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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #171

8/8/05 8/12/05

This week dealt with the aftermath of the earthquake and the Tsunami. Here's what we thought about it.

We thought the week was pretty good with some exceptions.

One of the exceptions was Chad. He is a sick individual. He finally found out that Miles is his son, but he had a strange reaction. He thought it was a good thing. He thought that was a reason for him to be with Whitney. What was he smoking? He should have been concerned about what the news would mean to Miles. Instead, he was happy that he could be with Whitney. He is so obsessed with Whitney that he didn't even stop to think about Miles. That sounds like something Theresa would do. Maybe the writers should have put them together.

Another exception was Sheridan. She was such a weasel to Luis and she didn't even talk to him. Now you're probably wondering why we thought she was a weasel since she didn't talk to him. She could have said something to Luis. He is off looking for her son. The least she could have done was speak to him. For all she knew, he may never come back. She didn't want to be bothered with Luis until he found Marty. Stuff like that was why we found it hard to believe that she cared about losing Luis. She blamed Alistair for why she lost him. She had the chance to talk to Luis, but she blew it.

Another thing that bugged us about Sheridan was the way she claimed Mark. She was acting as if he was her son. She was so desperate to keep him that she was willing to ask Alistair for help. Now bear in mind that she yelled at him when she first saw him in Pilar's house. She said she hated him when the police wanted to take him to child protective services. Then when the lady from CPS showed up, she asked Alistair for help. She should have known that he wouldn't have helped her. You may have thought that Alistair was a monster for turning her down, but we thought she deserved it. Sheridan has been showing her a** lately so she needed the fall from grace. Besides, if she kept Mark, she might have forgotten about Marty. She already declared Mark her son.

We think we may be the only ones who feel this way, but we are not feeling Fox/Kay. It's good that the writers decided to have them move on, but this seemed rushed. They went from not liking each other to liking each other too fast. We may have been able to feel them if it didn't happen so fast. We'll try and give it some time if it turns out to be a good story.

We have a feeling that we are part of a lonely club with Noah and Fancy too. We know that they have a large fanbase, but we do not think they are such a great couple. All they do is argue over the same things. They would probably be more bearable if they had a better story. Also, they need to find better actors. No offense to the people who like them, but these two cannot act. At times Fancy's acting isn't that bad, but Noah's acting is terrible. A tree would probably act better than he does. LOL! Anyway, despite how bad he acts, Noah is still more tolerable than Fancy. Fancy is such a spoiled brat that she can be unbearable. Note to writers: If we are all supposed to like Noah and Fancy, they need to either give them a better story or get them some acting lessons.

What was with Theresa expecting Ethan to stay with her at the hospital? He didn't do anything wrong by going with his wife. She was obviously better so there was no reason for him to stay with her. She had a lot of nerve.

If that wasn't bad enough, when Ethan tried to talk to Theresa about being with Alistair, she tried to make him the heavy. She claimed that it was up to him if she was going to work with Alistair. Well, who did she think she was? If she didn't want to work with him, she didn't have to do it. She didn't need Ethan to make that decision for her. Since she saw first hand the kind of man Alistair is, you would think that she wouldn't want to work with him. He had no problem turning on Sheridan so what makes her think that he won't do the same thing to her?

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