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Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

7/11/05 7/15/05

Another week of Sheridan's mouth. Can you believe it? And the worst part is, I don' t think it's over yet. Oh, she seemed to be mellowing Friday, but once Beth got through she was right back to shooting vicious looks at the poor guy again, and you know the mouth won't be far behind. The rest of the week was fairly tame, with a couple of notable exceptions. Theresa, who was repulsed by Alistair's deal seems to have changed her mind, at least for now, and Ethan, the Wimp of All Wimps, actually actually grew a backbone for a while, long enough to tell Alistair a thing or two.

I am still trying to figure out why Beth escaping with Marty is all Luis' fault. Sure, he had a clear shot at Beth a couple of times, but come on, this is his friend, has been for years, and he almost married her a couple of times. How could he not have qualms about killing her? It wouldn't be easy for anyone, in my opinion. On top of that, he is still a policeman, and any time one of them is involved in a shooting of any kind, whether the person shot lives or dies, he has to go through an extensive investigation to make sure it was a "good shoot." No one has even mentioned that yet, but it is always something a cop thinks about when contemplating shooting someone. To tell the truth, until she grabbed Sheridan and had that knife at her throat, I don't think his shooting her would have been seen as doing the right thing. And as far as shooting her once Sheridan was loose and the knife was on the floor, stop and ask yourself this: where, exactly, was Marty? Did we know before Beth grabbed him? I don't think so, and it's for certain Luis didn't. How could he shoot, knowing there might be a chance the bullet could find it's way into his son somehow? Ricochet or collateral damage from a bullet that passed through the target and into the baby, either way it could have been disastrous. No, the more I think about it, the more I feel he did the right thing, the sensible thing by not shooting. But, of course, Sheridan doesn't see it that way, and as a result, neither does he.

I do understand Sheridan is in a horrible state after what she went through, and she's very upset and heartbroken, but she has simply gone way overboard with this anger thing. She needs to realize that Luis tried hard to stop Beth and get Marty for her, and if he had been able to get Marty he would have. It didn't work out that way, thanks to Alistair, of course, but does she blame him for it? No, it's all on Luis. What a witch! Honestly, I have lost all respect I ever had for her, and I'm actually ready to be on Beth's side. At least Beth goes for what she wants, she has brains enough to get what she wants, and once she gets it, she won't let go. OK, not when it comes to Luis, of course, but you have to admit she owns Sheridan. I had to chuckle when Beth told Sheridan she wasn't a strong person, and Sheridan, sniffling and hanging on to Katherine for support, whined back "I am strong!" LOL!! Sure you are, Sher Sher, you just hide it very well, right? Pathetic!

Now, those of you who have read my ramblings before know how I have always backed Luis and Sheridan, detesting Beth for what she was doing and hoping she would trip herself up somehow. Well, that's all changed after these past two weeks. I don't know if I will ever be able to root for Shuis again after this. The one thing I do know is that Luis is leaving the show next week, for a while, anyway, and I just keep wishing he were staying and Sheridan was the one to was leaving. I'm sick of her now.

Moving on to Theresa, I have to say I was proud of her when the week started. Alistair cornered her, planted a kiss on her, and suggested he could give her the information she needed to get Ethan and Jane back for a price. The price was that she would sleep with him. YUCK!! I watched horrified as it looked like she might actually agree, but she kept her backbone and told him no, there was no way. She said she'd get what she needed on her own and told him where he could stick his suggestion. He, of course, didn't let it phase him, figuring there was still a chance she could change her mind. Wouldn't you know it, after an argument with Ethan where he told her in no uncertain terms, at the top of his voice, that he would never, ever leave Gwen for her, Theresa was so upset that she caved and called Alistair, telling him she had reconsidered. He set up a dinner date for them, then called her and left a message on her answering machine. Wouldn't you know it, Whitney talks to Ethan and then goes to find her friend to comfort her, and ends up hearing that message. She was appalled, and managed to get Theresa to tell her what's going on, then tried to talk her out of it. Theresa is still not really wanting to join his conspiracy, but she left enough doubt about her resolve to keep us guessing. I would hope she would stay away from Alistair, but knowing her, she will be so desperate to get the information that she will be willing to do whatever it takes. I hope that's wrong, but we'll see.

First Noah jumped all over Alistair for what he did to his family, and then Ethan came and did the same. Alistair flicked Noah's remarks off like it was a flea, but Ethan's words hit their mark, and once the man was down, Ethan didn't back off as usual. He just kept pushing, having no pity for the man he used to call Grandfather who seemed to be in the throes of a heart attack by that time. He just kept at him, telling him he has no heir left, no one who can take over Crane Enterprises when he dies, so it will be broken up and dispensed among the many employees and victims of his evilness over the years. Once Ethan left Alistair figured out who he thought would be a good heir for the business and says it's someone who will be like a cat in with the pigeons. Now, that sounds interesting.

