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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #168

7/18/05 - 7/22/05

We don't understand what the writers are doing with the "good" people on the show. They have certainly been acting like bad people (Sheridan, Jessica, and Chad in particular). You would never know that these people were good once. They have been acting out of character for the longest time. The writers must not care how they all look. Of course certain bad people never change (Theresa). They continue to scheme and expect to get everything. Before we know it, the people in Harmony will be completely different from how they were originally written. Oh right. It's too late for that.

Let's take a look at the mess that's going on with Jessica. She was originally written as a good character. She was needed to keep Kay in line. She also didn't have a story, but she was still a good person. Fast forward six years later and she's sleeping with a loser like Spike. She also had her father and brothers arrested for protecting her. This is not the same girl that was selling Mark products. Isn't it funny that the writers had to butcher Jessica in order to get a story? Why couldn't she get a story and still remain a good person? Guess the two can't go hand and hand.

Let's go back to Jessica having Sam, Ethan, and Noah arrested. She shouldn't have listened to Spike and pressed charges against them. She knows they were only trying to help her. Besides, she barely got hurt, yet she pressed charges against them. Hey Jessica! If Spike told you to jump off of a building, would you do it? She probably would. When she went the extra mile and got a restraining order against Sam, he should have found Jessica and made her suffer. He had nothing to lose so he should have made her pay for that.

Since we were talking about good people gone bad, let's talk about Chad. You would never know that he used to have a goal in life other than Whitney. He used to care about his music career. Now his only concern is to be with Whitney. It's bad enough he had to adopt Whitney's baby. He wants to have a future with her too.

Chad is also being a jerk to Fox about Miles. This week proved once again that he is using the baby to get to Whitney. When Fox wanted to check on Miles, Chad wouldn't let him. He gave him the usual speech about being Miles's father legally. Now we all know that Chad is the father, but he doesn't. As far as he knows, Fox is Miles's father. Chad could have at least let Fox see the baby. He has no problem letting Whitney see Miles. He'll even call Whitney Miles's mother, yet he won't acknowledge Fox as the father. He must be more like his Crane family than we realize.

Guess it's Sheridan's turn now. We don't know what happened to her. We remember when she was a nice person. She was the only good Crane before Fox showed up. She has changed completely. She has become an unforgiving woman. She also shows how rude she can be when her family and friends try to help her. Do you all remember when Gwen, Katherine, Martin, and Pilar were trying to keep her from breaking up with Luis? She was so vicious to them and they were only trying to help her.

Don't even get us started on the mess she did to Luis. Okay, we'll start since you twisted our arms. LOL! She was a total witch to Luis again. She blamed him for Marty being gone again and she accused him of loving Beth more than he loved her. If Luis was in love with Beth, he could have left with her. He didn't have to stay in Harmony with Sheridan. That of course didn't occur to Sheridan. She just kept going overboard with her accusations. She also kept going overboard blaming him for Marty being gone to her forever. The writers are really messing up if they want the audience to feel sorry for Sheridan. Our sympathy went with the man she kicked to the curb.

That reminds us of how heartless she was about breaking up with Luis. She didn't care that it was killing him that they wouldn't be together anymore. She seems to enjoy watching him suffer. She seems to be more like a Crane than she realized. When she told Alistair that she was going to be a true Crane, we were wondering when she stopped being one. Then she said she was going to be vindictive. She's already done that to Luis.

Here's something about Sheridan that we didn't get why didn't she go look for Marty? Why did she allow that failure Luis to go look for him? She could use the Crane resources to find Marty. Perhaps she's the one who doesn't want to find Marty. That would explain why she isn't doing much to get him back.

You know these rants wouldn't be complete without mentioning Ethan and Theresa. We'll start with Ethan first. When is he going to realize that Theresa is not the saint that he thinks she is? He can admit that she schemes, yet he still tries to defend her. He compared Sheridan losing Marty to Theresa losing Jane. He should have known that that would have started a fight with Gwen. He may have thought that the comparison was innocent, but it spoke volumes. He all but made it seem as if Gwen is as crazy as Beth and she stole Jane from Theresa. Well she did kidnap her once, but she didn't do it this time. She was awarded custody of Jane as well as Jane Ethan was. He acted as if it wasn't his idea to get custody of Jane. Gwen never said she wanted custody of Jane. It was his idea to get custody of Jane. Since the writers love to rewrite this story, it will suddenly be Gwen's fault that Theresa lost Jane.

It's time to go after Theresa now. LOL! This girl will never learn will she? We don't see why she thinks working with Alistair won't have repercussions. She should know that he will not help her without a price. She expects to get what she wants without having to do something in return. We won't feel the least bit sorry for her when Alistair wants to collect on the deal. She was told repeatedly by Whitney, Pilar, and Martin not to work with Alistair, but she didn't want to listen. She kept insisting that it was better to work with Alistair than to work against him. She even used Shuis as a justification for working with Alistair. Now we wonder how the die-hard Theresa fans feel about her working with Alistair. We have read some posts that think she should work with Alistair because she should do whatever it takes to get Jane back. Some of them said they would do the same thing if they were her. It would be different if she wanted to work with Alistair to get Jane back. She's willing to work with Alistair to get Ethan back. What kind of woman works with the devil just to take another woman's husband? She is such a monster. We wonder how the die-hard Theresa fans would react if Gwen and Theresa's situations were reversed. If Gwen were the one working with Alistair to get Ethan and Jane back, would Gwen be doing the right thing? Would they do the same thing if they were her? We know the answer to that, but we'll leave that up to you all to decide.

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