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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #190

12/19/05 - 12/23/05

This week's columns will be sparse thanks to NBC constantly cutting Passions off to talk about the Transit Strike.  That was frustrating.  We were all set to watch Passions and then it was cut off. We know the transit strike is important, but why couldn't the press conferences wait until Passions went off to show it?  Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy will be repeats so it won't matter if they didn't come on.  We all will never get to see those episodes of Passions again.

With that out of the way, we'll start the rants.

Sheridan chose to spend Christmas with Chris and James.  This was so disturbing.  It was is if Luis and Marty never existed.  She was acting as if Chris is her husband and James is her son.  She'll really be acting like that whenever she and Chris...we won't spoil it for you in case you haven't read about it yet.  We will wait until it happens and then we'll rant about it.

Kay told Fox this week that she's missing Grace.  She didn't like how Grace was missing what's going on with Maria.  Well, we have two problems with that.  The first problem is if Kay missed Grace so much, why doesn't she expose how David isn't Grace's husband?  If she did, Grace would be home.  She must not miss Grace that much after all.  The second problem we had was the fact that Kay wanted Maria to have a grandmother or something like that.  If she wants Maria's grandmother to be apart of her life, why doesn't she let Maria see Pilar?  Pilar is Maria's grandmother too so she should be spending time with Maria.

Why would Tabitha want Kay to look after Endora?  Kay can't even take care of Maria so how is she going to take care of Endora?  Tabitha would have been better off taking Endora with her.  Besides, what if Norma got Endora since she couldn't get Tabitha?

You know we couldn't go without ranting about Theresa.  This girl is so maddening.  She had the gall to expect Gwen to let her ride in the ambulance with Ethan when Gwen and the police got to the cabin.  Then she expected Gwen to let her ride in the ambulance with Ethan when Gwen and the police got to the cabin.  Then she expected Gwen to let her stay at the hospital with Ethan.  No wonder Gwen wanted to kill her.  We want to join her.  She can never walk away and do what people want.  She always has to make a spectacle of herself.  She must love it when Gwen goes off on her.  That's the only reasonable explanation we can think of for why she acts the way she does.

Why does Simone even bother to help Jessica?  Every time she helps her, it blows up in her face.  Jessica still goes back to help Spike.  There would only be so much that we could take if we were Simone.

Why did Gwen care that she lost precious time with Ethan?  If Theresa didn't kidnap Ethan, she wouldn't have been with him.  She would have pulled the plug on him and she wouldn't have been with him anyway.  As must as  we respect her decision to honor Ethan's wishes, she shouldn't really complain about the time she lost with him.

Here are some random thoughts:

Was anyone else bothered by the fact that Fox tried to downplay his love for Whitney?  He made it seem as if he only had strong feelings for her when we all know that it was more than that. He claimed that she was his soulmate, but now hes saying those things about Kay. What a slap in the face to Foxney fans everywhere.

Why does Alistair constantly bail Theresa out whenever she gets herself into trouble?  She never wants to repay him for helping her so why does he keep doing it? It makes no sense at all. He should let her get punished and then maybe she will learn her lesson.

What makes Theresa think that she was the only one who was praying for Ethan? He showed up at the church during Midnight Mass and the first thing that popped out of her mouth was that God heard her prayers. Were pretty sure that his wife and family were also praying for him, but of course God only heard Theresa. Give us a break please!

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