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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #188

12/5/05 - 12/9/05

Nothing really happened this week, but we'll talk about what did happen.

This week, Julian showed that Liz can overpower him.  That was so unbelievable to us.  Liz threatened to kill Julian and Eve if he didn't sleep with her.  Can she be more pathetic?  We can practically hear the collective "yes" already. LOL!  Anyway, Liz put a letter opener to him and threatened him.  Julian had the opportunity to take the letter opener from Liz, but he didn't.  He allowed her to keep threatening him.  It was so disturbing to see Julian this vulnerable.  We immediately thought of the times when Julian was a bad guy.  He used to be ruthless.  Nothing like this would have ever happened to him if he were still the bad guy.  we were embarrassed for Julian as well as Ben Masters.  He looked as if he were embarrassed too.

When Eve caught Julian and Liz together, he said that it wasn't what she thought because he was a changed man.  well that is up for debate.  He may not commit crimes anymore, but he is still an adulterer.  He is carrying on a fling with Eve while he's still married to Rebecca.  He may think that Rebecca is no wife to him, but she's still his wife.  No matter how much he loves Eve, he's still not available for her.  When he was a bad guy, he cheated on his wife (Ivy).  Now that he's a changed man, he's cheating on his wife.  How is he any different now?  That's not exactly a changed man.

Liz proved that she is a desperate fool.  She was told this week hat she should have moved on, but she didn't listen.  The woman had to put a letter opener to Julian and he still didn't want her.  That should have been a wakeup call for her.  Surprise, surprise it wasn't.  The writers need to just write Liz off of the snow.  They obviously don't know what to do with this character.  They really make her cartoonish.  If you ever feel as if you want to sympathize with Liz, they make her do or say something that makes you change your mind.  She is a terrible villainess because it's too hard to root for her.

Dies anyone really care that Sheridan was playing happy family again with Chris and James?  We didn't think so.  We could care less if she gets closer to Chris.  If she could forget about the time she spent with Luis, then she will have to deal with the guilt when he comes back to Harmony.  BTW, it certainly didn't take much for Gwen to convince Sheridan to move on with Chris did it?  Let's end it here because going on about it will mean talking about it, which we don't care to do.

Does anyone care that Jessica had another hissy fit about Sam not being there for her?  No matter how right she was, the delivery was awful.  Sam did show that he didn't care much for finding Jessica, but she ruined the scene with her acting.  She was too over-the-top and she didn't give the right emotion needed for the scene.

We were sick of the writers making it seem as if Noah and Theresa were going to get caught when they were going to the cabin.  Who didn't know that they weren't going to get caught?  Lucky for them the people that stopped them didn't want to check their IDs.  When they were about to leave the hospital, a cop stopped them.  He never checked their IDs.  When Noah was leaving the cabin, the cop that wanted to check the ambulance didn't check for ID.  That was convenient for them.

Theresa showed again how no one is more important to her than Ethan.  We know she doesn't care about Fancy, but she didn't give a crap about Noah's feelings.  When Noah wanted to be honest with Fancy and tell her the truth about Theresa's crazy scheme, but the Queen of Liars wouldn't let him tell her the truth.  He had to protect her.  That's so rich of her.  She couldn't respect his relationship, but he was supposed to protect her.

Theresa also didn't care about her kids.  Oh sure, she mentioned them when it was time to play fantasy land, but what about when she abandoned them?  Are we expected to believe that Theresa could trust leaving little Ethan with Alistair?  She thought the man was a monster, but she could trust leaving her son with him for possibly six months?  If that were the case, why didn't she just divorce Alistair?  She could have avoided all of this mess if she did.  We know. We're asking too much of her.

If Kay is supposed to be a good character, how come she was up to her schemes again?  She kept Fox from hearing the phone ring.  She also kept him from answering his phone.  She knew how important his project was, but she didn't care.  She just wanted him to be with her no matter what.  That reminds us of the old conniving Kay.

That's all for this week.  See you next week.

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