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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #180

10/10/05 10/14/05

Sheridan is a real piece of work.  She had the nerve to start worrying about not getting Marty back if Luis is dead.  That is just horrible.  Luis is supposed to be the love of her life, but she was worried about Marty.  She knows that her son is alive, but Luis is dead.  The worst thing that could have happened to Shuis was having a child.  Don't get us wrong.  It's great that they would have a baby, but Marty brought out the worst in Sheridan.  She was already selfish, but she's really bad now.

Another gripe we have with Sheridan is how she blames herself for everything.  She's not really excepting responsibility for her actions.  She's looking for someone to relieve her of her guilt.  It always works.  Chris keeps telling her that it's not her fault that Luis is gone.  Maybe we need to rewatch these episodes again because we clearly remember her sending Luis off to look for Luis.  We are also getting sick of her telling Chris that she doesn't want him to leave because of her.  She also doesn't want him to risk his life because of her.  Isn't that just maddening?  Well, it's at least maddening to us.  Sheridan wouldn't care about anything unless it's her fault.

Theresa was working our nerves this week too.  She was feeling sorry for herself once again.  It's too late for regrets now.  She keeps expecting Ethan to help her because he loves her.  Give us a break!  She is not in that bad of a situation considering she asked for it to happen.  If she would stop fighting Alistair, she wouldn't have to endure is rough side.  She even had the gall to tell Gwen how Ethan is only with her out of guilt.  Now if we're supposed to believe that she is being pressured by Alistair, maybe she should stop acting like such a man hungry witch.

Here's another problem that we have with Theresa.  She used Luis's death to get closer to Ethan.  She didn't even try to comfort Pilar.  She went to Ethan.  We have a feeling she is going to Luis's death to get him to sympathize with her.  She hasn't said one word about Luis, but now she has crocodile tears over his death.  Remember, Theresa, you married your brother's murderer.  Let's see if she thinks that her family means so much to her that she will leave him now.  We know that she won't because Ethan means more than they do.

Kay is a true gold digger.  She wanted Tabitha to put a spell on Fox so that he could be a success.  She didn't think that he was capable of making it on his own.  What on earth did he do before he got together with her?  It didn't take long for Kay to start scheming again.  Just because she thought she was doing it for Fox, that doesn't mean she wasn't scheming.

We were so disgusted with Eve.  She had the chance to get rid of Liz once and for all, but she didn't do it.  She could have had her arrested, but she chose to let her go free.  What kind of idiot is she?  Now you die-hard Eve fans probably think that she did the right thing by letting Liz walk, but we couldn't disagree more.  Liz wouldn't have hesitated to press charges against Eve if the shoe were on the other foot.  Eve got exactly what she deserved with Liz wouldn't forgive her.  She should have known that Liz wasn't going to suddenly forgive her just because she didn't press charges against her.  What was Eve thinking?

Here are some random thoughts:

Why did Theresa cry over Luis's death more than Martin and Pilar?

Why does Miguel keep in touch with Kay and not with Pilar?

Why did everyone have to care about Sheridan's feelings when they found out about Luis?  What about his family?

Why would Rebecca sleep with Alistair when he wants to destroy her daughter?

Why did Eve have to be at the Blue Note while Liz was getting arrested?

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