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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

4/4 - 4/8/05

Have you ever noticed how three seems to be a "magic" number? I mean, look at how many things come in threes; The Three Little Pigs, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Three Wise Men, The Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), Three Blind Mice, three traffic lights (red, green, yellow), The Three Bears, the Three R's, and so many others that I can't list them. I wonder why that is? There is just something about the number three that makes it so important, I guess, and on this show, we have the three syndrome too, in spades.

There are three evil people that cause most of the problems on the show. There's Alistair, Tabitha, and Beth, all of whom cause more than their share of trouble for the people of Harmony. Sure, there are others who do bad things, too, but not as consistently as these three. No, these are the Evil Triangle that keep the pot stirred on this show, and this week they were all doing their evilness at the same time, making it a very evil, yet exciting, week.

Alistair has Katherine, Gwen, and Jane held captive at his compound, vowing none of them will ever leave as long as they live. Now, this is not what these two women signed up for, mind you. Katherine thought she was going to be taken away from Harmony to where no one could ever find her, not stopping to think Alistair would exact payment from her somehow. Just an aside here: what was she thinking? Heck, even I knew he wasn't helping her out of the goodness of his heart and there would be a demand for quid pro quo at some point. (That's "something for something" to those not familiar with legalese). Anyway, she should have known he would demand repayment some day, of some type, so I don't understand her being so surprised. Be that as it may, she made her bed. However, Gwen simply stowed away to get away with the baby and ended up as much a prisoner as Katherine. Now, yes, that's her fault, she should never have done it, but still, to keep her against he will is simply wrong. But, it's totally Alistair-like. He is mean and evil, with no redemptive qualities that I've been able to find. This week he stole Marty from in front of Sheridan's house and took him for a joy ride, just to scare his daughter. I don't think I've ever known a man who deliberately did everything in his power to destroy his own child, up to and including attempted murder, yet it is a cottage industry with this man. He is not above doing anything to anyone who crosses him, has no fear of reprisal or of having to pay for his actions in any way, and is simply the most evil man in daytime, bar none. His fingerprints can be seen on most of the horrible things that have happened to people in Harmony, especially in his own family, and in my book that makes him Evil #1 on this show.

Next we have Tabitha. Now, she has an excuse, since she's a witch, but she certainly has created more than her fair share of chaos and heartbreak in Harmony over the 300 or so years she's been alive. She seems to set things in motion more than actually causing the pain herself, at least most of the time, but she is very good at what she does and the people of Harmony are the ones who pay for that expertise. Her machinations have brought about heartache for almost everyone, from Pilar and her family to the Bennett's, to the Russell's, and the Cranes, too. She just keeps stirring the pot, keeping it all going. This week she saw a chance to cause chaos for the Russell's and went right for it, full tilt. She got Whitney to her house so she could twist the knife in Whitney's heart at having given away her baby, then called TC and Liz to come over, hoping for fireworks, and then got the bright idea from Liz to get Eve and Julian over, too, so there would be even more sparks and explosions. Oh, that old bat is evil, too, but not in the same league as Alistair. She has a heart and lets it get the best of her at times, especially when it comes to her beloved Timmy. She still suffers over his loss and shows it every once in a while. She treats Kay and Maria fairly well, too, and I think she'd be sorry if anything bad ever happened to either of them, and of course there is her Little Witchling, Endora. She is so sweet with that baby, and even tho they are doing evil deeds together at times, the love she feels for that little girl is evident, and that's something Alistair has never felt in his life, so even tho she works openly - well, in private, anyway - he is so much worse than she is that it's easy to see who the real force for evil is in Harmony.

Now, on to the third wing of our Evil Trio - Beth. Oh, this girl is sooooo evil! Well, at least now we know for sure why she is like she is, right? Of course, she is Alistair's daughter and inherited her lunacy from him. Edna finally remembered after all these years who fathered her daughter, and she finally figured out who that father is. Poor old lady, it almost scared her silly when she realized who he was, too. I don't know how she will tell Beth and Alistair about their relationship, but it should be a really interesting episode, if it ever happens. Here is this old lech who has been scheming on getting Beth into the sack, and it turns out she's his own flesh and blood - man, that will really be a shock, won't it? But I can't help but wonder how he knows everything else that goes on all over the world, yet he doesn't know Beth is his child? He doesn't even wonder about it? That sounds a little unbelievable to me, but I guess it could be. Anyway, Beth may confine most of her evil ways to getting rid of Sheridan, but she's still one of the most evil people in town, going to any lengths to get her enemy. Now it seems Sheridan is remembering it was Beth who kidnapped her and stole her baby from her, and I imagine she is going to get even more desperate to do away with her before anyone finds out she's not crazy, she really is right about it. Her last few attempts have been done as more slapstick than murder mystery, but she is still trying her best to get the job done. Give her credit for single-mindedness and stick-to-it-iveness. Now Sheridan appears to have talked Luis into getting a DNA test done again, and I imagine Beth will be doing everything in her power to stop it, or at least change the results. I would like to send a word out to the writers here, too. I think it's well past time for the truth to be known, and I am absolutely sure if this turns out to be another false alarm and Beth gets away with it one more time, we the viewers will revolt. It's bad enough they won't let Luis and Sheridan get married and be happy for at least a while, but they also have to keep them in the dark about their son being alive and well while he grows older and older, and quite frankly, we are getting more than fed up with all this. It's time for the evil spell to be broken, at least for a couple of months, and for some happiness to be allowed into this little town. I still say this is the most depressing show on TV, and I am not the least bit surprised it doesn't do any better in the ratings than it does. I mean, after an hour of this stuff we are about ready to drown our sorrows and end it all. Well, OK, not really, but you know as well as I that this show is way, way more depressing than any other show on TV. I say, lock Alistair away in his own compound dungeon, let Timmy zap Tabby with Cupid's love arrow, and lock Beth up with Norma for a couple of years and let the people of Harmony spend some time in the sun. They deserve it after all these years of living under the shadow of evil, and so do we.

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