My guess is it will be Theresa. He likes her spunk, he liked the way she handled herself when she worked at the office, and he knows she is the one person who will cause uproars all over town if she is his heir. Can you imagine Rebecca having to go to her to beg for money to spend? And how about her parents and Luis? They would hit the roof! Ethan, of course, would be incensed, and, she would be in the same boat as Rebecca, plus she'd have to worry about Ethan working with her worst enemy again. Oh, it would be great. And don't forget Fox, Chad, and Beth. They would all love to be in charge of the company, so what will they do if Alistair gives it to Theresa? I don't know, but I'd love to find out. It could be anyone he has in mind, even someone we don't even know yet, but I still think Theresa would be the best storyline asset.

Well, as if there weren't enough reasons for me to hate Fancy, along comes this week and adds more. She is finding out just what a monster her "Grampy" is, yet she still fawns all over him as if he were the best thing since sliced bread. Of course, we do know why, don't we? Did you see the chunk of money he handed to her, and her reaction to it? Yes, she may be his grandchild, but he's still paying her for the service. What a cheap, lowlife loser she is! She acts like she's bothered by Alistair's handling of the Bennett's, yet not enough to let him know what he's doing is wrong. I hope, I hope, I hope when the earthquake and tsunami hit Harmony she will be the first to be washed out to sea, never to be seen or heard from again. If there is any justice in the world of Harmony that will happen. (Do you think that it's a pray able thing? Maybe I'd better not. There are way too many things on God's mind right now that are far more important than this show.)

Well, Jessica has proved once and for all that she has the brain of algae. But that might be giving her too much credit. All I know is, she is about the dumbest thing to hit the streets since.....well, ever, I guess. Can you believer her falling for that stupid story of Spike's? He loves her so much he wants to share her with everyone? He doesn't mind sharing because he knows she loves him and it's OK to be with other men as long as it means nothing? He's going to have to go the Alaska to get a job if she doesn't hook? Oh, dear Lord, no one over five years old would fall for that, would they? But, here's our Jessica, the good little youngest Bennett daughter, falling for it hook, line, and sinker. I wonder what that makes the Avon people feel like? I mean, she was their spokesperson on the show for a while, talking up the good points of using and selling Mark. Now, with her being misled this easily, how many of you are going to be wondering if she was that easy with the Mark people, too, and their line isn't worth a dime? I'm not sure, but I don't think I'd like it.

She is having trouble making her first sale, also. She isn't quite sure she wants to, yet let's Spike talk her into it anyway. And then when she gets a guy to approach and ask how much, she says "Oh. Uh....I don't know." ????? Didn't Spike give her the price list before he sent her out? Unbelievable! But that didn't really matter either, I guess, since just as she's making the deal her father and two brothers find her and Sam almost beats the tar out of the john. He controls himself, just warning him to stay away from her, tho. Now he and the boys are trying to talk her into coming home, so we'll have to wait and see what happens there. I am hoping that no matter what she says they will simply pick her up and carry her home, then chain her to the house.

Spike received orders from Alistair to destroy all the Bennett's, one by one, and he's raring to go. I am hoping the boys and Sam send him where he belongs with a one-way ticket before it's over. What a slime bag. I keep asking myself just what Jessica sees in him. He's certainly not handsome, he's not smooth, he's not even got a decent personality, so what's he got that has her so hung up? Drugs? I think that's a little much. She might agree to sleep with him, etc, and even let him pimp her in order to get drugs from him, but I can see no reason she should be so head-over-heels for the guy. It really makes no sense. OK, yes, we've established she's too stupid to be believed, but even stupid doesn't explain her obsession with that guy. Now, before anyone gets upset because I'm being so mean to the guy, remember, he's just a character on the show, and he's being made to look ugly and act like a low-life. In no way do I think the actor is anything like the character. I even think he's pretty cute, probably, when he's cleaned up and all, but in character he's like Edna - not much to look at. And we all know Kathleen Noone is a beautiful woman in real life.

I think that pretty much takes care of the front burner stories for this week. Pilar and Martin are still together, while he just can't seem to stay away from Katherine, and vice versa. Pilar spends most of her time warning Katherine to leave her husband alone, and it's wearing a little thin. Oh, I agree, the woman should stay away, but I'm tired of hearing Pilar go on and on. It was a relief to have her talking about Luis and Sheridan for a while this week, tho.

All right, that's about it for this time. It looks like there are a lot of possibilities for good things to happen next week, so let's hope it works out that way. And the week after that the disasters start, so that should be pretty good. It looks like a fairly interesting couple of weeks coming up, and I can't wait. See you here next week to discuss what happens, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be as good as it looks like it could be.

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