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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

5/23/05 - 5/27/05

This week was another OK week, with just enough action to make it bearable. Oh, sure, we still had the same old thing with Theresa trying to keep Gwen from getting her baby, only this time Ethan is helping Gwen, and he has admitted to several people he still loves Theresa but won't leave Gwen. Sheridan is upset with a stubborn Luis who won't even try to believe she is right in saying Marty is her son, but this time she seems to really be getting ready to leave him, thanks to Tabitha's interference. And, last but not least, we have the hot young couple who hate each other but we know they are going to be the next "super couple" on the show, if the writers get their way. Same old same old, with a twist.

When, oh when will Theresa learn she can't keep doing stupid things? Oh, right. Never. That's really too bad, because she really needs to have a happy life with a man who really loves her and will give himself completely to her. Instead, she continues to try to get Ethan to come back to her, where he belongs. Yes, we now know for sure that he really, really loves her, way more than he ever loved Gwen, yet we also know he's not about to leave Gwen and go back to Theresa, no matter what. I guess that's supposed to be a sign of how moral and upright he is, but to me, it just shows what a spineless wimp he is. I mean, come on, the man loves one woman with all his heart and soul, he's made his choice between the two women, free and clear, and he's going to marry Theresa, when Gwen pops up pregnant with his child and he drops everything to make and "honest woman" out of her. Yet, truth be known, his heart has and always will belong to Theresa for all time, so what's so moral about living a lie? Exactly, there's nothing moral about it. It's just being a wuss, plain and simple, and I can't find it in myself to admire a wuss. He lets Gwen and her mother push him around, dragging him by the nose and doing whatever they want him to just so he can say he's a good husband, but what kind of husband can a doormat be? Not much. Anyway, Theresa isn't smart enough to see just how little he's worth and she just keeps trying to get him to realize he really belongs with her. Now, here's the problem - he already knows all that!! He knows he belongs with Theresa but it doesn't matter because he already married Gwen. I tell you, it's enough to make a person choke! But anyway, the message here is that while nothing has really changed that much, it has enough of a new twist to it to keep it from being totally boring, as it usually is.

As for Sheridan and Luis, yes, we are still listening to her whine about his lack of love and trust in her, and to him whine that she's losing her mind and can't possibly expect him to believe anything bad about saintly Beth, especially without hard proof. Never mind that he is willing to believe Alistair is behind everything bad that ever happens to him, whether he is or not, and to believe that his father leaving was all Katherine's fault, although he doesn't even know the whole story of why they left. So, why is it so darned important to him now to have verifiable proof that Beth kidnapped Sheridan and stole her baby? Why on earth isn't her knowing about the room in Beth's basement, and the window that was hidden behind paneling enough to at least give him pause to wonder if she could possibly be right about it? Why isn't the fact that Beth is in cahoots with Alistair not enough? Oh, sure, she pulled a pre-emptive strike by "confessing" that Alistair paid her to split Luis and Sheridan apart, saying she refused to cash the check, but still, just knowing she had anything to do with the old man should be enough to make him wonder, and add to that the other things I said.....this "wonderful' detective should be able to see something isn't right, or at least you would think he could. But no, he simply continues to tell her she's crazy, or getting there, and so I don't blame her for wanting to get away from him for good. I know, Tabitha is at the bottom of it all, but you would still think he should have some kind of inkling of Beth's true nature by now. But, once again, there is just enough of a twist to the story this time to make it interesting, and that twist is that Tabby has gotten Dottie to re-do the DNA test to double check her findings, and we know the truth is going to come out soon.

Now we move on to Ned and Fancy. Just what kind of name is Fancy, anyway? Give me a break! Anyway, these two have been at each other's throats since they first appeared on the show, which tells us they are bound to be the new super couple, and it's really getting a bit tiresome. I personally don't see the appeal of these two, although they are young and good looking. But honestly, can anyone say they would love to have Fancy as a friend? I don't think so. She's so self-absorbed and snobbish that she would be on my "don't bother" list after the first complete sentence out of her mouth. Not my cup of tea by any means. And Ned...he is a scoundrel, although flashes of "good guy" can be seen occasionally. He's very easy on the eyes, but it's pretty much wasted by the lame storyline they are enmeshed in. Dodging gambling debts, fighting off sex fiends, hustling hotels, and now sprinting around the hotel trying to avoid the security guards that finally caught on to what Ned was doing - not the greatest introduction ever. I think it is only a step above the "Sheridan-as-Diana" intro at the beginning of the show. Now, that was really lame, but this one isn't that far behind. I really am sick of the two of them already and think the best thing would be for both of them to be caught and sent to jail for 15 years for their lousy lines and totally unbelievable dialog, etc. I am kind of interested in how they are going to end up back in Harmony, and what they will each think when they find out who the other really is, but honestly, it's no more exciting than watching a pot of oatmeal boil. Let's hope it gets better as it goes along.

The point of all this is that even though the stories haven't gone that far, at least there is some movement and some new twists to the old, tired stories, and that's not a bad thing. And if you've been watching the commercials you know that exciting times are just around the corner, supposedly, and I for one can't wait. So, until next week, when I will hopefully have a more positive opinion to write, I will just keep watching and hoping it really does start to pick up some steam.

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