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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #191

12/26/05 12/30/05

Since this is the end of the year, we decided to do a Worst column for the Rants.  We hope you enjoy them.  See if you agree or disagree.

Worst Storyline:

The tsunami storyline:  It added nothing to the plot.  The only thing it did was bring out the horniness in people.  Unfortunately, it also introduced us to James which was pretty much the beginning of the end of Shuis.

Worst Actor:

Noah:  We know that he is becoming popular with some of the fans, but he can't act in our opinion.  He really needs more acting lessons because he is still green.  Chad could have been picked for this, but he wasn't on that much this year to earn this title this year.

Worst Actress:

Jessica:  She wins this title hands down.  She was given a storyline this year, but her bad acting ruined the story.  It's painful to even watch her scenes because we spend more time criticizing her actor instead of paying attention to her scenes.

Biggest Waste of Talent:

Julian:  He hasn't had much to do in a long time and it's a shame because he is a good actor. His talents should be utilized not downplayed.

Most Dumbed Down Character:

Ethan:  Seeing as there are so many dumb people in Harmony, this was a hard pick. LOL!  We picked Ethan because he kept falling for every scheme that Theresa pulled.  He also kept believing every like that Gwen told him about Theresa.

Worst Couples: (Tie)

Fox and Kay:  They are boring with a capital B.  We know many Fox and Kay fans won't agree with this, but that's how we feel.  Their storyline was rushed and ruined any chance of their being a good couple in our eyes.  It's also a slap in the face to Foxney fans because Fox's love for Whitney is being downplayed for his lust for Kay.  We all know that Whitney was the love of Fox's life, not Kay.  Now it seems as if he only "liked" Whitney which was not the case.

Sheridan and Chris:  We can't begin to tell you how much we despise this couple.  We were die-hard Shuis fans so watching her move on with Chris is just sick.  She's not even giving Luis a second thought now that she's moved on with Chris.

Worst Exit:

Luis:  We didn't like the way the writers wrote Luis out of the show. His family as well as Sheridan barely grieved his death.  It was as if he was never on the show.

Character Assassination:

TC:  This guy has been so butchered this year. First he treated Eve like garbage when they were getting divorced.  Then he treated his own daughter like crap once he found out about her sexuality.

Wasted Reveal:

The tabloid:  Theresa finally had the truth that she needed that Gwen and Rebecca set her up.  It ended up being a waste because no one else found out about it.  Gwen ended up throwing the disk in the incinerator.

Worst Mother:

Sheridan:  You all don't know how hard this was to pick.  There are quite a few bad mothers on the show.  We picked Sheridan she is willing to let her child stay on the run with a psycho.  She just accepted that she would never find him.  When she couldn't have Marty, she replaced him with another child.

Biggest WTF Moment:

Theresa marrying Alistair:  This makes absolutely no sense.  Why would she marry a man who has done horrible things to her family?  as far as she knows, he killed two of her brothers.  He allowed her nephew to be kidnapped.  He's also raped her.  So of course the next logical step is to marry that monster.

Worst Newcomers:

Spike:  He is so annoying and we are sick of him. Enough said.

Chris:  He is a poor substitute for Luis.  He is also a boring character.

Worst Plot Twist:

Paloma smuggling drugs:  This story was  a waste because nothing came out of it.  It was built up as if she was doing something wrong and it only turned out being something honorable.  Why didn't she just tell the police why she smuggled the drugs?

Dropped Story:

Sheridan killing Rachel:  A big deal was made about Sheridan killing Rachel and it was dropped like it never happened.  It was the reason why Katherine endured Alistair raping her and martin going back to Pilar.  This story should have been developed more since Sheridan went on for years thinking that she was a killer.

Most Self-Centered:

Sheridan:  She never spends more than five minutes thinking about others because she's always thinking about herself.  She always manages to make everyone's situation about herself.

Biggest Whiner:

Sheridan:  All year, Sheridan has been a whiner.  She whined about Marty and Luis (when she gave a crap), her parents, and probably many other things.

Worst Villain:

Alistair:  Despite how interesting he made the E/T/G story, he is still cartoonish.  The writers go out of their way to make him too evil that he is unrealistic as a villain.  He never has a downfall and that's not good.  A true villain will be punished for his/her actions eventually.

That's all for this week. Feel free to come up with your own Worst of 2005 list.

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