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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

7/4/05 - 7/8/05

All righty, then, so who's heard enough of Sheridan's snotty remarks to Luis? Can you believe how she's changed? It's like she's channeling Fancy all of a sudden. I wonder who made the decision to turn her from a really nice, caring, loving and decent person into a self-centered, raving shrew? Whoever it was, in my opinion, should be shown the door, and quickly. See ya, and don't let the door hit your backside on the way out!!

This was one week I could really have done without. Not only was Sheridan completely morphed into a Fancy clone, but Theresa was kissed by - UGH!! - Alistair, and now is considering going back for more!! Now, I understand her need to get her baby back, but come on, now, this is just too much. And to tell the truth, I'd settle for the incest story of Chad and Whitney before I would ever accept Theresa sleeping with Alistair. It actually sends sick shivers up my spine to think about it! Add to these things the fact that Beth has gotten away with Marty again, while Sheridan has blown up in a boat, again, Fancy is still being her boring, spoiled - little - rich - girl self (made worse by her close relationship with her "Grampy" Alistair, and the fact that the once bright, beautiful, decent Jessica has been turned into a drug-crazed, sex-craving lunatic, and you have the recipe for disaster for this show. I really don't think it can hang on much longer at this rate. I know it's getting harder and harder for me to watch it.

OK, so let's concentrate on the good things for a minute before I delve into the slop that was served to us on a tarnished platter. First, there was a rare sighting of Julian and Eve. Of course they were at a seedy dive somewhere on the wrong side of the tracks, but at least they were back, they were together, and they were (mostly) happy. I love seeing those two together when they are concentrating on each other instead of all the bad things going on. I know, most of their time together does consist of conversations about all the bad things, but that's OK as long as the loving, caring relationship between these two shines through. I really love this couple and I wish they had a bigger part to play in the show, but I do know Tracey Ross has some personal problems that have taken up a lot of her time this summer so I will settle for what I can get. By the way, I'd like to send her my best wishes as she struggles through this time, and my prayers as well. I don't know if she reads this column, I'd be surprised if she did, but anyway, hopefully the good vibes will make their way to her.

You know, I am racking my brain for something else I liked this week, and I just can't remember anything. I don't know if it's just my weak mind not working well or whether there just wasn't anything worth being happy about that happened this week, but I can't come up with another thing. I guess the way Ethan and Kay worked together to get Sam to uncuff Noah after he found out his son torched Spike's club was a good thing. I don't see why Noah should be thrown in jail for burning out a scumbag like Spike while Gwen gets off scott free for trying to kill Theresa three - count them, 1,2,and 3 - times, plus kidnapping her baby and leaving the country. Or the way Sam let Alistair slide when he knew the old goat helped Beth get away while kidnapping Sheridan's son, as well as the myriad other crimes he has committed in plain sight. No, Noah deserved to be given a pass, and I'm just glad Sam came around to that conclusion, thanks to Ethan and Kay.

OK, so that's about it for the good side. Now on to the rotten stuff. As I said, Sheridan's whining and spoiled-little-rich-girl attitude really drove me up the wall this week. She was never like that before, no matter what was going on, but now, since Fancy has come to town, it seems she's decided to emulate her. Now, that is truly stupid, in my opinion, since Fancy is the most useless character that's ever been on the show, and that's saying a lot. As I said, I understand Sheridan is under a lot of pressure, but that seems to have become standard for her, and this is the first time she has ever talked to or treated Luis the way she has been doing the last couple of weeks. This isn't Sheridan. The writers have gone in and done a complete overhaul on the character, and believe me, it far from improved her. At this point I am hoping that the boat explosion actually kills her this time, just so I won't have to watch and listen to this total perversion of her personal, moral character. She simply isn't the Sheridan we have come to know and love and root for, come hell or high water, for all these years. I almost prefer Beth at this point. I never thought I would say that, but this new and unimproved Sheridan is simply dreadful, no matter how you look at it, and it's hard to find anything worth rooting for in her now. Beth at least has brains and hasn't wavered from her goal to have Luis at all costs.

