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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #187

11/28/05 12/2/05

 What a week this was.  We learned some things this week.  We learned that Theresa enjoys being Mrs. Alistair Crane.  She will also use any trick in the book to get what she wants.  We learned that Gwen doesn't really like to take the time to think about things before she makes a decision.  We learned that we might have been too hard on Jessica as far as Sam is concerned.

Let's start with Theresa. This week, she proved that she enjoys being Mrs. Alistair Crane.  When she barged in Judge Reilly's office, she demanded that he help her stop Gwen from killing Ethan.  When he refused to help her, she tried to throw her weight around.  She told him that she was Mrs. Alistair Crane and he was going to help her stop Gwen.  She even threatened to go to the press and tell them how he's on Alistair's payroll.  When she does things like that, it's hard to believe that she doesn't want to be Alistair's wife.  Then again, if being Alistair's wife will get what she wants, she's all for it.  It's quite the headscratcher trying to figure out why she doesn't want to be with Alistair.  We get it.  She wants the perks of being his wife, but she doesn't want to do what it takes to be with him.

When Theresa was given a glimmer of hope to save Ethan, she jumped at the chance to do it.  An intern in Judge Reilly's office told Theresa that she could get an injunction to stop Gwen from taking Ethan off of life support if Sam and Ivy filed the injunction with her.  After she got that idea, she went charging over to Sam's place.  She used every trick in the book to get Sam and Ivy to see things from her point of view.  She tired to make Gwen look like a murderer, but that backfired.  They weren't willing to help her.  Then she had to pull out the big guns.  She had to remind Sam that he lost so much time with Ethan since he didn't know he was his son.  this manipulative little act of hers almost worked.  She looked as if he was convinced.  Theresa knew that Sam wouldn't refuse her if she threw that tidbit in his face. Luckily, that was another plan of hers that didn't work.

Our faithful readers will know that Gwen is our girl and we support her in the Theresa/Gwen debate, but we do have a gripe with Gwen.  We think that she should have taken some more time to decide whether or not she should honor Ethan's living will.  Her decision to honor it seemed so rushed.  While she was making her decision, she should have consulted Ethan's family first.  She waited good until her decision was final before she told Sam and Ivy about it.  She all but expected them to understand what she did.  Well, they didn't have much of a choice, but to understand what she did because it was pretty much too late for them to do anything about her decision.

It's weird how Ivy wasn't willing to go along with Theresa's plan to get the injunction to save Ethan.  We figured that she would do anything to save Ethan's life.  Don't get us wrong.  We don't approve of what Theresa was willing to do, but it was weird how Ivy didn't want to consider the idea of keeping Ethan on life support.  Do you think it was because Theresa was getting the injunction or she really wanted to honor Ethan's wishes?  It's hard to decide.

Admitting to this really hurts, but we're going to do it anyway.  We may have to eat crow for admitting this, but it might be worth it.  Anyway, we might have been too hard on Jessica. *Ducks cyber tomatoes* Sam showed this week that Jessica isn't exactly number one on his list of priorities.  He was making a big deal about being there for Jessica.  Things were going to change.  Well that little revelation lasted for about 10 minutes. The second Gwen showed up, he forgot all about her.  He was supposed to go with her to therapy, but it wasn't important anymore.  He had to hear what Gwen said.  He didn't even include her when Gwen wanted to talk about Ethan.  He acted as if Jessica wasn't related to Ethan.  Why couldn't she hear about Gwen's decision?  Ethan is her brother so she had a right to know what was going on.  No wonder Jessica is so messed up.  Sam had perfect timing when he noticed that Jessica was gone.  Who knows how long she was gone before he noticed.  We can clearly see how she got mixed up with Spike.

Now it's time to talk about another Bennett.  We lost any respect that we had for Noah when he tried to justify Theresa's actions.  He kept telling Fancy that Theresa was hurting and that she was justified in trying to kill Alistair.  Theresa tried to kill his brother, but there he was trying to defend her actions.  That's quite the brother to have.  We should all have a brother who would side with the person who tried to kill them.  would Noah be quick to defend Theresa if she didn't try to kill Alistair?  It's so irritating how the writers tried to manipulate the audience by having Noah defend Theresa.  He can say how she's hurting all he wants, but we don't buy it.

Sheridan certainly didn't take long to forget about Luis.  When she told Chris about why she wasn't ready to move on with him, she didn't even use Luis as a reason for why she couldn't move on with him.  She thought that Chris was moving on too fast.  Chris was just using her to get over Maureen.  Then she said that Chris was only grateful to her for being there for James.  What happened to Luis?  She didn't even mention how it was too soon to move on with him because she just lost Luis.  What a slap in the face for Shuis fans.  Sheridan may as well move on with Chris since she doesn't care about Luis.

Why are the writers trying to dumb Fox down in this Kay/Fox/Valerie story?  It's hard to believe that he could be that clueless about Valerie.  He knows that Valerie would do anything to be on top, yet he doesn't suspect her of sabotaging Kay.  He also knows that Valerie is good with computers, yet he didn't think she was the one who sent the virus.  Guess there would be no story if he weren't dumbed down.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why would Simone out herself to Irma?  Did she forget the way she treated Eve when she outted Eve's secret?  She should have known Irma would not have taken that well.

If Fancy cared so much about Ethan, why didn't she go see him?  She could have taken the time to see him before he died.

If Fancy wanted Theresa to pay for what she did to Ethan, why didn't she go to Alistair and ask him to make her suffer?  He might have listened to her.

Theresa proved once again that she doesn't give a crap about her children.  When she was scheming to kidnap Ethan, she didn't say one word about her children.  She wanted clothes for her, Noah and Ethan.  What about little Ethan and Jane?  She planned on staying gone for up to six months.  When was she going to see them?  She's willing to risk never seeing them again for a man she's not even married to.  That's a mother we should all have...NOT!!

That's all for this week.  See you again next week.

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