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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #176

9/12/05 - 9/16/05

This week proved what we've already suspected: Theresa is nuts. She finally found the disks that she was so desperately trying to find. She even sold her soul to Alistair to find them. Unfortunately for her, Gwen took them from her. We loved that. She was just so sure that she had the proof she needed to steal Ethan away from Gwen. Well, the smug gods don't like that, Theresa. That's right. Gwen ended up taking the disks and burned them. Theresa shouldn't have been stupid enough to try and look at the disks in Rebecca's room. She should have taken them to another room or even waited until Ethan got back to the mansion and look at them then. Right. She was so obsessed with proving her so called innocence, that she ended up losing them.

Guess you all should get comfortable because we have a couple of other rants about Theresa. LOL! She tried to kill Gwen a couple of times this week. Gwen took the disks and went to the basement so Theresa followed her. She thought that she could stop Gwen from getting rid of the disks by attacking her. When that didn't work, she tried to kill her. Now we can only imagine what is being said in Theresa's defense on the message boards. When Gwen tried to kill Theresa, she was a monster who should have been locked up. Now Theresa will be justified for what she's done. We are so sick of the writers trying to make Theresa out to be a saint when she is trying to steal a married man.

Another problem we had with Theresa was the way she was trying to justify working with Alistair. Pilar tried to talk Theresa out of staying at the mansion with Alistair, but naturally she wouldn't listen to her. Theresa thinks fate wants her to get Ethan back. Give it up, girl. You've been apart for the majority of the time the show has been on the air. That was plenty of time to get over Ethan. If the writers want us non-Theresa fans to root for her, then many she should focus on her kids and stop worrying about Ethan. We know that will never happen.

We're tired of ranting about Theresa. Let's move on to her obsession. Ethan has to be the worst lawyer on the planet. He barely defended Eve during her trial. He let Grace Nancier bury Eve and he barely did anything to help her.

We get it writers. You have an obsession with Noah. We don't know how many times we had to endure hearing how wonderful he is or how gorgeous he is. We don't really see it and we won't see it no matter how many times a week we hear it.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why did Theresa think she could save the disks from the incinerator? They would have been useless if she got them out of it.

If Theresa's arm was hurt so badly, why was she using it to attack Gwen?

Pilar told Theresa that she had to get a job. When was the last time Pilar looked for one?

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