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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

3/14 3/18/05

"The woman I love." King Edward whatever number used those words when abdicating the English throne. He said he would rather pass on being King if it meant he couldn't be with "..the woman I love." So romantic, wasn't it? A King abdicating for the love of his sweetie. It's the stuff of dreams, I tell you. But somehow it just didn't carry the same weight when Ethan said it about Gwen this week. It was really one of those "Huh??" minutes, you know? Where did that come from, anyway? Here is a man who hasn't been able to decide who he loves, who he wants to be with, or how to be true to either woman for several years, the same man who left his "beloved" wife rotting in jail to be with "the other woman." He's been fawning all over Theresa since the baby was born, even before, actually, and all of a sudden he's worried about the woman he loves? OK, but....which one is it?

We all know he never really loved Gwen, right? I mean, even when they were together he slept around on her. You don't do that to someone you love. And once Theresa started showing her interest in him, he didn't need a second invitation to dump this woman he loves and take up with the new girl at the drop of a hat. After that, it was only Theresa. Oh, sure, whenever he got upset at her lying or whatever he would hop back in Gwen's bed before you could blink, and even truer, she allowed him to treat her like his personal mistress, but we always knew Theresa was the woman in his heart and Gwen was the backup, or the booty call, whichever term you prefer. As soon as Theresa gave him an excuse he could accept, he would dump Gwen once again and run back to his true love. He only married the woman because she popped up pregnant, for goodness sake. He had already told her he was asking Theresa to marry him, that he loved her above everyone else and wanted to spend his life with her so Gwen could just run along like a good puppy, yet she jumped at the chance to marry him five minutes later, even knowing all this. Then she spent a couple of years so jealous of Theresa, so afraid Ethan would dump her again and go back to his real love, that she drove herself into a miscarriage, killing her only chance to have her own child, and finally going totally berserk, supposedly, and trying to kill her rival. Now that she's tried to kill his true love and the mother of his "only" child twice, kidnapped that same child and disappeared off the face of the earth with her, she becomes "the woman I love." It's enough to make you crazy. Just ask Gwen.

Well, Beth is still up to her old tricks. Someone really needs to slap that trout pout off her face, don't you think? She even abused her own mother this week, pelting her with whatever she could get her hands on as the old woman cowered behind her walker, yelping. And then she made the old woman clean the mess up!! What a gal, our Bethie! But you know the worst part? Her schemes just keep working, up to a point. I mean, she does have Luis thinking Sheridan is ready to slit her own wrists any moment, even though she didn't manage to actually kill her. And he is still totally convinced Marty is Beth's, no matter what Sheridan says and no matter how much he actually looks like Sheridan, not Beth. They guy's got soup for brains, and not even a hearty soup at that. Nope, he's got chicken broth for brains from the looks of it. He still looks gorgeous, so he's not a total waste, but I really wish he'd get a clue at some point.

Now, Sam managed to do just that this week, and I couldn't be happier. Of course, it will probably only last until his next appearance, where he will profusely apologize to Ivy for being so mean to her. Puh-leeeeze! He finally got it right, telling her he knew she had played Jessica somehow, telling her something that made her not want Grace home, and that it was because Ivy herself didn't want her rival to come back. I was really shocked at that, expecting it to be a guilt dream on Ivy's part, but then realized she has no conscience so how can she feel guilt? No, he said it and he meant it, and it's about time someone on this show actually got a clue.

Hooray for Fox! He actually managed to come up with a way to find Gwen and Jane and is on his way to go retrieve them as we speak. Well, we all know it will take at least a day for him to get on the plane, maybe another day for it to take off, and who knows how long to reach the Crane Compound, but in Harmony time that's pretty speedy, right? Anyway, he's on his way to save them. The problem is, Alistair is on his way there to get his payback from Katherine for helping her get out of Harmony and totally disappearing. Now, excuse me if I'm wrong, but didn't she tell Gwen the other day that Alistair was expecting her to perform her wifely duties in exchange for help from him? I could swear that's what I heard her say, yet when her gift and his phone call came, she acted as if it were all a knew idea, that she hadn't had a clue that he would want something from her. Maybe I'm being too picky here, but it just isn't good writing, in my opinion. They need to be consistent. Oh, LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! What am I saying, this is Passions! Sorry about that.

So, it seems as if Martin is almost ready to start over with Pilar, doesn't it? I mean, judging from what he was telling Paloma about the family going back to what it would have been had he not left and all. I wonder what Katherine coming back will do to that and how Pilar is going to react if he dumps her again. Now, I love Pilar. She is the one woman, especially, on this show who will stand up to anyone at any time, and that's a woman I can respect. True, she's not perfect in that area, but you have to admit there isn't anyone else who does that. I mean, she's decked Rebecca several times, she's told Ivy what she thinks of her and she may even have slapped her, too. I have a vague inkling of a memory of that happening, but it could just be wishful thinking. Anyway, she is the one woman on the show who will stand up for herself against anyone, at least some times, and that's a rarity. I am really hoping she will get Martin back, but it seems the cards are stacked against her - again. Well, I'll just keep hoping anyway. You never know, by the time Katherine gets back Martin may be over her. It does happen in a split second sometimes.

I'm still enjoying Tabitha and Endora, too. Julian gave her quite a shock, asking for joint custody so he can spend more time with his daughter, but between her and her witchling they managed to hold him off and send him packing. I can't say enough good things about that sweet little girl, she just keeps getting more knowledgeable about what she's supposed to be doing all the time. OK, now I know it has to be at least twins playing that part, but still, Endora is reacting to Tabby and to any threats to her with the perfect looks and actions, etc, which is really good for a child that age. She even managed to look angry when she was zapping Julian the other day. I wonder if it's Juliet's tutelage that is making her so good at playing the part instead of just looking like a clueless lump all the time. Just look at the difference between her and the boys playing Marty. I mean, he's a cute kid and all, but he just sits there doing his own thing, never seeming to really be in the moment, as they say, while Endora is an active part of any scene she's in, most of the time. I could just watch her for ever, I tell you.

Well, that's all I have for this week. It seems like next week might be a good one, if the indications are correct and they don't take a week off to glide through it. I hate when that happens because then there's nothing for me to write about and it's hard to come up with a column under circumstances like that. Keep the action coming, that's my wish. But, whatever they give us, I'll be back to complain or heap praise on them, so I'll talk to you then.

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