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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #184

11/7/05 - 11/11/05

What kind of a woman is Sheridan?  We'll tell you.  She's a terrible person.  Don't worry dear readers, we'll tell you why.  She just went to Luis's funeral, but she was locking lips with Chris.  She claimed she kissed him because of what happened to him and James.  They were almost killed by the mob and she was relieved that Chris and James were safe.  That may have been her excuse the first time she did it, but what about the second time?  She had no reason to kiss him then.  It looks like she's gotten over Luis awful fast.  If Luis really were dead, (we all know he isn't) he would be turning over in his grave to see Sheridan with another man.  Sheridan moving on so fast with Chris is an indication of how much she loved Luis.

While we're on the subject of Sheridan, let's talk about her friendship with Gwen and Ethan.  Sheridan is such a terrible friend to them.  She told Chris that she was happy.  We know that she tried to cover herself by saying that she felt guilty, but the gist of what she said was how she was happy.  Well shut our mouths.  She knows what her friends are going through, but she 's happy.  Ethan is practically on his deathbed and Gwen is miserable watching Ethan suffer.  What does Sheridan do?  She goes and play happy family with Chris.

Is anyone else sick of Jessica's story?  There is no point to it.  It is so painful watching Jessica pretend to be high.  She is doing such a bad job with the material.  It is time to give this girl an acting coach.  This story might be more bearable if she had an ounce of acting talent.  She makes it hard to invest in the story.  Maybe we should all take up a collection so the writers could afford to get her an acting coach. LOL!

What else is new?  We have complaints about Theresa.  Why are the writers expecting us to believe that Theresa is the one Ethan should come out of his coma for?  When Theresa snuck in Ethan's room to see him, she told him to come back for her, little Ethan, and Jane.  First of all, little Ethan is not his son so why should he come back for him?  Second of all, what about Gwen?  Why couldn't he come back for her?  It would have made Theresa look better in our eyes if she considered Gwen as a reason for him to come back.  She acts as if Gwen doesn't love Ethan.  She acts as if it's just her who loves him.  Well, we've got news for you Theresa. You are not the only one entitled to care for Ethan.

Now let's talk about Theresa's actions when she was under Ethan's bed.  Don't you just love how she likes to rewrite what happened between her and Gwen?  She had the nerve to say that Gwen shouldn't have kept Ethan from her and he wouldn't have to be hurt or something like that.  The way we remember it was Theresa was the one who stole Ethan from Gwen. If Theresa left them alone in the first place, none of this mess would have happened.  Theresa just loves blaming Gwen for why she doesn't have Ethan.  She forgets all about the things she did to lose him.  Another thing she said while she was under the bed was Ethan didn't love Gwen.  Who the devil died and made her boss of the way Ethan feels?  She doesn't know for a fact that Ethan doesn't love Gwen.  Of course the egomaniac in Theresa will have her convinced that she's the only one in his heart.  Well if that is true, then we love the irony of this whole mess.  This so-called love of his life is the reason why he may die or be brain dead.  Nothing proves your love someone better than drugging them.

Just so you know that we are not blind to Gwen's faults, we have a rant about Gwen.  We don't think she should have been wasting time talking about Theresa while she was with Ethan.  That should have been the time she took to worry about Ethan.  As much as we love a good Theresa bashfest, Gwen should have talked about her later.

Why are the writers constantly beating us over the head with the fact that they think Noah is cute.  We know we've ranted about this before, but it keeps happening.  We get the message writers.  You think he's a hottie.  You don't have to remind us every week.  It seems as if it's a requirement to let a woman on the show tell us that he's hot.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why was Theresa able to disguise herself so easily in the hospital?

When did Sam work in freelance securities?  We were under the impression that he couldn't find a job.

If Kay is making money, why can't she help out the Bennetts?

Why was Fancy fantasizing about Noah as if she wasn't the one who didn't want to work things out with him?

That's all for this week, dear readers.  We'll be back next week.

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