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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #181

10/17/05 10/21/05

We want to start this week's column with a morality check...get it?  Morality check, reality check.  Anyway, it's not okay to try and kill someone just because you are considered the "heroine" of the show.  Most of you should know that we are referring to Harmony's hopeless romantic Theresa.  She wanted to kill Alistair this week because he keeps raping her.  Well, Mrs. Crane, you asked for that when you agreed to be Alistair's sex wife.  She even had had the nerve to ask Whitney and Eve to help her kill him.  (More on Eve later)  First of all, Theresa shouldn't have married Alistair since he raped her.  She keeps letting everyone within earshot know that she was raped so why would she marry him?  Most women wouldn't marry their rapist, but Theresa must be different.  She seems to think that it's okay just because she has no choice.  She can keep trying to justify why she wanted to kill Alistair all she likes, but it's still wrong.  Second, did you notice how Theresa was wringing her hands when she thought that Alistair was dead?  She didn't care about the numerous times that Alistair raped her.  All she cared about was what she was going to get after he died.  Maybe she only wants him dead because of all the money she will get once he dies.  It may have nothing to do with the fact that he rapes her and that he's rough with her.  She will keep using that as an excuse so that she won't look like a gold digger.  Another thing, why didn't she want to kill Alistair for what happened to Luis?  That's right.  She doesn't care about what happens to her family.  She only cares about herself.

We have another rant about Harmony's so-called heroine.  why is it okay for her to drug people?  She was at it again this week.  She drugged Alistair just so she wouldn't have to have sex with him.  It's not okay no matter how many times she drives it home about the way he makes her feel when he touches her.  If Alistair drugged Theresa, he would be considered a monster.  That's right.  Theresa is always allowed a free pass whenever she does something.

As promised, here's more about Eve.  It's bad enough that she let Liz off the hook last week, but now she's agreed to help Theresa drug Alistair.  The woman just barely got off the hook for three attempted murders so why would she risk going to jail again?  Since she was willing to help Theresa take care of Alistair, why are we supposed to believe that she didn't try to kill Julian and Alistair?  How do we know she didn't do it?  Just because it's saint Eve, that doesn't make her innocent.  How does she know that the drugs that she gave Theresa wouldn't kill Alistair?  It's possible because eh could be allergic to it.  yeah, we believe that Eve wouldn't harm anymore.  She would deserve it if she lost her job because she helped Theresa.

Let's move on to Harmony's resident victim.  Sheridan was playing up the grieving fiancee' role.  We are not buying how she suddenly cares about Luis.  Everyone who was at Luis's wake had to comfort her.  Sheridan's pity party knows no end.  It was poor Sheridan this and poor Sheridan that.  You would never know that Luis's family was suffering too.  They had to put their grief aside to comfort Sheridan.  Pilar has lost two sons, but she couldn't really grieve over them because Sheridan was in agony.  That was so irritating.  We will continue to rant about her selfishness every time she does it.

Noah is a total jerk.  Fancy went to Alistair to get him a job at Crane Industries.  Alistair finally caved and he was willing to give Noah a job.  Well, Mr. Self Righteous felt he was too good to work for Alistair.  Noah was the one who said he wanted a second job, but he was too proud to work for Alistair.  Alistair is too much of a monster for Mr. Self Righteous.  Kay works for Alistair knowing what he did to Sam so why can't he do it?  We hope that Alistair keeps him from getting any other job.

We are so sick of Ivy telling Fancy that everything she does is wrong.  Ivy always takes Noah's side.  She never takes Fancy's side.  Is it possible that Ivy has feelings for Noah?

Here are some random thoughts:

How come Sam and Katherine didn't go to Luis's wake?  Luis was Sam's best friend and Katherine is Sheridan's mother so why weren't they there?

Why didn't Jessica and Simone pay their respects to Paloma and her family since she helped them cover up their crime?

Why didn't Theresa take little Ethan to Luis's wake?

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