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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

6/27/05 - 6/29/05

OK, quick. Can anyone name just one person on Passions that you like? Not including the babies, everyone loves them. Give me the name of someone, anyone, that you really, truly like and respect. I sat here the other day and tried to figure out if there is one, and for the life of me I couldn't come up with one single name! Now, just how do you keep a soap opera going without heroes and heroines?

I considered Sam. He is the Chief of Police, after all, and he's tall and very handsome. The "Yum" factor is definitely there. However, the man is not very strong in his convictions and the law plays second fiddle with him most of the time. How many times has he let his friends slide on things they should have been lounging in jail for? TC assaulting everyone around; Ethan, Fox, and Chad burning down the nightclub of his enemy; Gwen trying to kill Theresa three times; Rebecca helping Gwen escape after kidnapping Theresa's baby; Alistair doing everything under the sun to anyone he wants to (OK, Alistair would never stay in jail and certainly never be convicted, but the COP should at least arrest the man when he commits a clear crime.); Luis should have been arrested more than he has. There are more examples, but you get the picture. He has also arrested some people on the thinnest of reasons, things that a really thorough investigation would have shown there was no basis in fact to justify charges being brought. Oh, and let's not forget him allowing Ivy to completely pull the wool over his eyes concerning Grace and David. Personally I feel he wanted to get back with her the whole time and just used that as an excuse. No, I can't find a good reason to really like the man, and I certainly don't respect him now.

Luis is gorgeous, of course. A big, handsome, strong Man of the Law, hero material if I ever saw it. To tell the truth, he was a hero for me until lately. Now he's a wishy-washy, whiny, hard-headed idiot. Sorry, but it's the truth. He seemingly can't even buy a clue when a crime has been committed, and he simply refuses to believe what he's told in that area. Look how he's treated Sheridan all this time. He acts like she's a child, with no mind of her own, and no matter how often she kept telling him Marty was hers he refused to even consider it because it was Beth that had him. How could he not have been suspicious when she wouldn't allow them to do DNA testing on him for the stupidest of reasons? "He might get germs?" Puh-leeze!! A sealed and sterile swab is going to give him germs? And Luis bought it!! He doesn't even stand behind his own sister. How is that possible? Yes, she is fiery and she does do stupid things, but when she tells him something he should give her the benefit of the doubt, especially knowing what a liar Rebecca (her usual accuser) is. Yet he joins the witch in her castigation of his sister for whatever she is supposed to have done without a second thought. He attacks people for no good reason, totally against police procedure, and, once again, he's just plain stupid now. Where did the handsome, hunky, law-abiding Man in Blue (OK, so it's khaki) go to?

Pilar? Nope. She is no longer the loving mother, always defending her children. She, like Luis, is quite willing to turn her back on her own daughter and believe anything Rebecca and Gwen say, no matter how times they have been shown to be flat out liars. And the way she's acting toward Martin now....take a chill pill, lady! And let's not forget the original "sin" for her - her insistence that Sheridan stay away from Luis, the man she truly loved, and marry Antonio, the brother she cared about but was not in love with! She was willing to sacrifice her faithful son in favor of the miscreant who ran away rather than stay and help her support the family. And he never even bothered to contact her in all those years, not once. She certainly isn't my idea of Mother of the Year material.

How about Eve? She's a loving wife and mother, and good doctor, and for years she was the ONLY doctor in Harmony, well-skilled in all areas of medicine. She should be a heroine, right? But no, she really isn't. She lied to her family since she met TC (understandable), she kept her mouth shut when she found her best friend was the target of the manipulative Ivy, and she has allowed others she supposedly cared about to be sacrificed to keep her own secrets, even her own daughter who had been drugged by that same witch, Ivy. Sorry, but I can't find anything noble about her now.

