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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

6/20/05 - 6/24/05

I'm tired, folks. Bone deep, dead tired. Maybe my problem is that I watch both NBC soaps back-to-back, so I get a double dose of every story, since the two shows mirror each other. Sometimes I have to stop and think about which show I'm watching, it gets so bad. What has me so down now is the constant switcheroos, the "gotcha" factor. The writers seem to think this is a great way of keeping people interested, but for me it has just the opposite effect. How many times can Brady seem to run into Chloe, only to have it be someone else? How many times can Luis and Sheridan seem to be right around the corner from catching Beth and getting their son back? How many times can Theresa get this-close to catching Rebecca and Gwen doing something she knows they are doing but can't prove? See what I mean? It all seems to run together after a while and becomes one big "gotcha" fest on a never-ending merry-go-round.

What is it with all the near-misses anyway? OK, I get the thinking behind them. You set the viewer up to think something is going to happen so they'll come back tomorrow, but when they do come back, it turns out to be something quite different than what you gave the impression it would be. It is a good tactic, when you think about it, but like a rich, chocolaty, triple-layer cake, it's best to partake of it sparingly, and only on special occasions. JER seems to have missed that point in his writing classes, or wherever he learned his writing "skills", and I do use the word lightly. Someone needs to tell him that doing this gimmick over and over all the time takes the surprise and the hook out of it. After a while you aren't fooled any more, but if you forget yourself and let it rope you in anyway, the letdown when it turns out to be another "gotcha" leaves you angry, not just disappointed. And anger is what drives people away from a show. No one likes to be angry, no one likes to feel as if they are being made a fool of, and no one will stick around indefinitely when they are being subjected to repeated bouts of it.

This week we finally got Sheridan and Luis to stop running the marathon to Beth's house, only to have them searching for her and Marty for days in the Crane mansion. Sheridan knew her son was there, but no one could find him, but then - TA - DAA!!! - here comes Pilar with the knowledge that somewhere in that vast castle are some secret rooms that Alistair had installed, and only he knows how to get in. Now, this gave them all the information they needed to keep looking, but also to arrest Alistair for kidnapping. So, knowing he was involved and now having the proof, why was he allowed to remain free, not even a guard to keep their eyes on him? Oh, we all know he will never be charged with his part in any of this, and even if he were he would never be charged, let alone convicted, of it, but it would have been nice to see the Chief of Police took his job seriously for once. Nope, because if he had, if Alistair had been under constant watch, the writers wouldn't have been able to spring their latest "gotcha" on us. Only by letting Alistair sneak out under their very noses could they get him to the other secret entrance to the safe room so he could sneak Beth and the baby out while Luis and Sheridan commiserated about how wonderful it was to finally have the wall opened so they can walk in and get their son. And by the way, what mother as anxious as Sheridan has been to get to her child wouldn't have been through that wall as soon as she could squeeze herself through? Why on earth did she wait for Luis to make the opening as big as a doorway, then waste time hugging and talking about how wonderful it was going to be to have him back at last, allowing Alistair to remove Beth and Marty? Give me a break!

Now on to Theresa, Rebecca, and Gwen. By the time Friday's show was over I was sooooo tired of hearing Gwen constantly harping at her mother about whether she was absolutely, positively, indubitably, undeniably certain that there was nothing left for Theresa to find and connect them to sending the news of Ethan's true paternity to the tabloid. Man, I just wanted her to shut the heck up! Rebecca is a lying, scheming skank, and even her daughter knows that, so why on earth would she ever think she would tell her the truth about anything? Come on, girl, wake up!! Needless to say, even tho Rebecca kept swearing she was sure, the disk with the incriminating evidence on it was in that infamous bra of hers. Now, here we were treated to another "gotcha", with Rebecca deciding to hide the disk in with the other disks beside the laptop in the living room, and then Theresa choosing one of those same disks to start perusing in search of the very information that is on that disk. And, of course, she finds something that Ethan simply has to see. Oh, my, she finally found the evidence that will show him that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sent the info to the tabloid, not she, and Ethan will dump Gwen once and for all and crawl back to Theresa's open arms! But no, not so fast, guys. Turns out what she found was a picture of her, Ethan, and Jane after she was born, and the real disk is safely tucked into Rebecca's bra again, since she changed her mind and retrieved it when we weren't looking. Now, I knew it wasn't going to be that easy and quick, but I just figured the disk Theresa grabbed would be a different one, then later she'd work her way through and find the real one. Oh, no, that wasn't a good enough joke on us. Would someone please tell this fool his jokes are not funnier, and getting even less so all the time?

