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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #189

12/12/05 - 12/16/05

This week's episodes got us thinking about the things that the audience expects us to forget.  We'll be talking about some of those things.  Maybe you all noticed some things too.

The writers expect us to forget that Luis hasn't been dead long.  The writers had Sheridan questioning whether or not she should be happy with Chris when she still wants to be in Luis's arms.  Well, Sheridan there's a reason why you feel that you shouldn't move on.  Maybe it's because Luis hasn't been dead long.  It may feel as if a lot of time has gone by but it hasn't.  Since days/nights last for weeks, he's only been gone for about a week Harmony time.  Now Sheridan feels as if she can move on with Chris.  She can even play mother to James.  Guess Marty is a thing of the past.

The writers expect us to forget that Kay is the reason why she could lose Fox.  She's the one who wanted to put the "success" spell on Fox, yet the writers are trying to make Valerie look like the villain.  Kay's the one who didn't have faith in Fox's ability to be successful and Valerie did.  Why is Kay the one right?  Why should we care that Kay is getting beat at her own game?  This is the same girl who schemed against her cousin to get Miguel, but now we're supposed to feel sorry for Kay that she's getting a taste of her own medicine.  We don't think so.

The writers expect us to forget that Gwen is a part of the E/T/G story this week.  Why was she absent for so many episodes?  She's Ethan's wife so we should be seeing how she's dealing with her husband being kidnapped.  Of course we get to see how Theresa is handling what Ethan's going through, but what about Gwen?

The writers expect us to forget that Noah and Fancy haven't been together long.  They have us enduring Fancy saying how Noah ruined their relationship, but they haven't had much of a relationship.  The only thing they did was argue and have sex.  That doesn't seem like much of a relationship to us.

The writers expect us to forget that Theresa is the reason why Ethan is in a coma.  They think that having Theresa constantly crying and saying that she didn't mean to do it, makes what she did okay.  They also think that having Theresa will Ethan to come out of his coma means she loves him more.  Gwen loves him just as much as Theresa does.  Speaking of Gwen, the writers are going overboard making Gwen look like a monster for honoring Ethan's wishes.  We are so sick of Theresa saying that Gwen is going to kill Ethan.  Let's not forget (to which we didn't) that Theresa is why Ethan is like that.  If anyone is a monster, it is Theresa.

With our list out of the way, we're going to do some ranting.

We are already tired of the lady in white.  She serves no purpose on the show other than to enable Theresa and Kay to get away with their schemes.  Take this week for example.  She slashed Fancy and Noah's tires in order to stop Fancy from going to Gwen. What luck for Theresa.  She also cut the phone lines at the cabin.  Now unless the lady in white has telepathy, how did she know that Theresa took Ethan there?  Noah was the only one who knew about the plan so how did she know?  Also, how did she know that nothing would happen to Ethan?  What would the lady in white have done if Ethan took a turn for the worst?  In her efforts to help Theresa, she could have cost Ethan his life. That's right.  We are not supposed to think about stuff like that because that would mean that the lady in white wouldn't have helped Theresa after all.  Unless the writers give the lady in white a purpose, we could really care less about her.

Fancy's priorities were mixed.  We understand why she was upset with Noah, but she seemed more interested in the fact that he betrayed her.  Hello, Fancy.  What about what he did to Ethan?  Why weren't you more concerned with that?  Maybe she doesn't really care about what Noah did to Ethan. We find it hard to believe that Noah cared so much about Ethan that all he would risk going to prison for kidnapping.  He wasn't exactly close to Ethan, but you would never know that.  The writers just want us to believe that Noah is so noble that he would go to prison for a man he barely knows.

Here are some random thoughts:

If it's supposed to be winter in Harmony.  Why were so many people wearing light jackets?  Why weren't they bundled up?  We remember Sheridan saying once before that it gets cold in Harmony so why weren't they dressed like it?

How did the lady in white get to the Crane cabin so fast?  The last time she was shown, she was roaming around Harmony.

Did anyone else think it was disturbing to hear James call Sheridan mommy?  It's as if he has officially replaced Marty in Sheridan's mind.

Why did Kay blame Tabitha for why she lost Fox?  Kay was the one who wanted the spell casted on Fox so how was that Tabitha's fault?  Guess everyone is to blame but Kay.

What kind of a father is TC?  Only TC would take the word of a stranger over his own daughter's.  When Spike hired three girls to se Simone up, one of them made it look like Simone groped her.  TC conveniently showed up and believed the girl.  He didn't even give Simone the benefit of the doubt.  He just accused her of trying to grope the girl.  When that girl was yelling at Simone, TC didn't defend her. TC is such a monster. No wonder Eve didn't choose him over Julian.

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