Tabitha comes the closest to being likable, and she's a REAL witch, the one at the bottom of most all the problems in Harmony. She's evil and gleefully imparts pain and destruction on the Harmony-ites with willful abandon, but at least she is who she is. And she certainly loves her little Endora. And she is usually right with her, too, a rarity in Soapdom. But, at the same time, the pain she's caused so many people can't be admired, so even she is not a real hero. I will admit, I do like her anyway. But the evil outweighs the good at this point.

Sheridan used to be a heroine, but now she's a whiny fool. And she strikes out at anyone near her whenever something isn't going right and seems to feel no reason to apologize later. I understand her angst to have her son back, but she has gone about it in a very stupid way, proving the old axiom that blonds are stupid. I have no respect left for her, either.

The others aren't worth mentioning, since none of them have even come close to being "likable" for more than a minute at a time. Well, except Julian. Once he changed he became heroic, to an extent, but he hasn't been around lately so it's easy to not think about him in this area. But at least he stands by those he loves, against all odds. He is almost making up for all the evil he did all those years. OK, so there is one who might pass the test, but the jury is still out on that. He does still favor Chad and gives Fox a swift kick in the gonads occasionally because of that.

So that's my thinking on all this. I guess there are times when some characters meet the criteria of heroic, and maybe even likable, but the problem is it's not a lasting condition. It's hit and miss, and it's really hard to get behind people you can't like and admire.

This shortened week added nothing to this discussion, either. Sheridan was still acting stupid, allowing Beth to knock her out and then almost run her down while escaping with Marty. Luis was trying to be on Sheridan's side now that he knows Beth has been the bad guy all this time, but he still didn't seem to have the sense to do what's right. I mean, had he squeezed his way through the opening in the wall as soon as he got it opened up he would have gotten his son away from Beth and probably kept her from escaping, too. But no, he had to have a heart-to-heart chat, and hug, and a kill with Sheridan, giving Alistair the time to sneak to the secret door and get the woman and baby out right under their noses. And if Luis hadn't stopped chasing Beth when he had her in his hands to go see what happened to Sheridan when she tripped, he'd have the baby and Beth would be in custody. Are you getting the picture here? Dudley Dooright he's definitely not. Keystone Kop is more like it.

Sheridan was no better. Grab the keys. Tackle Beth. Knock her out instead of yakking at her. Break the window to get to the baby. And for God's sake, don't stand right in front of the car while Beth is getting ready to drive away, thinking that's going to stop her. She's tried to kill you more times than I can count, doofus, so why give her another chance to do it? All the tools in that garage, and not one thing to use to flatten the tires?

Pilar was more than willing to take Rebecca's side when she blamed Theresa for pushing her down the stairs, even tho she didn't do it. What kind of mother is this? Especially when it's Rebecca doing the accusing. And chasing Katherine away any time she got close to Martin, saying over and over "We are renewing our vows, we are a family again, yada yada, yada."


No, there were no real heroics this week, either. Well, I guess you could say Noah was heroic in saving that viperous Fancy from the fire, but then, he started it! I still can see no reason for these two to be on this show. They are both useless. Bring back Hank. Give us more Julian air time. Get Grace back to do battle with Ivy, settling the matter between them once and for all. Heck, they could even bring Precious back and have a more interesting show than they do with these two zeros. Personally they could both have perished in that fire and I wouldn't have missed either of them. The show would have been much better without them, actually.

I know I've probably stepped on some toes with this column, but I honestly don't see one person I can point to and say "Man, I really, really like that character." Not one. And until all of us can do that, I'm afraid this show is not going to be able to drag itself out of the ratings basement it's languished in pretty much since it came on the air. And to think they took Sunset Beach off to put this show on. And they took AW off and replaced it with those two. I don't know who does the thinking in the NBC soap department, but whoever it is, they sure made a bad call there. It would have been much better to get AW back to what it was in it's hay day and stop with all the stupidity it got into than to waste time and money on two shows that couldn't hold a candle to it. Maybe they need to hire someone who actually knows what good soap opera is all about.

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