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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #107

4/18 - 4/22/05

First off, we want to say that this had to be one of the best week's in Passions history. With that in mind, let's get started.

Beth can't be as bad as Edna thought. When she wanted to leave Harmony, she was willing to take Edna with her. Now Passions was interrupted so we're not sure why Beth decided to take her, but as far as we know, Beth wanted her to go. Beth could have let her stay behind if she wanted to.

We liked seeing Fox with Jane. He seemed like a natural with her. He even got the baby to smile. He looked as if he would be great with kids. It's sad that he may never get a chance to find out if he could be a good father. We felt had for him when he kept going on about being a father to Whitney's baby. If he only knew at the time that Whitney played him for a fool.

We liked how Theresa got on Katherine's case when she tried to criticize Whitney for abandoning her child. Theresa asked Katherine what was her reason for abandoning her child when she said that about Whitney. We were thinking the same thing. Oh no! We're starting to think like Theresa. We better get our heads examined. LOL! Just kidding.

Julian came to Eve's rescue again when TC, Liz, and Whitney yelled at her. It seems as if they get off on making Eve feel like garbage. Julian loves being Eve's knight and shining armor and he's doing a good job at it. Good for you, Julian. You stand by your woman's side and protect her from the evil Russells. LOL! 

Thank goodness Rebecca was back. It seems as if it's been a long time since she's been back. It was a breath of fresh air seeing her back. Since Theresa thinks she's going to get away with her scheme, Rebecca will be there to look out for Gwen. We all know Ethan won't help her so she needs her mother.

Boy did Fox let Whitney have it when he found out about Whitney giving up the baby. She just knew it was going to be smooth sailing when Fox came back and she couldn't have been more wrong. Fox hit the nail on the head when he called Whitney a manipulative b*tch. He was right because that's what she was being. She didn't care about Fox's feelings when she gave up the baby so he shouldn't have cared about hers. It was great that he didn't let the water works stop him from yelling at her. He's not like someone else we might mention *coughs* Ethan *coughs*.

TC had one of the greatest lines this week. He told Julian that the Cranes always blame Alistair for everything. They never take responsibility for their actions. Julian, Sheridan, and Katherine love to blame Alistair for everything. Martin is another one who likes to blame Alistair for things. TC didn't really have a nerve to talk when he blames him for his life being ruined, but he was right.

This may be wrong, but we loved the look on Sheridan's face when she found out Marty was Beth's Sheridan need to be knocked off of her high horse so that was worth seeing.

We truly loved when Ethan yelled at Theresa. We thought it was great when Fox yelled at Whitney, but that was nothing compared to what Ethan did to Theresa. He finally saw the light about Theresa. He called her a monster and he was so right. You should have heard how loud we were agreeing with him. We never thought that he would open his eyes to her. Let's see how long it lasts.

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