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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #170

8/1/05 - 8/5/05

What a week! There was another disaster this week. This time it was a Tsunami. First there was an earthquake and then there was a Tsunami. The writers obviously want to make the people of Harmony suffer.

Speaking of the Tsunami, did anyone else get a claustrophobic feeling watching them in the water? Every time the water kept going up to their necks, it got worse and worse. It was really bad watching TC and Eve in the car. It looked as if they weren't going to get out of the car.

Since there wasn't much that happened this week, we'll give you some random thoughts:

Of course we couldn't start these without thoughts of Theresa. Actually, we have two thoughts about her, but we'll get to the other one later. The first thought was the way she criticized Jessica for looking like a hooker. Who was she to judge? We recall her looking like a hooker earlier that night when she went out with Alistair. Pilar told her that she looked like a prostitute. She didn't like hearing it, yet she had no problem saying that to Jessica. Now you may think that Theresa was right for saying that to Jessica because Jessica is young and that's true. Jessica is too young to dress the way she was, but Theresa didn't have a right to call her on it. Considering she had an affair with a married man, she was no one to judge.

Is anyone else tired of good Kay? She has become boring now. We liked her better when she was multi-dimensional. She was way more interesting then. Now we could care less about seeing her.

What was with Katherine wanting to go out in the Tsunami to check on Martin and Sheridan? She didn't even mention looking for Julian. She knew that Julian was in danger because she saw that on the monitor, but she didn't care. She only wanted to look for Martin and Sheridan. She is such a terrible mother to Julian. Julian could have died for all she cared. No wonder Julian used to be a bad guy. Look at his upbringing. He has two monsters for parents.

As promised, we are going to talk about Theresa. She could have possibly died because of the Tsunami, but all she cared about was Ethan and the kind of life they could have had. She barely mentioned her children. The only time she mentioned them was when she was talking about the life she and Ethan would have had with them. Now if she is supposed to be a great mother, why are her children always last on her list of concerns? They weren't even a thought. It was all about Ethan. She's pretty much no different from Katherine except that even Katherine cares about one of her children. Theresa doesn't give a crap about her children at all.

Do you notice how Tabitha always keeps Endora up late? Last week, Tabitha said it was past Endora's bedtime, yet she was still up. Maybe Tabitha's not that great of a mother after all. Who are we kidding? She's still a better mother than the others.

Why did Sheridan have to get Mark? We had a feeling that she was going to wind up raising him. The writers were so predictable about that. You all may be happy about that, but we aren't. We think she's going to use Mark to replace Marty. That will not be fair to Mark, but what does it matter. As long as Sheridan has a kid, that's all that matters.

What was with Chadney? Why would they knowingly be with each other? Whitney thought that it was disgusting to be with him before, yet she couldn't wait to be with him. The writers must be hard up for a story that they had to let them be together.

Was anyone else ready to strangle Liz? Of course you were. She was so pathetic to want to sleep with Julian during the Tsunami. Then she had the nerve to stab him when he turned her down. The girl must have lost her mind during the Tsunami.

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