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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

5/9/05 - 5/13/05

I hate to say it, too afraid I might jinx it, but it seems to me the show is getting a little better the last week or so. It might just be wishful thinking, but I am actually enjoying it now. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of problems with the whole thing, but it definitely seems to be picking up at long last. I know, the last time it did this was short-lived, and nothing that seemed to be getting resolved really did (well, except for TC's dumb secret), but there is a chance this time will be better, right? Isn't there?

I need to talk about Whitney here. I know I've already discussed how unrealistic her story is at this point, but it's only gotten worse since then. Oh, it holds my interest and all, but I have to say I am so upset with this character I could scream. She is so quick to remind others when they are acting badly, letting them know they need to do the right thing, yet when it's her turn to do that, she fails miserably. She is still lying to both Fox and Chad about who the father of her baby is, leaving Fox brokenhearted and confused, and Chad happily going along with his life, not realizing what's right around the corner to trip him up. Now, I do understand that she doesn't want the world to know she got pregnant with and gave birth to her half-brother's child, but does anyone really believe Fox or Chad would be anxious to blurt it out either? No, it would be just as hard on them to tell the world what fools they've been, and I really don't think they'd do that. The one area there might be a problem is if Fox tells Ivy and she gets her self-righteous mouth going, but as long as he tells no one, there shouldn't be a problem. Now, on top of all that, Whitney finally saw her baby, finally held him, and even nursed him to stop his crying, yet she practically tossed him back to Chad when he got home and never wants to see him again. Are they serious with this? As a mother I can tell you that would never happen. There is no way a mother could meet her child and then turn her back on him so easily, especially after nursing him. I tell you, I just don't understand how the writer's minds work.

Beth and Alistair finally found out he is her father, just in time to stop them from doing the dirty deed together. Whew!! But kudos to Edna for figuring out how to benefit from the whole mess in a big way. God only knows how much the check Alistair gave her to keep her mouth shut was worth, but it was enough to supply her with a whole new wardrobe from the ritzyist store in Harmony, plus get her some new hips and a bladder renewal, whatever that is. Beth is just happy to finally know who her Daddy is, but Alistair is definitely not pleased that she keeps calling him that all the time. It all seemed to work out well for them, tho, until Edna found out that Eve had seen Alistair sneaking them out of the mansion the night before. She knows Sheridan and Luis will put two and two together and connect Alistair to Beth and the kidnapping, explaining how she could have pulled it off, and that's not a happy thought. But, Edna's shopping spree was a hoot, especially watching the snooty salespeople practically kissing her backside once they saw the money she was wanting to spend. I can't say much for the choices she made, but she sure had a ball, and I had a ball watching her.

Theresa continues to amaze. This woman is chock-a-block full of self-destruct buttons, and every time she turns around she pushes another one. She has everything she was wanting to have when she came up with her scheme to get her son back, plus she has a new daughter, but she still isn't satisfied because Ethan chose Gwen. Now, I'm not one who thinks he made a good choice, but Theresa made an even worse one by not simply taking her kids and getting on with her life. I will never understand how her brain works. All I know is it's nothing like mine or anyone else I ever knew. How many times does Ethan have to show her he's not a man at all, only Gwen and Rebecca's stooge, before she's had enough of it? He isn't worth the trouble in the least, in my opinion. He continues to play the two women against each other, leading both on continually. He is never happy, no matter which woman he is with. They both need to kick him to the curb and get on with their own lives, find men who really love them and will stick with them, not change their mind every time they change their underwear.

OK, now we have two new characters on the show. Never mind that there are plenty of stories that need to be dealt with concerning the characters already there, they felt the need to pile two more on. I'm not real impressed with either of them at the moment, feeling they are both a pathetic waste of time, but hopefully they will become more impressive over time. We all know they will fall in love and be kept apart by their differences, so I don't see the need to bring them on. One more couple who will never really be happy together......just what we need, right?

Well, I guess not all was peaches and cream this past week, but it still beats what we've been watching for years. I just hope the promise of continued movement and - hopefully - resolutions of some of the long-running stories lives up to the hype. If so, this might really be a summer to remember for Passions fans.

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