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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #175

9/5/05 - 9/9/05

We need to send the Passions writers our medical bills because they are making our blood pressure go up because of Theresa. Her actions are really maddening. She never knows when to quit. Alistair "raped" her, but she still wanted to throw herself at Ethan. She barely had time to wash after the attack, but she was ready to jump on Ethan. She was really forcing herself on to him. It was sickening. Now we've read on different message boards that women handle rape differently, but come on. She shouldn't have been ready to have sex so fast and in the same room and bed as the attack. What kind of woman does that? She was practically begging Ethan to have sex with her. It was really pathetic. She should have been ashamed of herself for parading around like that. Of course she wasn't ashamed at all. She was just concerned with getting Ethan and being a family with her kids. We don't have any sympathy for her because of her actions this week. Instead of being so quick to get Ethan into bed with her, why couldn't she just deal with what happened to her? That would have been much better than her trying to throw herself at a married man. Did the church teach you to do that Theresa? Even if some women would seek comfort the way Theresa did after being raped, we doubt that they would do that about twenty minutes after it happened.

Speaking of Ethan, he is such a dog. Theresa was throwing herself at him as usual, and he keeps letting her do it. Theresa is wrong for what she's doing, but Ethan is much worse for allowing her to do it. He could pull away if he wanted to do it. He is so much bigger than she is so he could move away if he wants to do it. Right, he has to want to do it because of his wuv for Theresa. There's no way he's supposed to stay faithful to his wife. What on earth were we thinking? Another problem we have with Ethan is what he keeps saying to Theresa. He keeps saying that he "can't be with her." What happened to "I won't be with you because I love Gwen." That would probably keep Theresa away. Right, he wants her to think that she has a chance with him. We're also sick of him saying how much he loves her. We get it. Theresa is the love of his life. Gwen's not supposed to matter. He also lied to Gwen about what he did with Theresa. We're not surprised by that since he's always lying to Gwen. That's right. That's supposed to be okay because he's just lying to Gwen. Give us a break, writers. You might have most of the audience convinced that E/T are destined to be together, but we are not so easily fooled.

Ivy is becoming the new Grace. She cut off Grace's head and she took her place. Please don't misunderstand. Ivy didn't really cut off her head. She is becoming like Grace. She seems to enjoy bad mouthing Fancy. Grace used to do that to Kay before she left Harmony. Now Ivy does it all the time. We are not fans of Fancy, but the woman doesn't have to be so cruel. Fancy is supposed to be her daughter, but she still insists on saying bad things about her. Here's a tip Ivy. Talking about your daughter like that to Sam won't get him back into your bed.

Sheridan is so gullible. She clearly overheard Chris talking about her on the phone, but she bought his story. He claimed that he's in the witness protection program. That's really convenient isn't it? He knew that he didn't have to say much to convince her that he wasn't working for Alistair. She would believe anything he said especially once he asked her to raise James if something happened to him. She was putty in his hands.

Are Fox and Kay boring anyone else besides us? The are really sickening. We know that they are popular with most of the audience, but they are boring to us. We don't like the way the writers are writing for them. Guess we're just supposed to forget all of the things Kay's done now that she's lusting after Fox. Sorry writers. We're not buying it!

Katherine always makes sure that she can run into Martin whenever he's with Pilar? She did it again when they were at the church with Father Lonigan. She conveniently wanted to light a candle for Eve at the time. Yeah right, Katherine. You never say two words to Eve or even Julian, but now you want to light a candle for her because of Julian? Give us a break! We are not buying that for one second. If she didn't want to interrupt Martin and Pilar, why didn't she just light the candle and walk away? Why did she stay and listen to their conversation with Father Lonigan? That's right. That is her way of trying to be a martyr. Oh, please.

Here's some random thoughts:

How come Theresa was able to force herself on to Ethan, but she was too weak to fight off Alistair? Ethan is probably stronger than Alistair, but she was strong enough for him.

How come Katherine knew about Theresa's rape, but she didn't help her? We have read on different message boards that Gwen was heartless or cruel for letting Theresa get raped. Well, Katherine did the same thing, but we bet we won't be reading about that.

Why did Kay disrespect Tabitha by having sex in her house?

Martin suddenly confessed to his feelings for Katherine. Why do that now that he's renewing his vows with Pilar? What a jerk!

Gwen, why did you have to open your mouth about the tabloid again? You know that Theresa is at the mansion so why would you mention it again? Did you want to be caught? Well you were caught.

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