Now, speaking of Fancy, let me say - YUCK!! There really has never been a more worthless character on this show, in all the years it's been on. She is totally self-absorbed, totally uncaring, totally stupid, and totally without redeeming qualities. And what the heck is up with the "Grammy" and "Grampy" bit? Good Lord, she's supposed to be an adult, not a little child. I want to puke every time she uses the term with Alistair. At least Katherine had the good sense to let her know it was inappropriate, but Alistair just laps it up. And don't you feel there is something icky going on with those two? I mean, if my grandfather looked at me like he does her I'd slap him and run! The whole thing gives me the creeps, that's for sure. And she makes me want to puke. Sorry, but she does. First she's accusing Noah of trying to kill her, even tho it was him that literally carried her out of the burning club. Personally, I'd prefer it if he had left her there to turn into a Crispy Critter, but he did the noble thing and saved her, for some unknown reason. Anyway, she continued to accuse him of trying to kill her by lighting the fire, and now she's gone to "Grampy" (Eeeeeeeeeeeew!) and whined about his horrible treatment of her, so he's used his connections to get Noah's dad, Sam, fired from his Chief of Police job. What a useless excuse for a female she is! At least Ivy's on to her. She knows her daughter is out to ruin someone, whether she realizes she's doing it or not, and has called her on it. I can't wait to see what she does when she finds out her honey Sam has been affected by her spoiled rotten daughter. For once I'm on Ivy's side.

On to Theresa. What on earth is this ditz thinking? How can she even consider sleeping with Alistair, for any reason? I know how desperate a mother can be when it comes to her kids, but come on, no one could be that desperate. The man is slime, he's evil personified, and he's slept with more women than he can even remember, and yet she's considering being his next conquest? God save us from having to witness this, please!! I mean, I want Rebecca and Gwen to be exposed as badly as the next person, but this is just too much. There has to be another way, there just has to. And she is doing it not only to get Jane back, but to get Ethan, too, but what's he going to do when he finds out how she did it? Has she even stopped to consider that? We all know if she does this he will find out, and I really don't think he could get over that. He'd sooner take Gwen back and forgive her than to take Theresa back after she's allowed Alistair into her bed. No, if she goes through with this it will be the end of everything for her. She will lose everything, and everyone. I don't think her parents would be able to forgive her for it, either, and Luis would totally disown her. No, she really needs to think this through, something she's not good at doing, before she decides to go ahead. We all know she won't, but just this once it would seem to me to be imperative that she think before she leaps.

So, just how many times can Beth get away scott free? When is she ever going to be brought to justice for what she's done? OK, she's been found out for part of what she's done, and that's great, but it's only part of the payoff we have waited for so long. We want justice. We need justice. Beth has to pay for the destruction she's left in her wake all these years. Watching her speed away while Sheridan blew to smithereens was just another blow we have to endure, and it's getting to be too much. I'm punch drunk with all her blows. I am beginning to think it will never end, and it's looking as if all those prognosticators out there who've been saying Marty will probably be in college, or even middle aged before he ever finds out Sheridan is his real mother were right. I swear, if that woman gets away with him for real I will scream. This needs to end. Shuis needs to marry and be happy for at least a while with there son, Marty, while mommy and daddy make a little sister for him. Come on, Reilly, grant us this one wish, please. Give us what we want for once. Please!!!! (I wonder if we could talk Noah into making a visit to JER's house?) Just a joke, folks, but brought on by total desperation for some real payoff in this story.

They have really done a hatchet job on Jessica. What an about face for her! Little Miss Sweet and Innocent to Drugged Out Prostitute in three easy steps. It's unbelievable, really, but in Harmony, we know anything goes. I really can't understand the need to take her so far astray, personally. The clubs, the cigarettes, the drugs and drugged out sex are one thing, but to carry it as far as it's gone is beyond belief. A normal girl would have realized after being raped and left to die once that it isn't what she really wants out of life, even if she is upset with her family and ex-boyfriend. Not our miss Jessica, however. Oh, no, she has to carry it to the extreme and decide it's exactly the life she wants. And she isn't just putting up with it, she's fully embracing it. It's just sick, I tell you. My one hope is that it will make the young girls watching, and we know they are, think twice about getting mixed up with people like this. However, they are making it so attractive to any girl having problems with her family that I'm afraid they will be creating Jessica clones, not preventing them. Angry with your parents for being too strict? Go find a sleazy boyfriend who will drug you silly, rape you, and then turn you out to anyone else who wants you and is willing to give up the bucks to have you. Yeah, that's the way to get back at those mean, repressive parents. Good Lord, do the kids a favor and show them that the rules are there for their protection, not as a means of ruining their lives and fun. Let them see how horrible these things are, don't glamorize them by making it seem this girl prefers being treated this way to being truly loved by her family. Use your brains and do something that will actually help young girls, not give them ideas they don't need. I say this as the mother of three grown daughters, mind you.

I really am disappointed with the way the show went this week, and I hope it straightens up soon. It wouldn't take much to make it better, just some common sense and some respect for the viewers as to what we keep begging them for would do the trick. But, if past performance is any indicator, it ain't gonna happen. I was so hopeful a while back when it looked like things were turning around, but just as I feared, they went so far with it and then turned back on themselves and started the old merry-go-round spinning again. Is anyone else getting dizzy yet?

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