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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #138

11/28/05 12/2/05

We were so happy with the way the writers had people stick it to Theresa.  It was great.  We even found a new respect for Fancy.  We didn't realize that we could have cheered her on.

We loved how Judge Reilly didn't help Theresa get the injunction to keep Ethan on life support.  He didn't let Theresa's blackmail force him to change his mind.  The man is a crooked judge and he didn't approve of the way she conceived Jane.  That doesn't say much for Theresa that he didn't approve of what she did.

It was worth the price of admission to see Fancy slap the taste out of Theresa's mouth.  When Fancy was with Noah, they overheard Theresa arguing with Gwen and Ivy.  The next thing you knew, Fancy ran down the stairs and slapped the mess out of her.  Theresa looked as if Fancy lost her mind.  If Fancy did lose her mind, it was worth it.  In addition to slapping Theresa, Fancy ripped into her about what she did to Ethan and Alistair.  She was just as confused with Theresa's alleged love for Ethan as we are.  She gave Theresa the rundown about the things she has done over the years that prove she doesn't love Ethan the way she says she does.

We enjoyed Gwen and Theresa's acting this week.  They both did a good job. We don't usually mention Theresa's acting, but we're going to give credit where credit is due.  She did well this week.  Gwen and Theresa made the story worth watching this week.  Good job, ladies.

Kay and Simone had a conversation this week.  It's been a while since they actually talked.  Simone dropped the bombshell on Kay this week.  She told Kay that she's a lesbian.  Since Jessica and TC rejected her, she assumed that Kay would too.  We've got to admit that we thought she would reject her too.  Kay took the news better than we thought.  She told Simone that it was okay that she's a lesbian.  Kay's only complaint was Simone not tell her sooner.  She didn't have the fits that Jessica and TC had.  Kay also agreed to be there for Simone and she apologized for not being around for her.  Hopefully Kay will keep her word because they could use each other.

It was good to finally see Theresa accept blame for what she did to Ethan.  She said how she was a monster for what she did. We couldn't agree more.  She was wrong for what she did and she finally acknowledged it.  Naturally, she didn't blame herself for long, but she finally did it.

Sheridan was there for Gwen.  That was quite the shock since she usually cares for herself.  Also, Gwen is usually the one who is there for Sheridan.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

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