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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #183

10/31/05 - 11/4/05

We wanted to start this week's column on things we learned this week in Harmony.

You never tell your parents or your best friend about your lifestyle.

You are looked upon as the victim even when you are responsible for someone's potential death.

You never mourn the loss of the love of your life long before you're ready to move away with someone else.

With those out of the way, let's get started with the rants.

We are not surprised that Simone didn't want to tell the truth about her sexual preference.  TC and Jessica's reactions were reason enough for her to have kept it a secret.  We'll rant about TC first and then we will get to little Miss Hot to Trot.  We were so appalled by TC's reaction to Simone being a lesbian.  We expected him to get angry, but we didn't expect him to think that she would take advantage of Jessica.  It's as if he forgot all about his Sugarbear and he was talking about a stranger.  We don't see why the writers go out of their way to make TC into an angry man.  Why couldn't he be the one who understood Simone's situation?  Why did it have to be Eve?  We get it.  TC is expected to be the unnurturing parent while Eve looks like the caring one.  It's unrealistic.

Another problem we had with TC's reaction was the way he exposed it to Jessica.  Why couldn't he talk to Simone in private?  He didn't have to humiliate Simone the way he did.  Guess it didn't occur to TC to talk about Simone's situation rationally.  Then again, it wouldn't have been TC if he did.

Now we can get to little Miss Hot to Trot.  Simone should have slapped the sh*t out of Jessica when she dismissed her.  When TC exposed Simone's secret, Jessica had the nerve to get mad at Simone.  She got mad at Simone because she didn't tell her that she's gay.  What business was it of Jessica's?  It was none of her business if Simone is gay.  Then Jessica had the nerve to be an egomaniac and think that Simone was only a friend to her because she loved her and wanted to have sex with her.  TC put that in Jessica's head, but it didn't take long for her to go along with it.  She just ran out of Jessica's room.  After everything Simone did for Jessica, she had the nerve to reject her.  Newsflash, Jessica.  If Simone wanted to make a move on you, she could have done that anytime.  Simone should have gone to the police and gave them an anonymous tip about Jessica being a murderer.  It would have served Jessica right.

Sheridan is something else.  When she found out that Chris wanted to stay in Harmony because of her.  She offered to go in the witness protection program with him.  Hello, what about Luis?  She just lost Luis and she was willing to run off with another man.  What about Marty?  If she went into the witness protection program, she might not have seen Marty again.  Then there's the B N B.  She practically begged Sam to get a job just to go off with Chris.  There's some gratitude for you.  To get back to Marty, Sheridan never thought to look for Marty, but she could be with another man's son.  Nice way to remember your son Sheridan. 

Theresa, Theresa, Theresa. We have some complaints about her.  We know.  What else is new right?  Well this week Ethan had to go to the hospital because she drugged the guacamole.  Of course Theresa claimed it was an accident.  Every time she does something, it's always an accident.  We know it wasn't an accident because she purposely drugged the guacamole.  She meant for someone to get hurt.  Her plan blew up in her face and she deserved it.  We are so sick of how the writers try to look out for Theresa.  She was the one who almost killed Ethan, but she looks like the helpless little victim.  Well, we don't feel sorry for her, but we'll get back to that later.

If you need proof that the writers always try to look out for Theresa, look no further than the cop at the hospital.  When Rebecca and Gwen wanted her arrested for what she did to Ethan, he couldn't do it.  He needed proof that a crime took place.  We would bet almost anything that if Gwen were the one who drugged the guacamole, they would have arrested her.

As promised, we are going to talk about the way Theresa is coming off like the victim instead of the villain.  She was the one who tried to kill Ethan, but we have to see her crying about losing him.  Maybe she should have thought about Ethan before she was willing to kill Alistair.  Theresa also had the nerve to think that she had a right to be by Ethan's side.  What the f*ck gave her the right to know about Ethan?  Gwen is his wife.  She's the one who had a right to know what was wrong with him, not Theresa. BTW writers, just because Theresa cried like a baby, it doesn't mean she cared about Ethan more than Gwen.  We are not buying that.  The die-hard Theresa fans may believe that, but we don't.

While we're still on the subject of Theresa, look who had the nerve to pray to God to save Ethan.  She was all big and bad when she told Whitney about not needing God and how she had to look out for herself.  We remember when she said something like that before.  Basically, the ingrate turned her back against God, yet the first chance she got, she prayed to God.  Why should God listen to her?  We guess God is supposed to listen to her no matter how many times she turns her back against him/her (depending on your belief)

We think that Eve needs to be in jail with Theresa.  She is just as guilty as Theresa for why Ethan is in the hospital.  She should have felt like dirt when Gwen and Ivy were yelling at Theresa.  She was just as wrong as Theresa yet she let her take the fall.  Way to always look out for yourself, Eve.

We are so tired of Pilar enabling Theresa. Theresa tried to kill Ethan, but she tired to make excuses for her.  It's too bad Ivy and/or Gwen didn't slap Pilar when she tried to defend Theresa.

Here are some random thoughts for you:

Why was Sheridan more concerned about James than Chris was?  Chris didn't really act like a father who could have lost his son.

Why does Theresa insist on staying somewhere when people want her to leave?  Gwen wanted her to leave the hospital, but she insisted on staying.  She acted as if she had the right to be there.

Why would Alistair keep Theresa from going to jail?  She tried to kill him so he should have had her arrested.

Why did Alistair have to use little Ethan in order to get Theresa to leave the hospital?

Why would Simone help Jessica when Jessica was nothing but rude to her?

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