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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

4/25 - 4/29/05

I guess after my ranting last week I should try to be more genteel today, and I really would love to be able to sit here and type up some nice compliments about the way the show is going and all, but......the writers just don't give me a chance to do that. Once again, a week with more questions than answers, and how do you ignore that? Well, you don't, so here goes.

What is really up with Chad? He moved in to adopt Whitney's baby as soon as he learned she was giving it away. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking he simply didn't want his nephew to be raised like he was, by strangers. But after this week, I have to wonder about that. He said he did it to be closer to Whitney, of all things. Now, is that his sole reason for adopting him, or is he really interested in what's best for the boy? And what are the writers thinking by having him continue to stalk his half-sister like he does? Ok, I know the guy loved her big time, they had a life planned out and everything, but it can't be that hard for him to understand she is his sister and that life is out the window. Yes, he says he only wants a platonic relationship, but come on, we all know that's not possible. I mean, one taste of Godiva chocolates, for example, and you know you will be back for more. It doesn't matter what diet you are on, how bad it is for you to eat candy, or what you have to go through to find it and then buy it. If it is near enough for you to grab it, it is going right into your mouth. You can't help yourself, no matter how hard you try and how many promises you make to yourself that it will never happen again. Well, a love like those two had is not something that they can easily walk away from, and if they are given the chance they will be right back into it in a split second. The best thing to do is get as far away from each other as possible, as quickly as possible, and hope they never cross each other's paths again. They can't move in with each other and think they will be just brother and sister. It will never work, mark my words. Now, if we ever find out the DNA results were wrong then that's one thing, but as long as they are siblings, no more of this "Let's get back together but only as friends" stuff.

Poor Fox, too. He still thinks the baby is his and he's fighting to the death to get him back. I don't blame him at all. I give him high marks for loving his son, or the baby he thinks is his son, and for not backing down. I just wish it could be a little easier on him. Whitney has the key to that, though, and she's not about to part with it, no matter how much pain she is causing everyone. Four little words. That's all she has to say, just four words - "The baby isn't yours."- and the fight would be over, but she is too selfish to do even that much. Sure, she claims it's for the baby, but that baby doesn't know the difference, and if she never let it get out he never would have to know his father is really his uncle. We had a case a while back in a town near here where an 18 year-old kid found out his grandpa was really his daddy, and he went in the house, got a gun, and blew a hole in the old man, killing him. He's sitting in prison now, his life over, all because Mom didn't bother to tell him the truth from the beginning. Had he known he could have learned to live with it or he could have moved away. Either solution would be better than where he is now. It's never right to keep a child's parentage from him/her, but that doesn't mean the whole town has to know about it. Hopefully on this show the truth will come out in a private way, saving the boy from future pain but saving Fox and Chad from the pain they feel now.

What is wrong with Theresa? Why can she never learn to accept what she has and be happy with it? She has both her children back with her and is free to move on, make a good, happy life for them and herself, yet she insists on continuing her quest for a man who may love her in a way but is never going to turn his back on his high society wife for a nobody like her. He proved it by choosing Gwen after telling Fox he agreed keeping her around was the only way he could keep his life as a Crane, even in a small way. Theresa will never have Ethan, never ever in a million years. She knows how vengeful and evil Rebecca and Gwen are, especially toward her, and yet she pokes 'em in their rearends with that old, sharp stick and just keeps them riled up and after her head on that self-same stick. I always thought she was fairly intelligent, but now I know the truth, she is fatally flawed. What was that old joke? "When God asked her if she wanted a brain, she thought he said 'train' and told him she'd catch one later." Well, obviously she never went back to get it. And you know the most amazing part of all this? She never skips a beat between losing out to Gwen and coming up with another "fool proof" plan to get Ethan back. It's like there is nothing in her head except thoughts of being with Ethan and it's the only thing she thinks of. I just don't get it. Most mothers I know would sell their souls to keep from losing their kids, yet this moron continues to ignore the danger and head full steam ahead into another of the Hotchkiss women's traps. Maybe if she ate a little more her brain would begin to think about things other than Ethan since her body wouldn't be nibbling on it for the sustenance it needs to survive. Man, that woman has really proved that indeed, you can be too thin. I mean, look at Gwen. She's a beautiful woman, and she's not so stick thin she looks like an old crone well before her time. Hmmmmm. Maybe that explains Ethan's choice.

