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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

3/21 3/25/05

This week was sort of OK, I guess.  I can't say it was a total waste, but I wouldn't say it was one of the best weeks, either.  It was just OK for me.  I do have a question that's bugging me, tho.  How on earth did Whitney go from not showing with several months until the birth of her baby to having it on Pilar's kitchen table in a couple week's time?  Was that not the fastest pregnancy they've had on there yet?  I mean, in the morning Whitney is barely going in for her first checkup, then getting proposed to in the evening, and then later she goes to visit her friend and her stomach has magically expanded somewhat, and by the time the visit's over the baby is here.  What's up with that?  And why is it the only stories that move quickly on this show are the pregnancies?  I wish it was that way in real life so that in the space of a month or two you could find out you're pregnant and then before you know it, you've had it already.  No more of this 9 month nonsense!  Two weeks and it's over.  Yeah, I could live with that.

Now, on to the rest of the story.  What on earth is wrong with Whitney all of a sudden?  She goes from being Ms. Manners/Nun who won't have an abortion to being a hateful mother wanting to kill her baby by starving it and, once it's born, hoping it will die right away.  How on earth did we get here?  I have known women who were having babies they didn't want to have for various reasons, but they couldn't bring themselves to have an abortion, and not one of them wasn't absolutely thrilled once the baby was here, magically coming up with ways to make it OK.   Now, from experience I can tell you that the first time a mother feels her baby move there is an instant and unbreakable bond that forms and no matter how wary you started out being about having the child, you become extremely happy you kept it.  I wish the writers would get the input of writers who are women and who have experienced this kind of thing so they could write believable stories about it.  This just gets tiresome and boring after a while.  It's so childish you wonder if Ms. Smith's fourth grade students are writing the shows sometimes, and this is one of them.  I mean, really, it's like a child trying to imagine what grown-up feelings are like and not quite having the experience to explain it.  And it really does get very boring to watch.

Well, at least we had Precious' farewell this week to take our minds off the writing.  Oh, not that it was written that well, but having all those memories of Luis was worth the time it took to watch her departure.  I even got to see my favorite shot of him, the one where he's topless in the Christmas stocking.  That one shot made the scenes well worth watching.  I don't know why Precious is leaving but I do know I will miss her a lot.  Now, that is really funny since I thought having her on the show was really lame when they first started it, but she kind of grows on you, you know?  And her valiant attempt to protect Edna the other day just sealed the deal for me.  The show just won't be the same without her, and it makes me wonder who Edna's foil will be now?  I guess she's going to have a more grown up experience coming up this week, and that will be a pleasure to watch, if it's written well, but after that, I'm not sure what they will do with her.  I would hate to have her written off, too.  She is one of the bright comic relief lights of the whole show and it would suffer without an appearance by her every now and then in my opinion.

So, is Grace coming back or not?  I know it was her voice on the phone, but I still don't know if she will really come back or not.  I think it would be a good thing as long as it gets to the bottom of Ivy's scheming and explains who the heck David and John are.  I guess it would be great if it turned out John is actually Julian and Eve's son instead of Chad because that would mean Chad and Whitney could finally be together.  I'm sorry but I just don't see her with Fox.  It lacks chemistry as far as I'm concerned.  And wouldn't it be great if he could be with Jessica or Kay?  I'd like that idea.  And I'd like to have Grace come back and reunite with Sam.  They really belong together.  I know, Grace is as interesting as watching one of her famous tomato soup cakes bake, but still, it would be a nice touch.  And seeing Ivy pay for her wickedness would be absolutely wonderful.  The only thing better would be seeing Rebecca and Gwen pay for theirs.

Well, once again we had a stupid dream sequence that they tried to pass off as real.  They are really losing their touch with this stuff, that's all I have to say.  As soon as the knife went into Sheridan's chest I knew it was a dream, and when she sat there and told Sheridan what all she had done to her it only sealed the deal.  Ho-hum, another boring, predictable plot "twist."  It would have been far better had it been real but Sheridan pulled through as usual and told the world what Beth had admitted to her.  Far, far better, but that's probably why they did it the stupid way.  Wouldn't want to get viewers too used to seeing good writing and plots that work, right?  Anyway, it was all just a stupid daydream on Beth's part and nothing came of it.  What a waste of time to watch it.  It is nice to know Marty is with Sheridan for a while, anyway.  I read where she is going to insist on a DNA test again.  I wonder if it will actually get done this time and if it will be done correctly, with no hanky-panky involved?  Hahahahahahahaha!!  Oh, that was so funny.  Sorry, I got carried away.  Of course there will be hanky-panky if it's done.  This is Passions after all.

Fox is off on his rescue mission, determined to bring Gwen and Jane back home.  I wonder if he'll make it or not?  The odds aren't good for that, but then, fighting against the odds is a staple of this show, isn't it?  And who knows, this time it might actually work out right.  We can always hope so, anyway.

OK, that's about all I can remember of the show for this week.  I have a feeling there's more to be added here, but as I said at the first, this wasn't a really good week so I'm sure parts of it were just so boring that they have been totally forgotten by now.  Let's hope this upcoming week will have more to write about.

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