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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

8/8/05 - 8/12/05

This week was another of those "Ok, but not quite great" weeks. There was a lot going on that was interesting and fun to watch, but there was also a lot that I'd rather not have had to sit through. So, here we go on another trip through my thoughts.

First, I still love Kay and Fox together. There is just something about the two of them that works for me. They are sexy, yes, but it's more than that. There is a shyness about them, a kind of amusement at the whole idea, that just makes them fun to watch. They are just so happy with each other. I am really having a hard time describing what it is, but hopefully you've seen it and know what I mean. I am just having so much fun watching them.

Now, of course, Ivy can't stand to see anyone else be happy so she had to stick her nose into it yesterday. I couldn't believe the way she was talking about her own son! That woman is more of a Crane than Julian or Fox ever thought to be. She should have been Alistair's daughter. Anyway, she really talked him down, and caused Kay to believe he is only toying with her. Poor Fox was dumbfounded when he got back from his errand for Ivy and Kay had turned 180 degrees from when he left.

Now, I thought the fall from the ladder was a bit contrived and formulaic - you could see it coming a mile away - but I loved the way they looked at each other and the way their heads seemed to be magnetized, moving closer and closer, ever so slowly, until they were right at the point of kissing when Ivy interrupted. Now, that was romance.

Contrast that to the Noah/Fancy scenes in the department store. Talk about formulaic! They get out of the "romantic" picnic shop, with it's wine and romantic foods, and end up in a department store that looks like it would take up most of the real estate in Harmony, stocked with enough goods to supply half of L.A.. It even has a car and motorcycle sales department! Are these writers anywhere near dealing with reality? That store could never support itself in a small town.

Anyway, once inside the store they find a shower, so was anyone surprised when Fancy decided to take a shower? Nope. How about when Noah went for towels and she screamed? Didn't surprise me, nor did having him drop everything and trot back to her, jerk open the curtains, and get a good eyeful of her naked body. And, of course, the scream was from being hit by cold water. Yes, I scream the same way when it happens to me, you know. Right! Anyway, it was just what you would expect from writers who are desperately trying to make this a romantic couple. They even did the massage bit, with no undies, even. Oh, and let's not forget the evening gown, the tuxedo, the jewels, the fancy crystal glasses that miraculously made it through the quake, and, of course, the bed. With a vibrator, no less. I swear, all that was missing were the strawberries and whipped cream! Or did I miss that part?

Now, we can't forget the requisite "I-guess-you're-ok-actually-I-think-I-love-you"-speech-from-one-while-the-other-slept scene. She wasn't really sleeping, of course, but that doesn't matter. Now, I got the clear impression we were being courted by the writers into falling for this couple as they supposedly fell for each other, but all I can say is, it didn't work for me. All I wanted to do was puke. I mean, think about Liz seducing Fox and you'll get the idea of just how repulsed I was by all of this. Contrast that with the Fox/Kay story and you'll see the difference between a couple that works and one that just simply doesn't. And, as Grandma used to say, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Fox and Kay work, and their story is the epitome of romance. Noah and Fancy don't, and their story is the stuff dry heaves are made of.

I was so impressed with Pilar this week. No more of the haranguing harpy she had become after Martin decided to come back to her but Katherine kept popping up every five minutes looking for him. She still hasn't forgiven the woman for stealing her husband and deserting her children, but she does understand now why she left and stayed away, and we have the old Pilar back at last. I loved seeing her embrace the woman as she cried after admitting to her that Alistair had raped her, and I loved seeing her torn apart by the knowledge that Katherine was willing to endure even more of that for the sake of her daughter. Pilar's strength has always been her big, loving heart, and the past few months took that away from her. Now it seems to be back, and I am so glad it is. I hope it sticks around a while.

Sheridan continued her whining ways this week, falling apart after Alistair cruelly let her think he was going to help her keep Mark, then told the CPS woman to take the child since Sheridan would endanger him. I wanted to kick her, to tell the truth, but on Friday she finally grew a backbone and stood up to her father, albeit weakly. But, it's a start. Hopefully she will get stronger and really start taking him on. I would love to see her, Fox, Ethan, Luis, and Theresa taking that old lizard on and beating him down.

Now, having said that, I am even more perturbed at the actions, or lack of action, of everyone in the Lopez-Fitzgerald house as Alistair verbally beat the tar out of Sheridan in front of them. Sure, Martin, Katherine, Pilar, and even Theresa spoke up at times, but only Ethan stood up to the man in any way at all, and he had Gwen, Sheridan's "best friend", pulling at his coat tails, telling him to sit down and shut up. What a cowardly group. Yes, he is powerful, but for God's sake, they shouldn't have allowed him to get away with what he was doing to her. It sickened me to see them just stand there and do nothing while he pummeled her with the harshest words and accusations imaginable.

