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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #186

11/21/05 11/25/05

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday this week.  In honor of Thanksgiving, we will write about what certain characters should be thankful for, but of course they aren't.

Sheridan:  We all know that she likes to cry and whine whenever she conveniently thinks of Marty.  Well, she needs to be thankful that her son is even alive.  Do you think she would be grateful for that?  No way! She has to use any opportunity to complain about how he's gone.  In the time that it takes her to whine about Marty, she could be looking for her son.  We know that's a foreign concept for her, but it's true.

Theresa:  She has had some year.  She almost lost the use of her legs, she lost her daughter, and she married her family's worst enemy.  You would think that she would be thankful that she has the use of her legs and that she can see her daughter.  She should also be thankful that she's not in jail for attempted murder.  Of course Theresa can never be thankful for anything, which is why she's in the mess that she's in now.

Noah and Fancy:  They need to be thankful that Esme is a terrible shot or they could have been six feet under.

Paloma:  She needs to be thankful that Pilar and Martin understood about her arrest.  Most parents would be upset if they found out that their daughter was arrested for selling drugs.

Fox:  He should be thankful that Tabitha is a nice person than we realize.  He took total advantage of her when he wanted his Thanksgiving celebration.

Now, let's move on to our rants for this week.

Let's start this week's rants on Sheridan.  It looks like she's ready to move on with Chris.  Luis has only been dead for a little while, but she let Luis's ghost tell her that she should move on with her life.  When she wasn't completely convinced, Paloma told her that Luis would want her to move on with her life.  That was so convenient for her wasn't it?  We doubt that Paloma's convenient conversation with Luis was about Sheridan moving on with her life.  She was practically on the verge of moving on anyway.  All she needed was the approval of a Lopez-Fitzgerald to validate her decision.

Speaking of Paloma, why would she be so accepting of Sheridan moving on with Chris?  Luis hasn't even been dead long and she's all for Sheridan practically marrying Chris.  What kind of family did/does Luis have?  When are any of his relatives going to let Sheridan know that she is moving on too fast?  Guess Beth will be the only person to let Sheridan know that she got over Luis too fast.

Theresa is such a hypocrite.  She thought that Gwen was a cold-blooded b*tch because she was going to "kill" Ethan.  Look at the pot calling the kettle black.  She's the one who put Ethan in the position that he's in so if anyone is a cold-hearted b*tch, it is Theresa.  She's also a hypocrite because she threatened to kill Gwen if she took Ethan off of life support.  What happened to it being wrong to kill someone?  Theresa made a big production about taking somebody's life.  Then she turned around and told Ethan that she would kill Gwen.  Correct us if we're wrong, but isn't that taking someone's life?  Guess murder is okay as long as Theresa is doing it.

What was with Fox this week?  He was so obsessed with having Thanksgiving dinner at Tabitha's house.  Tabitha told him that she didn't want to have it there, but he couldn't take no for an answer.  He had to keep pressing the issue.  If he needed to let people know that he is with Kay and that Sam and Ivy are engaged, why didn't he just have the dinner at Sam's house?  It would make more sense than taking advantage of Tabitha.  It was as if Tabitha's opinion didn't matter.

How drunk was Noah this week?  When Esme came back to Harmony, she slipped into bed with him.  She started kissing him while he was sleep.  That's right, folks.  He was only sleep.  Of course Noah didn't notice how Esme wasn't Fancy.  He allowed her to kiss him on his neck and ear and he kissed her back.  Girlfriend even spoke to him and he still couldn't tell the difference.  It's not as if she sounded like Fancy or anything, but he still thought she was Fancy.  Fancy had to interrupt him in order for him to realize that he wasn't with her.  We wonder how far he would have gotten with Esme if Fancy didn't walk in when she did.  We have a question for you.  Do you believe that Noah truly didn't know he was with Esme or was he trying to cover his a**?  We think that it's the latter, but you be the judge.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why does Alistair keep giving Theresa what she wants?  She wanted to see Ethan and he gave her a way to see him.  He needs to stick to his guns and make her suffer.

Why didn't Gwen arrange for Ethan to have two guards by Ethan's room?  If she did, Theresa wouldn't have been able to sneak into Ethan's room.

What happened to the guard that was by Ethan's room?  He was only supposed to be on a break, but he disappeared.

Why aren't the writers giving Whitney something to do?  All she does now is listen to Theresa's endless problems.

That's all for this week.  We'll see you again next week.

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