Now on to the Wallace's. Edna has discovered that Alistair is Beth's father, which explains a lot, yet she didn't bother to let her daughter know that. As a result, we have the makings of yet another incest story on this show, since Alistair is determined to get Beth in the sack. Now, this situation brings up two questions. What on earth was Edna thinking when she didn't bother to tell her daughter something that important, and what on earth is wrong with the writers that they would get us into this incest-o-rama? All we need is to find out that Sheridan is really the daughter of Katherine and Martin, proving they are both lying about not having an affair until years after they ran off together. (If any of the writers are reading this, ignore that last part, please). Anyway, now Edna is furiously trying to contact Beth to let her know the old lech is her father, and Alistair is just as busy trying to get Beth into his bed. Or the back seat of his limo, whichever. Now, this is just sick, in my opinion, and needs to be stopped as quickly as possible. One dip at the trough of unpardonable sin is enough, thank you. True, neither couple was aware at the time that they were related, but still, we know, and that's bad enough. My hope is that the first thing done on Monday would be to have Edna finally get ahold of Beth and tell her the news before this goes any further.

Ok, now on to Luis and Sheridan. Why isn't Luis giving more credit to Sheridan's memories of being kept in Beth's basement? Am I wrong, or did he not see the pit in that floor once, maybe even twice? I remember him going down into the basement to fix something and finding Charlie down there digging the pit. She told him she was fixing a gas leak or something, but he definitely saw her digging down there, and I think he went back down there after Sheridan was rescued but before all the renovations were done, yet seems not to remember it was different then. How this man made detective I'll never know. But the capper is that after Sheridan raved on about a window in the basement that she saw, after they went down and found the walls paneled, after she went crazy and ripped the paneling down, revealing the very window she told him was there, he had no questions whatsoever about how she knew that. Come on!! That should have clued him in to the possibility, at least, that Sheridan really is remembering right and caused him to start investigating. And finding the floor is cement shouldn't keep him from digging it up to make sure. Ok, that may be going a bit far, but after all, this is his child, and this is the woman he loves and should have been married to long ago. He knows her, he knows she's not given to making wild accusations. Well, he did believe she was crazy for a while there, but now she's sane. He should at least give it a thought, you know? He needs to go back in his head to the time Sheridan was missing, when Beth refused to let the cops check her house out; to the time after Marty was born when she refused to allow DNA testing to be done; to the times he was at her house during the time Sheridan was missing and he thought he heard her voice, and put two and two together. He might not come up with four at first, but if he would follow his love for Sheridan and work to prove her right instead of constantly trying to prove her wrong he might actually come up with the whole, unvarnished truth for once.

I guess I need to ask why Jessica, a good, decent, upright young lady would switch lanes overnight and become a sex-crazed, drug-using, juvenile delinquent, even going so far as to mutilate herself for pleasure, but I don't think I'd like the answer. What we've gotten so far is that she's upset Reese left her OVER A YEAR AGO, and that Grace left with David OVER A YEAR AGO, and that she's now angry her father moved Ivy into the house as soon as Grace left, even though she's spent OVER A YEAR as happy as a clam with the living arrangements, but to tell the truth, that simply makes no sense. And for a young woman who was always so intelligent and level-headed, she has suddenly turned into a mindless twit, chasing a man who is many years older than her even after having been drugged, raped, and left for dead the first time she went to his club. No one is that stupid, I don't care who they are. Unless....... Do you suppose it might be the effects of breathing in all those Mark fumes from the products she was hawking for that self-same year? Maybe someone should alert Avon, you think?

Ok, that's it for now. I am going to be watching carefully this next week, hoping the things I have mentioned will be worked out somehow, or at least explained a little better, but as usual I'm not holding my breath. In any case, I'll be back here again, ranting and raving, next week, same time, same website.

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