Kudos to Ethan for trying, at least, but the others should be ashamed of themselves. I guess that was the writer's reason for making it that way, so we would be upset, but it really was hard to watch it happen. I wonder if they would put scenes of a parent horse whipping their child in the public square, with no cut-aways from the child's body and reaction to the blows? I don't think so, yet they made us watch the savage verbal beating of one of the heroines of the show. It was painful.

One good thing from this week might be the fact that Eve won't seriously consider dropping Julian for TC. His actions and words once they found Liz and Julian should let her know where she really stands with him, and it isn't as the woman he truly loves and wants to reunite with. I swear, if she even considers going back to him after this I will really be upset. There is no way she can effectively explain his actions in any way, and when she has a man who loves and protects her like Julian there is no way she should even consider dumping him in favor of an abusive tyrant who will sell her up the river at the merest hint of something he doesn't like.

Well, Simone is back, and it seems the rumors were true - she is a lesbian, or at least bi. Now, I know that will upset some people, but I think it's refreshing, especially if they deal with it in an honest and truthful way. It is a fact of life, and I don't understand why it's still so taboo on daytime TV. I remember way back when, on Days, when Julie met a couple and really felt close to the woman. They were almost inseparable, and she quickly became one of Julie's best friends, but then it turned out the woman was really a lesbian, and she had fallen in love with Julie. Julie's reaction was of one of horror, and I never really liked the way the subject was treated at that time. This is a chance for a show to treat it as it is - a fact of life. Give lesbians a human face, one that we've become fond of, in a way, and show it's not all weirdos and perverts. I hope they handle this story well, that's all I can say.

Now, Whitney - there's something strange for you. She and Chad become intimate again, and she doesn't give a darn until after it's over and she has to choose whether to go ahead and love Chad or get completely away from him. So what does she do? She decides to become a nun!! I guess it's one way to stay away from her brother, but it does seem a bit much. But, it will be interesting to see it play itself out, especially if she ends up pregnant again. Now, I truly believe the rumors that say it will turn out Chad really isn't Eve's son, and I wonder what they will do if that does happen. I think it will be interesting to find out. I hope so, anyway.

I really wonder what's wrong with Ethan. He is so dense sometimes. Now, not to say Theresa isn't, but you expect it from her. He's supposed to be this smart attorney, so you would think he could put 2 and 2 together and get the right answer, but he just keeps coming up with 3, or 5. He keeps trying to talk Theresa out of joining forces with Alistair to get Jane back, and he knows she doesn't really want to do that, but he also knows he's the one person who can do what it takes to stop her and yet he won't. He is so afraid of going against his wife that he will actually allow the woman he really loves to be left at the mercy of a monster rather than give her own child back to her. He knows she's a good mother, he's said so many times, yet his stock answer to her is "The courts gave us custody, we didn't take her." What a cop out!

I simply can't understand how he can stay with a woman he doesn't really love. Oh, he says he does, and I'm sure on some level he does love her, like he loves his mother and his sisters and his good friends, but he truly, deeply, and romantically loves Theresa. He is cheating both women by staying with Gwen, yet he can only think of having to "uphold his vows". What kind of vow is it when it's made on fraudulent grounds? He married her because she was pregnant, which he found out while proposing to Theresa, so vowing that he truly loves her and wants her above all others was a lie, making his vows fraudulent. Right? I just don't get it, that's all I know.

He says he has to be true to his wife, yet he is committing adultery every time he thinks of Theresa. Jesus said so in the Bible, that when a man even thinks of another woman in that way he is committing adultery, just the same as if he did the actual act. (Don't blame me, He said it.) Now, that being the case, Ethan is one of the biggest adulterers on daytime TV. I don't know why Father Lonigan hasn't clued him in to that fact already, to tell you the truth. Ethan is doing no one any good by living the way he is now. He's constantly "cheating" on his wife, and he's cheating the woman he loves (and himself, by the way) out of the life she should have.

Well, that's about it for this week. I know I was hard on some of the characters, but that's just because they deserved it. LOL!! But really, I think this week was pretty good, at least it was better than it used to be, and that's a good sign. Maybe they have made a conscious decision to get the show back to basics and give the viewers what we want. I sure hope so, but the way things have gone in the past it wouldn't surprise me to have them slip back into the old rut after a while, like they always have. Anyway, no matter which way it goes, I'll be back next week to let you know my thoughts on it.

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