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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #169

7/25/05 - 7/29/05

So what did you think of the Passions disaster? All it did was destroy the town. What was the point of that? Unless the writes plan on remodeling the sets, there was no need to destroy the town. The disaster did accomplish something: It brought out the worst in the Harmonites.

The disaster brought out the stupidity in Jessica. Who would turn their back on a person who they thought was dead? When Spike told her that the john was dead, she chose to keep her back turned. Why wouldn't she want to check on the guy? No wonder Spike was able to get away with killing him under her nose. We can't wait to see him use her "crime" against her. It would serve her if he used that murder to his advantage.

The disaster brought out the ungratefulness of Fancy and Kay. We'll start with Fancy. She couldn't wait to blame Noah for why she and the Vegas thugs were in the car accident. Noah risked his life to save her again and she wanted him away from her. He was bad luck for her. When she slipped into the crack in the ground, Noah was expected to save her. Being the "hero" he is, he saved her again. That's when she finally thanked him for saving her life. Maybe she should have tried thanking him when he tried to save her before.

Kay was so ungrateful when fox tried to save her. When the debris hit her and she passed out, Fox tried to wake her up. When that didn't work, he tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When she woke up, she wiped her mouth and then slapped him. That's gratitude for you. He could have let her die.

The disaster brought out a b*tchy side to Sheridan. We know. When did she stop doing that? LOL! Anyway, she showed her b*tchy side again. When she was getting some air, she saw a kid that looked like Marty. She naturally assumed it was Marty. When his mother (Maureen) showed up, she practically fought her down on the fact that Mark was Marty. She finally gave up and even went to Maureen's place. During the disaster, Maureen, Sheridan, and Mark got hit with debris. Instead of waking Maureen and Mark up, she only woke up Mark. She checked Maureen's pulse, but other than that, she would have left her on the floor. She didn't even try to help her. If Maureen didn't happen to wake up, Sheridan would have left her to die. Sheridan' such a good person, isn't she?

The disaster showed us that Theresa is a bad mother. After she got her flesh wound (Go Alistair!), she heard Gwen say she wanted to check on Jane. Of course not to be out done by Gwen, Theresa had to want to check on Jane too. When Gwen told her to check on little Ethan and she and Ethan would check on Jane, she said she wanted to check on Jane first. What kind of good mother is that? She put Jane before little Ethan, yet we're supposed to think that Theresa is a great mother. We think not. She is one of the worst mother's on the show. To think that Theresa went to all of the trouble to steal embryos and rape Ethan and it was all for nothing. She doesn't give a f*ck about little Ethan.

The disaster showed how much of a jerk Ethan is. When Ejerk (Ethan) and Gwen went to the Blue Note, they ran into Alistair and Theresa. Instead of walking away the way Gwen wanted to, he had to start trouble with Alistair. He acted as if he was jealous. During the disaster, when Gwen wanted to go home, Ethan wanted to stay and check on Theresa. Even when Eve said Theresa was find, he still had to stay behind and argue with Alistair. He is such a loser and it's obvious that it's going to take a brick for Gwen to realize that Ejerk is not worth keeping. Even a monster like Alistair knows what kind of a jerk Ejerk is, but she can't see it for herself.

Here are some random thoughts for you:

Why did Theresa go out again instead of being home with little Ethan? Does anyone even remember the last time she's been with him? Even when the disaster was over, she didn't even want to check on him. She had to check on Jane first. She could have checked on him and then Jane. For all she knew, Pilar's house could have caved in with little Ethan in it. What did she care? Little Ethan isn't Jane so she didn't give a crap about him. We hope that in a couple of years when little Ethan is in high school, he will hate Theresa for always favoring her over him. She is no better than Ivy. Ivy did the same thing with Ejerk that Theresa is doing with Jane. Yeah, Theresa is a good mother. We don't think so.

Why is TC suddenly jealous of Eve marrying Julian? He insulted her every chance he got and now he's jealous. Perhaps he just doesn't want to see her happy.

Why did Gwen call Jane her daughter? She is not her daughter, well at least as far as we know, not matter what the courts say. Also, why wouldn't she let Theresa see Jane? Theresa did have a right to see her. She didn't have to see her when Gwen did, but she still had a right to see her too.

Who did Katherine think she was barging in Pilar's house looking for Martin? She was supposed to stay away from Martin and she can't even do that. Martin is just as much of a jerk as Ethan is. He is supposed to make his marriage work, but he had the gall to defend Katherine for breaking her promise to stay away from him. Pilar is as bad as Gwen. She must need a brick in order to realize that Martin is a loser.

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