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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

5/16/05 - 5/20/05

Well, another week has come and gone, leaving us anxiously awaiting Monday and the next wrinkle in the lives of Harmony's residents, but before I start opining on what went on I'd like to offer a personal observation. Let me say first of all that I mean no disrespect to anyone, and I certainly hope my words won't offend anyone, but I have something I truly need to say, so here goes.

I don't know how many of you watched the Daytime Emmys Friday evening, but if you did, you might be as upset as I about the whole thing. Now, award shows aren't my thing. They are too long, too wordy, and too many times those I think should get the award don't, so I don't go out of my way to watch them. I turn to them during the commercials of whatever show I am watching, only hanging around if a category I am interested in or a particularly interesting presenter is announced. I did the same this time. However, I was very interested in one category in particular - Best Actress. Passions own Juliet Mills was nominated in that category for the first time since the show came on, and while I find that hard to believe in and of itself, what's even more unbelievable is that she didn't win it. Now, nothing against the other ladies who were nominated. They are all good actresses, and I have admired Nancy Grahn's abilities since I watched her on Santa Barbara all those years ago, but honestly, is there anyone reading this who can tell me with a straight face that Juliet didn't merit that award much more than any of the others? I mean, they all do a good job, I'm sure, but come on, they all play normal, everyday people, and how hard is that? They ARE all normal, everyday people! But Juliet, God love her, is playing a witch who is over 300 years old, and she does it beautifully! My gosh, she makes you believe she really can cast spells and she really is as evil as Tabitha Lenox, yet at the same time she shows oh, so clearly the love she feels for her little witchling, Endora, and even an occasional twinge of guilt at the pain some of the Harmony residents are feeling. How many people do you know who can make what could be the most hateful character around into a lovable one that you can forgive for anything she does to any of the mortals around her? No, a grave injustice was done Friday night, and as often as I have been upset at the way NBC shows have been ignored for the most part over the years I have to say this is the worst example of the snobbery of these people. Sure, the show itself won't win any prizes for writing or originality, but to shut out performances of this caliber in favor of lesser ones from the popular shows is absolutely unbelievable, and unforgivable. Juliet was robbed, pure and simple.

Ok, now that I've got that out, let's get on with the show. Another good week. Is anyone else as shocked as I am? I find myself still disbelieving that the show is over each day, and anxiously awaiting the following day to see what is going to happen next. Ok, it's not always the way I want it to be, but it is exciting, it is moving, and yes, it is somewhat different. Are Luis and Sheridan actually going to break up this time? I mean, I understand why she would do it, the man is infuriatingly blind to the facts, but after all the things they've been through, this is what will do them in? Well, I guess it could end up differently, but right now it's not looking that way. By the way, just how stupid is Luis, anyway? He walks in and sees Edna has bought the town out, he knows Beth told him Alistair gave her money to break him and Sheridan up but she didn't cash the check, and yet he buys her lame excuse that Edna did it without her knowledge? Did I hear that right? Anyone knows Edna couldn't have cashed Beth's check, yet Luis swallows it whole and continues to sympathize with the evil crone who has caused all the problems for him and Sheridan since she kidnapped her and stole their son. I have no idea how this will really end up, but if it does end with Sheridan getting Marty back and giving Luis the old heave-ho, that will be just fine with me. I would never stay with a man who didn't trust me and didn't believe what I told him, so I totally understand Sheridan's feelings here. I just wish they could have had the wonderful love we were promised in the beginning, at least for a few months, and all the happiness that comes with it.

Has Theresa finally seen Ethan for what he is? Nah! She will still think he was forced to take her child from her - again! - and even though she is right about that, there was nothing stopping him from standing up and being a real man at any point during this long, frustrating rigamarole, and that would have meant Sarah would still be alive, Gwen would be living a good life with her and probably married to another man, while Theresa and he would have married and gone on with their lives. But, because he is such a wuss, they are still at each other's throats, still trying to figure out how to get the best of the deal, and causing problems for themselves and everyone around them. It seems Ethan may be coming to his senses at long last, but it's too little too late. Two babies have died, two women have degraded themselves to the point of being idiots, and Rebecca and Ivy's scheming just keeps on getting them everything they want. Where's the justice in that?

At least Sam is finally learning how to be a real dad. I couldn't believe he would take up with Ivy so soon after Grace left in the first place, but now he sees he should have concentrated on making sure his kids were ok before he started thinking with his....well, you know. The only problem now is whether it is just too late to do Jessica any good. I really enjoyed Kay's management of her this week, though. She really laid the law down, but good, and I don't know if Jessica was as convinced that she would actually use that skillet on her to keep her home or not, but she had me on the edge of my seat for a couple of minutes there. One thing I learned is, don't cross Kay Bennett! She has really grown a lot since having Maria, just as Sam said, and that's good to see. Now if she will just get away from Tabitha and stop messing with using magic to get what she wants all will be well. But, I'm sure if she were to do that, Tabby would just switch to Jessica now that she's the evil one. Are you like me, wishing Grace and/or Reese would come back on to help her deal with her problems? I know they are the only ones who can help her, but I don't think they will bring either of them back at all. Hopefully Kay will be able to do the job.

I haven't made up my mind about Fancy and Ned yet. Personally, I find them both just a bit too self-centered and egotistic for my taste, but maybe the writers will tame that down a bit as time goes on. What on earth are they thinking putting Fancy poolside with the get-up she had on, anyway? I just kept wondering why she was so shocked when Ned thought she was a hooker the other day, since she seems to dress like one so often. Puh-leeze, spike heels and a gold lame bikini? Not to mention that God-awful pink cowboy hat, or whatever it was. And those ear rings...what on earth? Now, honestly, do any of you go to the pool looking like that? I sure hope not. And I sure hope once the characters get settled in and their true identities are revealed back in Harmony that they will settle down and act like normal humans. Well, as much as they can, living in that town. I do have to say they are both gorgeous people, and I think they can add new vibrance to the show if they calm down some, so hopefully this is just a temporary thing.

I guess that's about it for now. We still have the same problem with Whitney not telling Fox and Chad the truth about her son, but I've dealt with that so much I don't feel the need to add any more to it now. It was nice to see her seeming to be drawn to the little guy, but she still managed to walk away from him, so nothing's changed. Too bad. Other than that, there is nothing more to say for this past week, so I'll end it here. Once again I am hoping next week will add to the show, not slip back into the quicksand of revolving storylines. I'll be back next week to let you know if they lived up to that hope or not.

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