you're actually in bed, dreaming? Well, that's been this week for me. It started last week, really, but it hit the heights this week. Let me explain.

If I had told you a month ago that TC would dump Liz and want Eve back, or that Whitney would become a nun, or that Fox and Kay would become the next hot couple, or that Theresa would move in with Alistair, would you have believed it? I wouldn't have. Yet, this week, that's exactly what we've seen. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.

What is up with TC? Here's a man who hated his wife so much that he couldn't wait to divorce her, then couldn't wait to propose to her evil sister, and then couldn't wait to jump on the band wagon and accuse her of trying to kill her sister, Alistair, and Julian. Yet, all of a sudden he decides he really does still love Eve and wants her back. What the......? All it took was a look at the engagement ring on Eve's finger to make him realize what he'd thrown away? I don't think so. No, I think this is a simple case of "I don't want her, but I don't want anyone else to have her, either." I mean, the man still had doubts as to whether she tried to murder three people just the day before, and now he isn't sure?

I have to admit, I loved watching Liz' world blow up in her face, tho. She was so busy making wedding plans, and then TC says "Uh.....wait a minute. Maybe not", and stomped on the brakes so hard she almost went flying across the room. Then, once she tears the kitchen apart, she thinks she sees a crack to throw another wedge into when Eve admits she's known for months about Chad being Miles' real father, and even told Julian, but not TC. It looked like it might be working, too, but then once again he stomped on the brakes. He said he still loves Eve and wants her back, and he really doesn't think she tried to kill Liz. Now, while I loved the effect that had on Liz, I was just as shocked as she at his turn-around. My only hope is that Eve won't fall for it.

Julian is working like a dog to try to prove Eve innocent, even firing her high profile attorney when it appeared he didn't believe she was innocent, and he doesn't deserve to be kicked in the face by her returning to the jerk that has been so eager to believe anything bad about her. I think Eve has more sense than that, but you never know. I am really going to hate it if the writers do that to us, I can tell you that. That man has stood by Eve come hell or high water, always believing in her and supporting her through all the things Liz and TC have done to her, and for her to unceremoniously dump him in favor of the abusive jerk that was only too eager to turn on her would be the crime of the century.

Sister Whit? Am I hearing right? What is this girl thinking? Or more to the point, is she thinking at all? I swear, for someone who has always seemed to be so bright and focused, she sure has become a ditz, hasn't she? Lying to both Chad and Fox, along with most everyone else in town, trying to kill her unborn child in a most hideous and cruel way, but not wanting an abortion because it's murder.....someone explain the difference to me, please. The only difference I can see is that the abortion would have been quick, while starving the baby would take months, if it worked, and it could leave him maimed for the rest of his life if it didn't. Now, because the truth is out and she has found that she really can't be alone with Chad she decides to join a convent. Aren't you supposed to have a calling to do that? That's always been my understanding. I just don't get it.

OK, folks, we can all see this coming, can't we? I mean, Theresa has done some stupid and dangerous things in the past when she gets desperate, but this takes the cake. OK, sure, let's go swimming in the shark tank with fish guts all over us. Yeah, that should be fun. NOT!!

OK, I understand she wants her baby back, and she still wants Ethan, for some unfathomable reason. I also understand how hopeless she feels against the power of Rebecca and Gwen, but to actually hook up with Alistair? To move into his mansion, knowing what he expects of her? Not even Theresa would do that, yet there she is. Now, we all know she figures she can get what she wants and not have to give Alistair what he wants in return, but we also know that's impossible. So why can't she see that? Stupid! I am not even wanting to see what comes of this. I've heard the rumors, and I don't even want to think about it.

I loved seeing her happy again, with both her children, but knowing the price she will have to pay eventually just makes it bitter sweet. I understand her desperation, and I know she's been kicked around like a bag full of dirt by Gwen and her mother, all in the name of revenge for something she never did, but this is just too much. She's setting herself up for those two again, you know she is, and on top of that, when Alistair exacts his payment from her it won't be pretty. I just wish this girl would get some sense. She isn't a stupid person, yet she acts so stupid it's pathetic.

