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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #182

10/24/05 10/28/05

Congratulations Ethan!  You earned a spot in this week's rants section.  You are a clear winner of the biggest jerk award.  You won two things this week. LOL!  He told Noah how he was in love with Theresa and not Gwen.  Noah was whining about not being with Fancy and Ethan said how he was in love with Theresa.  What a stupid dog.  He has no respect for Gwen.  He doesn't even have any for Theresa.  If Theresa is the one that he wants, what is keeping him from going to her?  He is ruining their lives just because he feels he can do it.  You see why we feel he is a dog?  The only thing that's missing on him is his flea collar.

Speaking of Theresa, she really needs to stop running her mouth so much.  She keeps telling people that she is going to kill Alistair.  She knows what happened to Eve when she kept threatening to kill Liz.  She will never learn.  Once again she was warned constantly not to kill him so you know what that means.  She won't listen and then she wonders why her life gets so screwed up.  She expects everyone to help her or her fangs will come out.  They should turn their backs on her since she never wants to listen to people.

We are going to use our telepathic powers and foresee into the future. LOL!  We are willing to bet that the writers are going to make Gwen look like the bad one for Theresa's crime.  We are so sick of Gwen always looking like the bad guy when Theresa does something wrong.  Since Theresa wants to commit murder so easily, why can't she just look like the bad one by herself?  If Gwen was the one who wanted to commit murder, Theresa wouldn't look like the bad guy at all.  It would just be Gwen.  We are getting really sick of the double standard that goes on with these two.

Our rants section wouldn't be complete without a section about Sheridan.  Once again everyone was worrying about Sheridan at the funeral.  We are really getting so sick and tired of everyone saying poor Sheridan this and poor Sheridan that.  Who cares?  She sent the man to his death so why should we feel any sympathy for her?

Was anyone surprised that Chris was the one who showed up at the Bed and Breakfast?  We certainly weren't surprised.  He must really be sprung over Sheridan.  He was willing to risk James's life just so he could see her again.  Give us a break!  Sheridan is not that great that he should risk his son's life for her.  What does that say for the agents that let him get away?

Speaking of these two, Chris and Sheridan don't need to be around kids.  They were so busy making googily eyes at each other that James ended up getting hit by a car.  Chris was stupid enough to leave the door open at the B & B and then he put James in a chair next to the open door.  the next thing you know, he ran out but they didn't notice anything.  They were talking too much.  That is the second time a child was missing in Sheridan's care.  Maybe Sheridan shouldn't be around any kids.

Let's move on to Alistair.  He is always blamed for everything that goes on in Harmony.  He's evil, but the "good people" of Harmony aren't saints either.  They need to be held responsible for their own actions.  Here are some examples of things that Alistair is accused of when they are the ones responsible:

Jessica's murdered john - Simone kept repeating for dear life that he had to be the one who was responsible.  Alistair didn't force her to turn tricks.

Foah's breakup - No one forced Noah to end things with Fancy for wanting to help him get a job.

Theresa's life being ruined - This is entirely her fault.  Alistair even warned her not to marry him, but she didn't want to listen.

Luis's death  It's a safe assumption that Alistair had him killed, but Sheridan was the one who sent him to his death.  She just had to send him out to look for Marty when she knew what could have happened to him.

We could go on forever, but there's no need.  We would like for the writers to make the others responsible for the things they've done.  Alistair isn't the only evil one in Harmony.

We're probably alone here, but we do not sympathize with Kay.  She deserves what Fox is doing to her.  She wanted him to be successful through Tabitha's spell so she shouldn't be surprised that he is turning on her.  Kay should be careful what she wishes for.  Next time she shouldn't run to the dark side with Fox's problems if she expects goodness to bail her out.  You can't have it both ways, Kay.

It's official.  Noah really sucks.  He has been on the show long enough and his acting isn't getting any better.  It's time for the writers to invest in getting him a better acting coach because the one he has now is not getting the job done.

On a final note, we are getting sick of the writers sucking up to Theresa and Foah.  It seems as if Theresa's looks or feisty attitude are praised every week.  That is getting on our nerves.  The same thing happens wit Foah.  Someone constantly reminds us how great they are too.  It's sickening.  We get it, JER.  You think that the three of them are wonderful, but who cares about anyone else.  Right, Sheridan would be the only other one who gets that type of royal treatment, but that's a different story.

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