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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #172

8/15/05 - 8/19/05

We're not sure if you remember this or not, but we ranted about the women in Harmony. Well, it's time to do it again. The majority of them obviously have a problem. Without further or do, let's get to it.

Whitney could never stop playing the blame game for five minutes. When she went to the hospital to tell Eve and Julian that she was joining a convent, she flipped out on them and blamed them for why she had to go to the convent in the first place. She didn't even care that they were trying to reason with her. She just blew up at them and stormed off. Maybe she needs to learn that she shouldn't just run away from her problems. She also needs to learn that she's responsible for her own actions. She was the one who slept with Chad. She was the one who lied about the father of her baby. She was the one who kept it a secret until it came out. How was any of that Eve and Julian's faults? We know. It's not their fault.

Sheridan must need to spend some more time in the mental institution because she has herself convinced that Mark is her son. She was upset because she lost her son. Marty hasn't even been gone long yet and she already replaced him with Mark. That should make Marty feel great.

Since we're on Sheridan, let's talk about her working for Sam. We didn't have a problem with her asking for a job, we just didn't like how she only went to see him when she wanted something. That wasn't the only problem we had. If Sheridan is supposed to stand on her own two feet, how come she didn't need to get paid to work at the B & B? How was that standing on her own two feet? How come she didn't ask Sam how he was dealing with Jessica? She just charged in his house looking for something to "pass the time". That was so selfish of Sheridan. We aren't surprised that she was selfish.

We'll leave you with this one last thing about Sheridan. Is anyone else getting sick of her blaming Alistair for why she lost Luis? It was her own fault that she lost Luis. She was the one who pushed him away. Alistair didn't make her push him away.

Gwen is one of our favorites on the show, but she is in denial. She has herself under the impression that Jane is hers and not Theresa's. When she fought with Theresa about the baby. She told Theresa that Jane was hers. Gwen must have gone coo coo again. Unless the DNA test was wrong, Jane is not hers. Gwen was also scared that she was going to lose Jane because Alistair was helping Theresa. Well there's a possibility that she may lose Jane anyway, since she and Ethan only have temporary custody of Jane.

Fancy got on our nerves this week. She seems to be doing that a lot. When she violated Noah's wallet and found the letter, why didn't she just confront Noah about the letter she found? Instead, she chose to have a fit like a child whose toy was taken away from them. Why do the writers insist on making Fancy a spoiled brat? She would be more likeable if she weren't so spoiled. Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on Fancy. She does have a mother like Ivy so that could be why she acts the way she does.

Ivy is such a terrible mother. When she found out what happened to Noah and Fancy, she was quick to assume that Fancy was the cause of the mess. She also seemed upset at the fact that she was saved from the department store. Considering she said she was worried about Fancy. She should have been glad that she was rescued. Instead, she focused on the fact that Fancy left Noah at the department store. Then when Noah told her about what happened in Las Vegas, she blamed it all on Fancy. What kind of a mother does something like that? She always thinks the worst in Fancy, yet she wanted to make peace with her. No wonder Fancy didn't want to get along with her. Why should she? Ivy always thinks she's going to cause trouble. She also thinks that Fancy isn't good enough for Noah. We should all have a mother like that. She has got to be one of the worst mother's in Harmony and that's saying something since Harmony is full of bad mothers.

Liz has turned into a bigger nutcase than she was before and that's saying something. When TC kicked her to the curb, girlfriend went crazy. First she threatened to make Eve and TC suffer and then she destroyed his kitchen. She should have suspected that it was going to happen eventually. After all her scheming to get TC, she still didn't get him completely. She should have remembered the adage "what goes around comes around". It certainly came around and bit her on the butt.

Theresa decided to move into the mansion with Alistair this week. Well, she has made her bed and she has to lie in it. She will be so sick if he does to her what he does to Katherine. She was warned not to live with Alistair, but as usual she didn't listen. When her latest scheme to get Ethan and Jane (in that order) blows up in her face, she will only have herself to blame.

Was anyone else ready to slap Theresa when she kept Ethan and Gwen from leaving the mansion? Who did she think she was forcing them to stay there? It would have crunched her face if Ethan and Gwen found a way to get out of the mansion anyway.

Here are some additional rants for you:

Did you notice how Sheridan was able to find her way around the B & B? She hasn't been there that long, yet she knew her way around.

Why did Sheridan have to interrogate Chris (the guest at the B & B)? She acted as if she had a right to suspect him of something. The woman had to ask him where he was from, why his credit cared looked brand new, and why his initials weren't on his briefcase. None of that was any of her business. She didn't need to know any of that before she let him get a room. She wouldn't even let him get to his room before she had to play 20 questions with him.

Why did Ethan have to think about helping Eve? She helped him and Gwen when Gwen was on trial for trying to kill Theresa. If it wasn't for Eve, Gwen might have gone to prison. Also, Eve was the one who helped save Jane's life. Ethan shouldn't have had to think about helping her. Ethan's excuse for not helping Eve was he had his own problems. Well, what if Eve said that whenever anyone had a medical emergency? With the exception of Pilar and Alistair, she never waits to help anyone. She just does it. We know that Ethan finally agreed to help her, but it took too long to decide to help her.

Why does Gwen have to obsess over Theresa? When Ethan decided to help Eve, Gwen had to turn it into something about Theresa. Gwen is just as obsessed with Theresa as Theresa is of Ethan.

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