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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

6/6/05 - 6/10/05

Well, this seems to be the week of secrets revealed. Katherine found out who was under the gazebo, Luis and Sheridan found out Marty is really hers, and Theresa found out Ethan really does still love her and really did know it was her he made love to when Jane was conceived. Now, whether learning any of those secrets will do them any good or not remains to be seen. We know Tabitha is doing her best to warn Beth before Sheridan and Luis can get to her house and get Marty back, and Ethan has told Theresa he won't leave Gwen for her, no matter what, so the only thing we don't know is what Katherine will do with her new-found information. Will she kill Alistair? Will she hate Martin for keeping the secret from her? Will she hate Sheridan for killing her beloved sister? Who knows. I just hope these stories all work out the way we want them to. And I hope my hopes aren't dashed once again.

I have to say, the race between Luis and Sheridan driving to get Marty and Tabitha trying to stop them was something else. Ednaís prayers to her angels actually worked, and a host of Cherubim encircled Tabitha, holding her back from getting to Beth. The spell cast by Endora that encased Luisí car in totally thick, blinding fog, was lifted once Endora fell asleep and Tabby was restrained by the angels, so they are on their way again. The question is, will they make it before Tabby breaks the angelís hold on her? And will Ednaís prayers continue or will Beth awaken and finish the job she started on her mother, killing her to keep her silent? We have to wait until next week to find out, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. I have to tell you, if this turns into just one more way to keep Sheridan from her baby and Luis from her, Iím not going to be very happy about it.

Now, Katherineís sister being under the gazebo really didnít come as a complete surprise to any of us who have been watching the show. It became clear that Sheridan actually did kill a woman who looked like her mother, and that Martin buried her and then built the gazebo over her. We knew that Alistair tore down the gazebo and moved the body when he thought Martin might reveal what he knew, so finding out he put it in the mausoleum isnít that big a shock. That part of the story is pretty much another "TCís shed" ending - a big zero in the surprise department. However, there is the suspense of knowing what Katherine will do now that she knows. Who will she be most angry with, and what will she do with that anger? While this is not something I am really eager to know, it is still a question that needs an answer. I can wait for that answer, but hopefully it wonít take too long.

A more pressing question is what Ethan and Theresa are going to do now. I mean, he has finally admitted everything she always knew is true, yet he tells her he wonít leave Gwen anyway. Just one more indication of what a wimp this guy is, if you ask me. I still wish Theresa would let him go and find a man who really is worth the trouble. Now, I know it looks like Theresa and Ethan have found the proof that Rebecca and Gwen let his secret out, but hereís a clue: itís another one of JERís tricks on us. Donít ask me how I know, I just do, and itís really making me angry. That secret really needs to come out, and quickly. This whole story makes me so angry I could spit, and having those two always manage to wriggle out of every near-catch is more than I can stand. They need to be caught and made to pay for their evil deeds. I mean, as Iíve said more than once before, every time Theresa does something she gets caught and pays a price for it, but these two just keep sleezing along, doing whatever they want to do, and no one is ever the wiser. Well, Theresa knows, but of course no one believes her, not even her own family. This girl needs a break.

Whitney is still refusing to tell Chad and Fox the truth about Miles, and now sheís singing and drinking, ala her mother in her younger days. You know, she spent so much time berating her mother for what she did, yet now she starts doing the same things herself. What sense does that make? She has seen where it got her mother, so why go there? This girl really hasnít been one of my favorites for quite a while now, since she has never really been a good friend to Theresa, and her actions now have only made my disgust with her greater. She needs a good, swift kick in the backside to straighten her up, but I really doubt thatís going to happen any time soon. I do wish sheíd stop singing, though. Personally, I canít stand her singing, and the songsÖÖwaaaay too long, and boring as heck. I will be happy when she loses her voice and stops singing, or simply moves away to sing somewhere else where we never have to hear her again.

Ned and Fancy. I am sooooo sick of these two. Self-absorbed to the max, stupid up the wazoo, and not a care in the world when it comes to anyone else around them. Are we really supposed to like these two? And what the heck was the Whoopi Goldberg/Patrick Swaze bit of giving the money Fancy stole from the dead man to charity-seeking nuns? Canít that man (JER) ever have an original thought? I mean, he already has Fancy dressing and acting like Paris Hilton, and now he steals from classic movies too? I know, he does it all the time, but really, that was just too hokey for words. What is the reason these two are even on the show in the first place? I see no need for them, they are boring my socks off, and itís hard to keep my lunch down when they are on. How about a mid-air explosion for the plane they are coming to Harmony on? What the heck, weíve managed without Noah and Ivyís daughters for this long, why mess it up now? Really, if they had to bring them back, why not do it in a way that doesnít make us hate them on sight? They havenít even gotten home yet and Iím already bored to tears with them. This does not bode well for jazzing the show up.

I still say, if they want to bring back interest in this show and bring others in to watch it, they need to wind up all the stories that have been going on since the beginning and put the characters into some new and different situations. They can bring more characters in when the tried-and-true ones have moved on, but for now, just give us resolutions to all the stories weíve been suffering with all these years. Get some new ideas going, some new messes for them to get into, some new twists in the road they are traveling, and then some new faces to get these new situations going good. Thatís my idea, anyway. I wish it would find itís way to the collective brain of the writers and others in charge of this show.

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