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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #178

9/26/05 - 9/30/05

As our long-time fans may know, Sheridan was one of our favorite characters on the show. That is getting harder to admit now. She’s really testing that. She thought that Luis was dead, but of course she didn’t call him to make sure he was okay. Did she forget who he was risking his life to look for? She must have since she hadn’t bothered to speak to him while she was gone. If you can believe it, she had the nerve to decide to call him now that Alistair has decided to call him. The man has been gone for months, but now she’s suddenly worried about sending him away. Why does she care now? Does another woman taking her money threaten her? Maybe we’re on to something.

Speaking of Sheridan, why can’t she help Luis look for Marty? We have mentioned this rant before, but it needed to be repeated. Theresa could barely walk when her daughter was kidnapped, but she went to the compound to look for her. Why can’t Sheridan do the same thing? We hope that she doesn’t think whining about wanting him back is the same thing as looking for him.

Let’s move on to another self-centered Crane. Fancy and Noah’s relationship is getting on our nerves again. They were constantly deciding whether they should keep seeing each other. It was really maddening.

We really think Theresa has lost it. For some strange reason, she thinks marrying Alistair will get her everything she wants. No matter what anyone tells her, she just refuses to listen. Pilar should have spent the time she was enabling her getting her some therapy. The woman really needs it.

Gwen is someone else who needs some therapy. She is spending too much time worrying about Theresa. She’s also worrying too much about keeping Jane. Jane is all she talks about now. She was already willing to turn her back on Rebecca when she agreed to help Eve. Now she wants Ethan to do whatever Theresa wants to keep her from marrying Alistair. Really Gwen? What if Theresa wants him to divorce you or have sex with her? Would you let him do it so that you can keep Jane? Her obsession is getting as bad as Theresa’s obsession.

Why does Simone waste her time helping Jessica? The girl never wants to listen and she always ends up going back to Spike. Her own family doesn’t even want to help her so why would Simone want to do it?

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