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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #179

10/3/05 – 10/7/05

“What have I done?”  That seems to be a popular quote that comes out of the mouth of Harmony’s “hopeless romantic.”  Yes, we were referring to Theresa.  She usually says that after she schemes and her schemes get out of hand.  That phrase was used this week when she married Alistair.  She was warned repeatedly by Pilar, Martin, Katherine, Whitney, and Ethan not to marry him, but she wouldn’t listen.  She had to do it because she just had to get Ethan and Jane back.  She didn’t care that she was making a deal with someone who hurt her family.  Once the ceremony was over, she said the quote stated above.  Well Theresa, you knowingly went into that mess of a marriage.  That’s what you’ve done.  She needs to stop and think about what she’s doing so she won’t have to constantly ask herself what she’s done.  Who are we kidding?  She is going to keep doing stupid things and then ask herself what has she done.

Sheridan is really starting to bug us.  She doesn’t care about what the Lopez-Fitzgeralds nightmare.  She only cared about not being able to forgive Luis for what he did.  First of all, who cares about Sheridan’s feelings?  That marriage had nothing to do with her.  Second, what right did Sheridan have to possibly keep Luis from stopping Theresa’s wedding just because he may not have Marty?  It’s not her decision to make.  If she had her way, Luis would never go back to Harmony because the founder of Harmony won’t allow his return.  We really can’t believe that this is the same Sheridan that we wanted to be with Luis.  What have the writers done to her?

If Chris asked Sheridan one more time if he should call the FBI, we would have screamed.  He was really driving us crazy with that.  Was he going for a record?

Gwen was bugging us this week too.  We still support her in her story with Theresa, but she is going nuts.  She kept telling anyone who would listen that she was going to lose Jane and Ethan now that Theresa is married to Alistair.  Is she going to hand him over to Theresa?  We doubt it so she should stop worrying about losing Ethan.  Jane is a different story.  No matter what you have yourself convinced to believe, Jane is not your daughter.  Unfortunately, she is Theresa’s daughter until we are told differently.

Writers, we have a request.  Please get rid of Jessica.  She is terrible.  She has been on the show long enough, but she isn’t getting any better.  She thinks that she killed her john this week.  That might have been a good way for Danica to prove that she could act.  Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

Speaking of Jessica, why does Simone even bother helping her anymore?  Simone was the one who cleaned up the motel for Jessica.  They were almost caught by a police officer.  Who do you think she wanted to call for help?  You guess it.  She wanted to call Spike.  Can you believe that?  The girl will never get a clue.  Simone shouldn’t even bother being an accessory to her crime.  If Spike does help Jessica, he will probably blame Simone for the murder.

Here are some random thoughts:

If Alistair is as bad as everyone says he is, when are the people in Harmony going to leave town and start a new life?

Does anyone else remember the last time Kay uttered Simone’s name?  We don’t either.

Why have the Cranes forgotten that Katherine has money too?  They don’t have to just rely on their trust funds.

Speaking of Katherine, now that she found out that she’s not married to Alistair, where is she going to live?

Was Alistair right when he started spreading those rumors about Sam?  He did tamper with evidence regardless of his reasons why.

Why would Paloma possibly smuggle drugs into Harmony after everything that she and Jessica went through when they took drugs before?  Also, does anyone even care what she and Roberto are smuggling into Harmony?

Have you noticed how Theresa rarely tells Ethan how she loves him?  She always tells him that he loves her, but she doesn’t tell him how she feels.

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