Now, just a word here about Ethan. I was blown away by his chat with Theresa on Friday. What chutzpah he has! He actually defended Gwen's criminal conduct in stabbing Theresa not one, not twice, but three times, kidnapping her baby and taking her out of the country, then trying to kill her again when she caught up to her, yet condemned Theresa for the time she stabbed at Gwen while in the delirium caused by toxemia while delivering Little Ethan, the very toxemia that almost killed her and the baby. He acted as if the two acts were equal. In whose universe, I'd like to know. One act committed when she was clearly out of it compared to repeated acts by Gwen while seemingly in an upset state after finding out she had forced Theresa to kill her own child to save Theresa's, although she hadn't know that's what was happening at the time. I still think she was faking it, for the most part, because she sure straightened up once she got the baby out of the country, but be that as it may, she had threatened Theresa for years that she would kill her, and she attacked her again after she was in her "right mind" at the Crane compound, yet Ethan can't see that. Theresa hit the nail on the head when she called him a hypocrite. And one more thing on this subject. I am tired of having it seem the rich can do anything they want to and be excused for it while the poor are constantly accused of things they haven't done and end up in jail, etc, and are never forgiven nor apologized to. I know it reflects real life to a certain extent, but in a show that constantly shreds the truth to bits, why does this one area have to stay true to life?

Boy, Pilar is really a tiger, isn't she? Every time she saw Katherine looking at Martin with those cow eyes she sprang, pulling him away and reminding the woman that they are a family again. Now, I think Katherine needs to back off and stop running to him with every thought she wants to express, but Pilar seems to be carrying things a bit too far. I understand where she's coming from, but she really needs to try to control herself. No one likes feeling like they are tied up, being held captive, so to speak. But here again, if Martin would do what he should he simply wouldn't be around Katherine, not for a while, at least. She's not his concern, Pilar and his children are, and it's about time he started acting like the husband and father he is. He ignored them long enough, living his life of luxury with his mistress, but now he's back and has made the choice to stay with Pilar, so he'd better put his "money" where his mouth is. If he is through with Katherine, as he says, then stay away from her and don't go running every time she calls.

Lastly, we get to Noah and Fancy. Unfortunately. I still can't find a way to care about either one of them, although I will admit Noah has more redeeming qualities than Fancy does. God, I wish they'd have given her a different name. Who on earth names their child Fancy? Certainly not an upper crust society person like Ivy Crane. But the name, as bad as it is, isn't the worst part about this person. Her personality is pretty much non-existent. She is self-absorbed, unthinking, uncaring, and frankly, just plain stupid. Yes, I said it. The girl doesn't have the brains God gave a goose! All she knows is money, fashion, scheming, "me, me, me, me, me", and trying to make every man she sees who she doesn't feel is beneath her. Now, why she decided to come on to Spike is beyond me, unless it's the fact he had some good champagne. What a thing to judge a person on, right? But it just shows her shallowness and stupidity. I tell you, she's just like Liz. Neither of them have any redeeming qualities, although when Liz first came on she did seem nice. It was coming to Harmony that turned her wicked, I guess. But the point I'm making is that I've never connected with Liz, never warmed up to her, and I have the same feeling about Fancy. I simply don't like her and never will. Now, before you remind me to look at Sheridan when she first came on, you need to rethink that. She made mistakes, yes, and she did have an attitude when Luis stopped her for speeding, but she was a decent person and that showed in everything she did. Even Luis eventually saw it and fell for her, even tho he hates Cranes in general. Fancy has none of Sheridan's good qualities whatsoever, and I think it's a waste of time and writing to have her one the show. As I said, Noah is not as bad as I thought at first, but then he always had a decent side to him. Fancy has nothing that makes me feel the least bit accepting of her.

This week was horrible for Whitney fans. As bad as she's been since finding out she was pregnant and that Chad is her brother, this week was the worst, by far. She was willing to let her own baby die rather than try to feed him something he could keep down by nursing him. I understand her feelings about having her brother's baby, but I simply can't understand her actions. It is a baby. It's totally innocent in all this. OK, she wanted to give it up for adoption so it would have a better life instead of keeping him and raising him herself, I got that, but to totally turn her back on him? Especially after holding him, nursing him, and getting hooked by it. I simply don't see how she could walk away from him, let alone stand back and let him die rather than nurse him again. I'm so glad Theresa showed up and talked sense into her. I hope they resolve this story soon. I am hoping it will turn out that Alistair lied about him being their son, that somehow the DNA tests were wrong, but I don't think that will happen. Barring that, I just wish Whitney would come out and be honest with both the men, Chad and Fox, and let them know what she's done. It wasn't her fault she slept with her brother, but once she decided to lie about who the baby's father is she crossed the line, and now, no matter how she ends this, it's not going to go well for her.

Man, oh man, was Edna on fire this week! Poor Tabitha! I was glad to finally see them recognize the fact that God is stronger than Satan and good shouldn't always be beaten by evil, tho. When the old lady started mentioning God and the angels and the basement started glowing while the house shook on it's foundations, I was amazed and tickled. Once she realized what was happening she managed to use it very well to suit her own purposes. Tabby didn't have a chance against her. I think this might be one of the more interesting twists on this show, having these two women living under the same roof. I can imagine Tabitha and Endora trying to get her to leave, but her calling on the angels for help to keep the witches in check. Among all the tiresome, repeating stories and the same old dialog, I think this story will be a diamond among the garbage. I only hope they will give us more diamonds than garbage for once. As for the rest of the stories, I'm not even going to waste my time worrying about who's going to do what, and when. I will keep my book handy, and when it gets too unbearable, I'll start reading until it gets interesting again. I just hope I have enough books to keep me busy.

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