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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #173

8/22/05 - 8/26/05

Isnít it amazing how interchangeable Theresa and Gwen can be? In case you are unfamiliar with the word, it means to put in the place of the other. In other words, they are alike. They are only concerned with themselves. Now if you are a Theresa fan, you probably think that Gwen only thinks of herself and if youíre a Gwen fan, you probably think that Theresa only thinks of herself. They both proved this week that they are worried about themselves.

When Gwen found out that Rebecca was keeping a secret, her first thought was she was going to lose Jane and Ethan. She didnít even care that the secret had to do with Rebecca. She was only concerned with what she would have lost. Then when she found out the secret (Rebecca poisoned Lizís punch), she thought that she could lose Jane. What about Rebecca possibly going to jail? If Rebecca gets caught, she had bigger things to worry about than Gwen losing Jane. Couldnít Gwen just worry about what could happen to Rebecca for fives minutes before she started worrying about herself? It was a wonder she even kept Rebeccaís secret. Then again she could have only kept the secret to protect herself.

While weíre on the subject of Gwen, did you notice how she practically judged Rebecca for trying to kill Eve? Isnít that the pot calling the kettle black? She has tried to kill Theresa so she should have understood Rebeccaís situation.

When Ethan wanted to talk to Rebecca about her statement, Theresa had to take that opportunity to worry about herself. She started questioning Rebecca and Gwen about the tabloid issue. What the f*ck did that have to do with the tabloid mess? A woman could go to prison for the rest of her life and all Theresa cared about was Gwen and Rebecca framing her for Ethanís paternity coming out. She couldnít just wait to prove her point. She must drive her theory home every chance she gets. Maybe she has a little game going on with herself for how many times she must bring up the tabloid thing.

While weíre on Theresa, we may as well bring up her resistance of Alistair. She acts as if Alistair isnít supposed to want anything from her. She wanted his help and it was supposed to stop at that. Heís not supposed to man handle her. She is as bad as Katherine. They both want Alistairís help, but they donít want to do anything in return for his help. They also both fight Alistair when he expects to get what he wants. They wouldnít have to get roughed up if they just give him what he wants. We hope Theresa doesnít think she is too good to be with Alistair. She didnít think about that when she agreed to his help. Now that he wants her to deliver something for him, heís supposed to back off. BTW Theresa, itís too late for you to wonder about the mistake you made about making a deal with the devil. You should have thought about that before and you wouldnít be in the mess that youíre in.

What was with Kay this week? She was so rude to Simone when she tried to talk to her about why she wasnít in California. She snubbed Simone because she had to gush over Fox. Fox could have waited for ten minutes for Kay to listen to her. Fox didnít force Kay to put Maria on the pony. In case youíre confused, Endora zapped a pony on the pier. Fox took Endora over there when Simone wanted to talk to Kay. Kay couldnít talk to Simone because Maria had to go to the pony too. She wanted to talk to Simone later. Before Kay fell for Fox, she would have listened to Simone. She wouldnít have igged her for Fox. Now say what you want about Simone, but sheís never done that to Kay. Whenever Kay had one her problems with Charity or Miguel, Simone was there to listen. She didnít flat out ignored her. Itís too bad Simone didnít go off on her the way she did her family.

It certainly didnít take long for Jessica to have her attitude again. We donít even know why Sam would even want to help her. She is so ungrateful. We are so tired of the way sheís acting. If she were a better actress, we could probably deal with her. Her story is strictly fast forward material.

Here are some additional rants:

Why did the writers have to butcher Gwen in order to "redeem" Theresa? Itís bad enough that the writers had to suddenly bring up the tabloid issue but not they have to have her keep a secret from Ethan. Itís so obvious that the writers are gearing for an Ethan and Theresa pairing, but they didnít have to have Gwen keep secrets from Ethan.

Why did TC only go after Spike when he thought that he attacked Simone? Why didnít he help Sam deal with Spike when he turned Jessica into a hooker? Samís supposed to be his best friend and he didnít lift a finger to help him.

Why did Sheridan act as if James was hers? When she found out that his father was found, she had the nerve to say he was hers. She is just like Beth. Beth was a monster when she said that Marty was her son so why isnít Sheridan one? Itís something how she was so quick to love another boy who isnít hers. Maybe Martyís better off with Beth. At least she loves Marty.

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