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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #185

11/14/05 – 11/18/05

We have so many complaints about Theresa that we don't even know where to begin.  She usually makes us see red, but this week, she made us see crimson.  She was that annoying.  We didn't think it was possible for her to annoy us anymore that she has, but she managed.  That must be a gift.  Here are things she did to annoy us this week:

When Theresa found out that Gwen was going to consider taking Ethan off life support, she had the nerve to call Gwen a murderer.  She had a lot of nerve calling Gwen a murderer.  If she didn't try to kill Alistair, Ethan wouldn't have eaten the poisoned guacamole.  If anybody is a murderer, it's Theresa.  She is the one responsible for what happened.  It's not Gwen's fault.  That reminds us of what Theresa said to Gwen.  She said Gwen accused her of trying to kill Ethan.  Hello, girl. You did try to kill him.  Gwen didn't have to accuse her of anything.  That was also around the time when she practically called Gwen a murderer.

Theresa also had the nerve to use Gwen's love for Ethan to her advantage.  That girl know how to manipulate someone like nobody's business.  Any other time, Theresa doesn't give a hoot about Gwen's love for Ethan. If she did, she wouldn't be in the mess she's in now.  She just knew that Gwen would listen to her demand that she keep Ethan alive if she threw her love for Ethan up in her face.  We're glad that didn't work.  Theresa was being so manipulative whether she believed it or not.  She was also being manipulative when she mentioned Jane.  She asked Gwen what she would tell Jane if she asked about her father and why he's dead.  What a sucker punch that was.  Theresa showed that she will use her own daughter to get what she wants.

Let's get back to how Theresa practically called Gwen a murderer. How on earth is she a murderer if she's honoring her husband's wishes?  Ethan was the one who wanted to be taken off life support.  That does not make her a murderer.  If anything, Theresa is the one who's the murderer.  She's also a selfish monster.  She would rather Ethan stay alive than be put out of his misery.  What kind of selfish b*tch would do that?  That really shows how much Theresa loves him.  If that witch really loved him, she would put her needs second to Ethan.  She would want what was best for him and not what was best for her.  We hope this isn't the writers way of making us think that Theresa loves Ethan more than Gwen.  If that's what they are doing, then it is a waste because we are not buying it.

Why was Theresa acting as if taking Ethan off life support is an easy thing for Gwen to do?  It has got to be the hardest decision in the world, but Theresa acted as if Gwen was a monster for making that decision.  Just because Theresa wouldn't honor Ethan's wishes, that doesn't make Gwen a monster for doing what he wants.

Don't even get us started on how Theresa went about trying to change Gwen's mind about taking Ethan off of life support. She went to Ivy and Sam and told them that Gwen was going to kill Ethan.  She must have thought Ivy and Sam would have been grateful to her if she ran to them like a tattle tale.  When that didn't work, she went to dear ol' Alistair.  What in the world did she expect him to do?  She tried to kill him with the poisoned guacamole yet she expected him to help save Ethan.  Didn't she have some nerve?  She's only willing to go to Alistair when he can benefit her.  Any other time she doesn't want to be bothered with him.  She really knows how to use somebody, doesn't she?

Why does it always have to take an army of people to get Theresa to leave a room?  When Gwen wanted Theresa to leave Ethan's hospital room, she had to put up a fight.  She couldn't just leave gracefully. Noo, she had to refuse because she thought her place was with Ethan.  This does not prove that she loves him.  It only proves that she's a psycho.

We have to get off of Theresa for now because we're seeing crimson again just thinking about her.  Let's get to the beatings we keep getting.  You know what they are.  It's the beating from the writers that Noah is a hunk.  We are starting to think that Esme's only purpose on the show is to remind us that Noah is cute.  We could care less about how Esme feels about Noah's looks.  It's obvious that the writers are so in love with Noah's looks that they have to keep reminding us about it week after week.  If they keep it up, we'll have to have a new category for the countdown section. Just to see how much Noah's looks are mentioned.

Since we mentioned Esme, we may as well talk about the character.  This girl is annoying.  We already don't like her.  We are sick of the way she reminds us that Noah is "hot".  The writers need to get rid of her.

Sheridan was another one who had us seeing crimson this week.  This week she went out on a date with Chris.  Of course she had to refuse him at first because she was conveniently afraid that Beth would kidnap James the way she did Marty.  She wasn't afraid that it was too soon to date after losing the love of her life.  It was because of Beth.  Needless to say, Chris was able to persuade her to go on the date.  Actually, it wasn't much of a date since she spent the majority of it talking to Fancy and talking about Beth.  What a great first date for Chris.  We hope it was everything that he hoped for in a first date with Sheridan.  Served him right.

When Beth called Sheridan at the Seascape, Sheridan acted as if it wasn't her fault that Luis is "dead".  You mean to tell us that we spent the majority of Luis's wake hearing Sheridan say it was her fault only for her to think that it wasn't her fault after all.  What a waste that was.  All it took for Sheridan to think that she wasn't to blame for Luis's death was Beth blaming her.  Isn't that the living end?  We knew that Sheridan didn't really blame herself.  All Beth did was get her to admit what we already knew.

We were extremely bored with Paloma and Roberto's scenes at the Bed and Breakfast.  They could have kept their scenes if they were going to be that boring.

That’s all for this week! See you again next week with more rantings.

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