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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #91

12/27 - 12/31/05


1.  We liked their scenes.  The actresses work well together.  We realized that when Tabitha put Rebecca under the spell.  We were thinking how the writers should let them work together more often. Can you imagine the kind of trouble they can cause with each other?  That would be interesting.


1.  They were funny when they were getting ready for the wedding.  We fell out when she kicked Luis out of the cottage.  That was too funny.  What we liked even better was seeing Luis without his shirt on. Thanks, Sheridan. LOL!  How could she throw him out when he was looking so good?  LOL!  We have to be more professional than that.  We have a job to do.  Guess it was hard to concentrate on it when we were thinking about Luis without his shirt on. LOL! Anyway, it was funny how she gave him a scarf and threw his clothes at him.  She could have let him put his clothes on and then threw him out.


1.  We loved seeing Eve rip into Liz about stealing her family.  She told Liz that she would kill her before she let's her take her children away from her.  We hope she makes good on that promise because Liz is annoying beyond belief.  It was so great that Eve didn't just let Liz rub her nose in the fact that she has TC and the girls.  She stood her ground and we loved it.


1.  We felt so sorry for her when Theresa was declared the baby's mother. Liza did an excellent job when she broke down because of it.  When she found out that predictably Theresa was the mother, we were surprised that she didn't kill her right then and there.

2.  If Ivy's slap was great, Gwen stabbing Theresa was even better.  It was payback from when Theresa stabbed her when she had little Ethan.  Theresa had it coming after everything she's done to Gwen.  We can practically see the Theresa fans saying how crazy Gwen was for stabbing Gwen.  They won't think about what Gwen has gone through and how she was not in her right frame of mind.  They thought Theresa wasn't in her right frame of mind when she stabbed Gwen, so by that definition, Gwen should be right to stab Theresa.  Well if she's not right, in the die-hard Theresa fans' eyes, she's right in ours.  Our only complaint was that she didn't slice her throat.  Other than that, it was great. LOL!


1.  Even though we didn't like how she kept Ethan from seeing Gwen, at least she was there for her which was more than we could say about Rebecca.  She was more sympathetic towards Gwen than her own son was.

2.  It was worth the price of admission watching Ivy slap Theresa.  She did what we wanted to do.  Of course she was going to throw up her child in Ivy's face, but it didn't work.  She didn't let Theresa's threat stop her from putting her in her place.

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