Ethan, as hypocritical as usual, sees red when Theresa moves in to the mansion, and immediately starts trying to "pay her back", which is beneath him. I knew Gwen would start her nonsense about it, but I thought Ethan would see just how desperate she is and try to protect her or something. But no, he kisses his wifey-poo's hieny once again and decides to move out and take Jane with them. Alistair stepped in, of course, but Ethan is too stupid to care, as usual. Whatever Gwennie wants, Gwennie gets, no matter who he steps on along the way to getting it, and it's coming back to bite Theresa yet again.

Now, in no way am I ignoring Theresa's part in all this, and as the ever-present mantra goes, she is her own worst enemy. But, Ethan knows how desperate she is, he knows how she is when she gets that way, and yet he insists on letting Gwen keep Theresa's child. And on that, if I hear Gwen whine one more time about Theresa "stealing" her baby I will scream. What nerve that wench has! Someone needs to smack her and remind her she is the one who stole the baby, and Little Ethan too, by the way, and she has no room to whine about Theresa wanting them back. She is so spoiled, believing that whatever she wants has to be the way it is, that she doesn't give a darn how she gets it. And Ethan plays right in to that. Yet another idiot in Harmony!

Noah and Fancy went the separate ways, thank God. At least for now. But, sad to say, it hasn't stopped the daily dose of Little Miss Spoiled Rotten Witch whines. God, I'm so sick of her and her Paris wannabe attitude. I guess we aren't going to get any relief from her, tho. Someone really must want this girl to click with the viewers, but if that's the case they shouldn't have made her so childish and snotty. No one likes a snob, especially when they are brainless to boot. It looks like Noah has gotten himself into a bit of potential trouble, and she's going to be along in a little minute to push him on over into the danger zone. God, is anyone else as sick of all this as I am?

Now, Kay and Fox - there is a couple worth watching. He is such a good guy, always there to rescue the fair maiden, and she has matured and "wised up", becoming a pretty likable character. Now, I have always loved her, even tho I hated a lot of the things she was doing, so it's not a big leap for me to make, but I do recognize that she's improved 98% over the way she was before, and I love it. She and Fox (mostly our hero, Fox) even managed to talk some sense into Jessica and got her back home. I imagine Spike will be back after her pretty soon, and she will probably go with him again, but at least we know Fox is still here to rescue her again, so it's not all that hopeless. I loved their scenes this week - trying to cool it because they don't want to fall into a rebound romance, yet not able to resist each other. It was so cute, kinda funny, and totally romantic. At least to me it was. I loved their foray into Tabitha's attic, looking for a Love Nest, and all the obstacles that brought, but Endora's matchmaking technique is first rate and just adds to the enjoyment of this couple. And I really am enjoying them together.

Well, Sheridan managed to get custody of Mark, and I guess that's good for her, but it really bugs me that she got so attached to him so quickly. I mean, crying that they can't take him from her, too, or whining about having lost Marty, Luis, and now Mark was a bit much. The topper, tho, was her declaration that she loves him more than anything. What is wrong with this woman? Now, as for losing Luis, she didn't. She ran him off and won't even talk to him unless he has Marty with him. I could just turn her over my knee and spank the tar out of her! She is still acting like the spoiled little princess she never was, and it really bugs me. She's becoming too much like Fancy, and that's a sickening thought. Well, at least she's working, that's a good sign. But just who is this Christopher Boothe, or whatever his name is? I hope he's not her new love interest, but at the same time I hope this doesn't end with her dying again and no Luis to save her. Wait a minute. Without Luis she's not much to write home about anyway, so maybe killing her off wouldn't be that big deal. (Did I just say that?)

OK, so hopefully you understand why I'm so confused after the last couple of weeks. Things just don't seem to make sense at all anymore. Oh, sure, there've always been things on the show that make no sense, but these are things that just don't fit at all, not just strange things that couldn't happen in real life, like Eve being charged with three counts of attempted murder with no real evidence, or Sheridan coming back to life time and again, or Tabitha living in Harmony during the entire lifetimes of everyone there and never getting any older. Those are "normal" abnormalities. The things I've talked about today are just not normal, and that's what makes them so confusing.

Anyway, with any luck things will get back to "normal" next week. We can always hope so, anyway.

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