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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #177

9/19/05 - 9/23/05

Was there something in the water this week since Theresa and Gwen chose to disrespect their mothers? They were both so rude to Pilar and Rebecca. They only cared about their own problems. Let's talk about them one at a time.

Theresa was being such a brat when Pilar and Martin wanted to talk some sense into her about working with Alistair. She became so manic that she ended up knocking Pilar down again. Pilar should start investing in some padding because she's going to need it. Anyway, Theresa kept screaming at her as well as Martin. She even called her mother a doormat because she wanted to stay with Martin. Excuse us, Theresa. You want to be with a man who has told you repeatedly that he didn't want you. What does that make you? She is no better than Pilar. Theresa will definitely deserve it when her plan blows up in her face. Pilar should just give up on Theresa. We get it. Pilar will look like the monster if she does give up on Theresa. Theresa has let her know that she will do whatever she wants so why should Pilar keep wasting her time trying to help her?

Now let's move on to Gwen's behavior. As you all know, we are on Gwen's side in her war with Theresa. We are not that far on her side that we don't notice her faults. She was also being rude to her mother. Rebecca wanted to confess to what she did to Eve, but Gwen didn't want her to do it. She knows that Eve is possibly going to prison for something that she didn't do, but she didn't care. Gwen said that she wouldn't stand by Rebecca if she confessed. What was up with that? You would think that she would want Rebecca to do the right thing for once. She didn't want to stand by her side because Theresa could use it against her. Can you believe that? Rebecca is always willing to stand by Gwen's side, but she won't do it for her because of Theresa. It's obvious that she needs to get some help just like Theresa.

Speaking of Theresa again for a second, she needs some help. As you know, Alistair told her that she would lose her chance to be with Ethan if she works with him. She did it anyway. She still thinks that Alistair will help her get Jane and Ethan back. Pilar also told her that Ethan wouldn't want her after she was with Alistair, but she still wanted to work with Alistair. There is no way that her actions are normal.

Let's shift gears. We think that Alistair is a complete pervert. He was watching Foah have sex this week. You could easily forget that he is Fancy's grandfather. Why was he getting so upset with Fancy being with Noah? He has had sex with "poor people" so he shouldn't be mad at her for doing the same thing. We think Alistair loves Fancy a little more than she should.

Let's talk about another obsessed Crane. Chad proved that he can be a true Crane. He knows how Fox felt about Miles so he used him. Chad used Miles so that Fox wouldn't go after him at Crane Industries. He decided to let Fox be Miles's godfather. That would have been a good thing if Chad was being sincere, but he wasn't sincere at all. Chad hasn't known he was a Crane long, but he is getting like his grandfather already.

Jessica is such an idiot. She got arrested for prostitution, but she still wants to stay with Spike. He yelled at her again, but she won't stay away from him. She will never learn.

We are not buying Kay as a good person. Now the writers are trying to make her the victim and Valerie the bad one. Valerie is no different from the way Kay used to be. She doesn't want Kay to keep her from succeeding. She didn't want Charity to get Miguel. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her because Valerie set her up? We don't feel any sympathy for her because she had no problem doing everything she did to Charity and Miguel. She had no remorse when she did those things so why is Valerie wrong for going after Kay? Kay deserves to have someone make her miserable the same way she tried to make Charm miserable.

Here are some random thoughts:

How many times are we going to have to hear Theresa blame Martin for leaving her family whenever she doesn't get what she wants?

Why did Pilar and Martin take Theresa back to their house without little Ethan?

Why did Katherine conveniently walk all the way to the wharf when she could have walked around the mansion?

Why didn't Katherine go to court to see Eve's case? She claimed she was praying for her, but she didn't support her.

How is Whitney doing all of this traveling to and from the convent? Theresa had to drive her there when she went the first time.

Why didn't Eve tell TC goodbye? She knows how he feels about her so why didn't she want to see him at the precinct?

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