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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

7/18/05 7/22/05

What a week! Some good, some not so much, but mostly interesting, nonetheless. Theresa is heading for new trouble, Jessica has gone totally to the dark side, and Edna has morphed into....well, certainly not the Edna we've known and loved - or whatever. Sheridan calmed down some, Luis (sob! sob!) left town, hopefully not for long. And, to top it off, we may have seen the start of a beautiful romance as well as one that sets my teeth on edge. I think I may need to stock up on Dramamine for that one.

But first let's talk about Theresa. Last week there was hope she wasn't going to take Alistair up on his offer to give her the information she needs against Rebecca and Gwen in exchange for a romp in the hay, but this week left us wondering exactly what she IS going to do. As best I understand it, she is going to try to have her cake and eat it too, besting Alistair at his own game. Now, this is something the best minds on the show (OK, that's not saying much, but you know what I mean) haven't been able to do, so I'm not holding out much hope for her, but then she is smart, she is devious, and she certainly isn't afraid of much of anything, so she may just be the one who can do what the others can't. I do admire her courage in trying it, mind you, but I am just not sure it's something she can actually do. Her first moments in his limo didn't improve her chances in my eyes, either, but I'll wait until Monday before I give up on her all together. I just can't stop hoping that she actually might be able to do it. I mean, she was able to go into a hospital, drug a person and hide her in the closet, then present herself in that person's place to be implanted with Ethan and Gwen's fertilized eggs, right? How much harder could this be? OK, OK, I know, but this is Harmony and common sense isn't necessarily at work most of the time. She could do this.

Jessica continues to be Spike's little doormat, not recognizing that she is being used in his plan to exact revenge on her father. I honestly can't understand how she keeps falling for his lame stories. And I am still angry that the writers have turned her into such a brainless twit. She was a bright kid, and a good girl, and what they've done to her is criminal to my way of thinking. I understand good girls get sucked into bad situations, but anyone as bright as Jessica wouldn't stay there. I think a five year-old could have seen through his "If you don't hook, I'll have to go to Alaska" routine. Her response should have been "OK, babe, have a good time and I'll see you when you get back." This story makes me sick, and it makes me very angry at the same time, and I wish the writers would end it yesterday. It couldn't be too soon for me.

Now, what daughter would do what she did to her father and brothers? She might turn her back on them, but to lie and have them arrested, then get a restraining order against them? I don't think so. Maybe, if there was a history of abuse by them, but in this case she had no reason to do it, even if she was angry. I just keep hoping she will come to her senses and realize Spike is feeding her a load of...cow droppings. Honestly, as bright as she is it makes no sense for her not to. This story is really getting on my nerves and I don't know how much more of it I can handle. With any luck the earthquake and tsunami this next week will clean the whole place out and take Spike along for the ride. I can't think of a better fate for him than to be swept out to sea without a paddle, right into the largest group of Great Whites in history.

Sheridan was still harping about how it's all Luis' fault Beth got away, but she came to herself midweek and actually got dressed and ready to go out. Luis visited the church and prayed for God to let him know it's OK to kill Alistair, and when Father Lonigan interceded, telling him he can't ask God for things like that, Luis walked out in a huff, and headed straight to the Crane mansion. I thought it was so neat when Alistair was sitting there in anticipation of his date with Theresa and the lights went out, then Luis grabbed him from behind and put a knife to his throat. The only problem is they didn't let him finish the job. Sheridan came to the open door as he grabbed the old man, then stood there saying nothing while Luis threatened him and tried to get him to tell him where Marty is. Of course, Alistair managed to get away and then started his usual razzing, smirking and saying he got what he wanted, Sheridan dumped Luis and she'd never take him back and he would never tell him anything, yada yada yada. Luis ended up with his usual protestations that he will, too, get her back, he will find Marty, he will beat Alistair...the same old tiresome rant.

I hope he's right this time, but I'm not real confident of it. And what was with Sheridan, by the way? Why didn't she say anything, do anything, until Alistair asked Luis why he hadn't shot Beth? I tell you, even when she isn't being the Shrew of Harmony she still bugs me with her attitude. She knows who the real culprit is in all this, yet she continues to blame it on Luis. I hope when he does come back he will have a woman with him who really loves him and Sheridan has to suffer through watching him marry and make a life with her. Of course, once she sees him happy with someone else she will start trying to get back into his life, but I hope it doesn't work. I am so through with her now.

WOW! That's all I can say about the pairing of Fox and Kay. I never even considered it before, but I really like the idea now. I think they work well together. He has a Prince Charming fetish, loving to swoop in and save the fair damsel in trouble, and she needs someone to rescue her - from herself and from her circumstances. I truly think I'm going to like this couple a lot. I just hope the writers don't mess it up. My only question at this point is, what's up with Tabitha? I mean, she was trying to get them together, right? That's what I got from what she was saying as she watched Kay rebuff him time and again, and yet once they were home and making sparks together she decided she didn't like the idea. Did I misinterpret that or what? It makes no sense to me, but then, that's not new for this show. I still think it's a great idea and I hope they let the story go and see where it takes them.

Now, on to the Piece De Resistance - or however you say that. I absolutely love that they are finally letting us see Kathleen Noone at her best. Edna's manipulation of Tabitha and Endora to get herself fixed and renewed is a really enjoyable twist, and seeing the beautiful Ms. Noone instead of old, worn out Edna is a treat in every way. I know it's only because she won't be around much longer, but I am glad it's happened, anyway. I love the two hunks on her arm, and I laughed myself silly at the signs the boys flashed at Liz when she was taking Edna's order. I guess after all the years Edna's been man less she has a lot of built to get rid of, but to think she's got these two hunky, muscle-bound hotties begging for mercy is just too funny. Leave it to her. The only thing I didn't like was her attempt at matchmaking, which gave us the shows worst pairing in history. Maybe she should stick to terrorizing hot young hunks and leave the matchmaking to someone else.

OK, we all knew Fancy and Noah were destined to become a couple, probably aiming at Harmony's new super couple since Shuis is no longer in that spot, but one would think after the dismal reception since they came on the show that the writers would have gotten a clue and scuttled the idea. Noah is a real cutie and has a lot of good qualities that make him almost a heroic figure, but Fancy - now, there's a character without a soul or a purpose, except to raise the viewers blood pressure and lower their desire for a mid-day snack. The girl literally makes me feel sick. She is exactly the kind of girl that has always been on my "no thanks" list. Yes, she's pretty, and she dresses well, but there simply are no redeeming qualities in this person. Not one. Every time you think someone is getting through to her, pointing out how shallow and uncaring she is, skipping through life without even seeing the people she's stepping on, let alone caring about them. She is truly her Grampy's girl, that's quite apparent, but she just didn't get the brain power to go with it.

I have to tell you, my reaction mirrored theirs when Edna brought them together, but the difference is that I'm not going to be changing my aversion to their pairing any time soon, while it's abundantly clear they will be doing just that. God help us when they finally start their relationship for real. I don't think there's enough Dramamine in the world to keep my stomach from revolting at the sight. Just the thought makes me queasy.

OK, I guess that's about it for me. I am anxiously awaiting the Big Disaster Story, hoping it will be as exciting as reports say. God knows we need some kind of excitement on this show after the last few weeks, and this sounds like it might be just what the Dr. ordered. I have high hopes, anyway, but that kind of makes me nervous. I mean, how many times have we been excited over some supposed story they've promised us only to be totally underwhelmed when it actually happens and is nothing like they promised? The only thing that keeps me hoping is the reporting from every day people who got to see the preview. It sounds like it's really going to live up to the hype this time. God willing.

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