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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

3/28 4/1/05

What a week, huh?  Whitney's baby is here and she's working hard to get rid of it quickly, Marty is taken by Alistair, and Fox found the missing women and baby, got captured, then zapped to unconsciousness and woke up not caring whether he ever leaves the compound or not.  And there was even more going on elsewhere, all with only a four day week!  Let's get started on it, then.

First off, Edna remembers being with Alistair years ago, although she had no idea that's who he was back then.  She only remembered when he told Beth what kind of drink he wanted, and Edna remembered her boy toy ordering the same thing.  And get this...the funny part is, she was with him nine months before Beth was born!  Yep, that's right, just as I suspected all along, Beth is a Crane.  It really explains her evil streak, doesn't it?  Now, so far no one knows this but Edna, but we all know how hard it is for her to keep a secret for very long.  Sure, she hasn't come out and told Sheridan and Luis what Beth has been doing to them yet, but the threat of death can be very persuasive, and even at that she almost has done it anyway.  She certainly gives them hints most people would be able to figure out.  Be that as it may, I'm not sure how long Beth's paternity can be kept secret.  I have to say this is one story I am eager to see play itself out on here.  Way to go, writers.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald's seem to be deciding to give family life another try at the moment.  At least the parents and two daughters are willing.  Luis - now, that's another matter.  The last we saw of him he was yelling and having tantrums about it, so there's no way of knowing if he will give in and give it a try or not.  I don't see this trial lasting too long, tho, since Katherine will be back before too long and Martin will probably dump Pilar again to run to her.  Poor Pilar, I really wish she could find some happiness, whether it's with Martin or not.  I have to say if he does this to her again I won't blame her for anything she might do. Can you imagine having the same man do that to you twice?  No woman could be expected to accept that with grace.

Speaking of Grace, Sam finally managed to get her call, but before he could talk to her Jessica came and grabbed the phone out of his hands and warned him not to bring her mother back home.  Now, I don't know about  you, but I am really getting tired of these shows letting the kids order the parents around like that, especially in such a snotty, disrespectful way.  I never would have gotten away with it and neither can my kids.  It simply isn't done where I'm from.  Now, I don't know what the writer's lives are like at home, but I have to tell you if their kids are running their homes, something needs to be done about it.  Having said that, I do understand Jessica not wanting to see her mother, even if Ivy hadn't scared the heck out of her about it.  Grace basically walked out on her family to go off with a man she didn't know and a son she simply accepted as hers, no questions asked, thanks to Eve's compliance with Ivy.  It would be a hard thing for any kid to have to live with, and I would imagine the thought of having the mother who deserted you come back to judge you on your behavior wouldn't be a good one, but there are ways to get that message to her father without being so totally rude and disrespectful.

Now, on to the main events.  Fox found his way to the island compound this week and promptly got captured by Alistair's armed guards.  No one can get in or out of there, a fact Gwen just learned and is not happy about at all, since she wanted to take off with Jane.  But, Katherine and Gwen are both happy to see him there, especially when he tells them he is going to find a way to get them all out of there.  His first attempt ended when he found a secret tunnel and promptly got zapped by lasers, knocking him unconscious.  He was taken away and when the women next saw him they thought he was dead.  Not so, but once he awoke he had changed, now not caring how long they have to be in the compound since they have the best of everything.  Now, I'm not sure, but after hearing him talking to the women about the fact Alistair has monitors all around the compound I'm beginning to believe it's all an act for his grandfather's benefit.  I could be wrong, but I don't think so.  I am really liking Fox as the action hero, figuring out where Alistair took them and then going after them.  He's always been a good guy, but now he can claim the title of Hero for real.

Meanwhile, Alistair went to Sheridan's cottage and found Marty sitting in his stroller alone while she went inside to get him a sweater.  Acting like the Big Bad Grandpa Wolf, he took the boy away, driving him to a park.  Sheridan went berserk when she stopped sucking face with Luis and finally went back outside to take Marty for a walk, finding him gone, but honestly, what did she expect?  Even a dimwit knows you don't leave a baby alone outside and then take the time to start making out with your honey, taking even more time to get back to the baby.  Anyway, she and Luis got Sam on the manhunt, but it ended up being Sheridan who found her father and Marty.  He gave her an ultimatum, of sorts, but saying if Luis keeps digging into Alistair's private affairs, something bad could happen to the boy.  Of course, once Sheridan sees Luis again she orders him to leave her father alone, but does anyone really believe he will do that?  Heck, that would completely ruin their story, beyond what they've already done to it.  No, he'll keep digging and sooner or later Marty will pay.  Mark my words.

So, Whitney gave birth to a son who needs special care to survive, and waits for the chance to sign him away so he can be adopted by complete strangers.  She thinks it's best for the baby, or so she says, but as Eve told her, the baby doesn't care about anything except being held and loved and fed by his mother.  Once again I have to say I have lost all the respect I ever had for the character of Whitney Russell over this.  Can you imagine what Fox will do when he gets back and finds out what she's done?  My gosh, he's risking his life to do what she wants him to do and she's giving what he believes to be his son away at the same time.  And Chad.  My goodness, she wasn't even able to tell him the truth so he could decide whether he wanted to raise the child or not.  Talk about a selfish person, this girl takes the cake.  Nothing Eve or Theresa say will make her take a good look at what she's doing and change her mind.  It's really upsetting, to tell the truth.  I'm sure they will have her regret what she's done at some point, and then it will be too late to do anything about it.  Well, good enough for her, I say.  She deserves to suffer the rest of her life for giving her son away like that.  I wonder what TC will do once he finds out?  Oh, yes, he will blame Eve for it, of course, at least once Liz tells him he should.  That man is so predictable, isn't he?

Well, that's about it for this week.  I thought it was a pretty good week, not the best but certainly not the worst, either.  If what I have heard is going to be happening in the next week or two really does happen, it will be a great time for those of us who watch Passions, and all I can say is, it's about time.  I sure hope it is all true and then some.  After all, we've been faithfully watching this show since it came on the air, through all the really rotten stories and the nonsensical writing, and we deserve some good weeks, right?  You bet we do.  Let's hope the next couple of weeks will only be the beginning of the good times.

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