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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #174

8/29/05 - 9/2/05

How can you tell if a person is hard headed? When you constantly warn them that they shouldn't do something and they do it anyway, they are hard headed. That describes Theresa perfectly. She was constantly warned about Alistair, but she didn't want to listen to them. She just knew that she was doing the right thing. Alistair wasn't going to do anything to her. This week proved that she was sadly mistaken. She found out the hard way that she was no match for Alistair. He wanted to have sex with her and he got what he wanted.

Speaking of Alistair having sex with Theresa, we have issues about the rape. We'll mention the part about the rape that you all will agree with. Then we will mention the stuff that you may or may not agree with. Here's the part that you will probably agree with. We think that Alistair was wrong for raping Theresa. He knew that she didn't want to have sex with him, but he chose to have his way with her. We got the message Passions writers. You wanted Alistair to look like the moustache-twirling villain. It's weird how the writers are doing that now that Theresa was raped. Why didn't they do that when Katherine was raped? Hmm..

Now here's the part where you may or may not agree. We think that Theresa asked to be raped. Now before you start thinking that we're crazy or something, we'll tell you why we feel this way. Theresa was warned hand over fist that Alistair would try something with her. Her parents, Whitney, Katherine, and Ethan warned her about Alistair, but as usual she didn't listen to them. She went ahead and moved in with Alistair. Once she moved in with Alistair, he let his intention be known that he was going to collect on the deal the night he raped her. Did she take that opportunity to move out of the mansion? No, she didn't. She chose to stay there when he told her that she wouldn't get Ethan or her children. She also went out to dinner with him. She was in over her head and she didn't care. As long as she got Ethan and Jane (in that order) she was willing to work with Alistair.

Another reason why we think she deserved what happened to her was the way she acted at the Seascape. She asked as if he was diseased when he tried to be affectionate with her. She was acting like she was too pure to be touched by his evil hands. Then she had the nerve to slap him when he was dancing with her. That probably made Alistair want to rape her. He was probably so angry that he wanted to make her suffer. It's something how she thought that he was too good to be touched by him at the Seascape, but she allowed him to touch her in Pilar's house. Guess it was okay for him to touch her then because Ethan was around. It's okay to use Alistair to make Ethan jealous, but when Ethan is not around, he's off limits to her. She's really something and we don't mean that in a good way.

Since Theresa is a rapist, why are we supposed to care when it happened to her? The writers could have tried to rewrite how Theresa raped him all they wanted to, but we all know she did rape him. She used a date rape drug to get him to sleep with her. The emphasis is on the "date rape" drug. Just because Ethan suddenly knew that he was doing it doesn't mean Theresa didn't rape him. The only difference between the two rapes was Theresa used a drug to rape Ethan and Alistair didn't use one. Oh right. The other difference is the writers tried to give Theresa a way out of what she did wrong, but they won't do that for Alistair. Theresa was left an option to be taken off of the hook because Ethan knew what he was doing. Alistair was not given that option. We are supposed to know for a fact that Theresa didn't give in to Alistair? We didn't get to see everything that happened so we don't know for a fact that he raped her. Who are we kidding? Theresa is always the innocent victim (at least according to the die-hard Theresa fans) so there's no way we're supposed to believe that she gave in to Alistair.

The other issue we had with the rape was the writers had to involve Gwen in it. Why did she have to be the one who heard Theresa getting raped? It was so obvious that the writers wanted Gwen to look bad in this story so Theresa would come off as the victim. Well it didn't work for us. Now don't get us wrong. We think that Gwen should have done something to help Theresa. She didn't have to physically do anything, but she could have gotten help. She could have also called the police instead of going back to her room and having sex with Ethan. That was the only thing Gwen needed to do. We don't think she should have been expected to go in and help the b*tch who wanted to bring her down. The writers must think we're all crazy if they expect us all to believe that Gwen was the monster for not helping Theresa when she brought her rape on herself. We know the die-hard Theresa fans will crucify Gwen because she didn't help Theresa. We have a feeling that they would have crucified her even if she did help Theresa since she's a monster to them anyway. The writers having Gwen walk away instead of helping their precious Theresa was more ammunition for them to attack her. If the writers plan was to make us all hate Gwen for not saving Theresa. Their efforts were in vain as far as we're concerned.

Let's get away from the rape issue and talk about Sheridan. This woman is something else. First she expected proof from Chris that he is James's father. Then she tried to stop him from talking his son. Who did she think she was? She doesn't know James any better than Chris so who was she to tell him that he couldn't take his son. Sheridan can be such a demanding witch. Luis is better off without her.

Speaking of Sheridan, why in the world did the writers cast Shannon Sturges to play Sheridan? We don't think she's going a good job. Others may like her, but we don't. We think she's playing the part too Stepford like. She's also making Sheridan seem like a psycho.

We feel like members of a lonely club with this opinion, but we are so not feeling Fox and Kay. They do not have any chemistry in our opinion. Plus, we don't like the way the writers are trying to make Kay came off as a goody two shoes. She acts as if she led the life as a saint while Fox was the rebellious bad boy player. He may not have been a saint, but he would come closer to being one than Kay. We didn't forget about all of the bad things she did just because the writers want us to forget about them.

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